Method Man and Redman LIVE [Video]

• August 22, 2009 • Comments (2)

Following the release of their highly anticipated “Blackout 2″ album, Method Man and Redman were performing the single “City Lights” in San Francisco to a packed-out crowd. Blackout 2 has reportedly sold over 65,000 units since it’s released, and finds Meth and Red reunite following successful releases such as Blackout, and How High. You can watch Method Man and Redman live on the player below.

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Comments (2)

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  1. Ryan Maxwell says:

    I missed Method Man and Redman when they performed in London a couple of years ago. I’d definitely like to see them live, looks like a good set from what I’ve seen and heard.

  2. […] Redman is incredibly popular when people mention early 90’s Hip-Hop, which is strange because the younger generation primarily remember him for the work on Blackout 1 and Blackout 2, alongside the hit singles “Smash Sumthin’” and “Lets Get Dirty”. Even saying those two singles brings back a lot of memories. However, we have news that Reggie Noble is releasing a new album called “Reggie Noble 9 1/2″ in December 2009. Portray the title as you will, but we will be following the campaign leading up to the release. You can watch the making of “Coc Back” which will be the lead single from Redman’s new album “Reggie Noble 9 1/2″ on the player below. […]

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