Speed Child – Poetik Illusion [Free Download]

• September 29, 2009 • Comments (25)

Shady Records affiliated artist Speed Child has released a free download mixtape called “Poetik Illusion”. We previously covered Speed Child who proved to be a very popular figure amongst fans, and “Poetik Illusion” promises to do the same. With guest features from Shanta Williams, Bizzare and Cashis amongst others, Speed Child is back on his grind. You can download Speed Child – Poetik Illusion for free by clicking HERE.

Speed Child - Poetik Illustion Mixtape

Speed Child - Poetik Illustion Mixtape

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Comments (25)

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  1. Ryan Maxwell says:

    I haven’t had the chance to listen to the mixtape yet but I remember the previous music being very popular.

  2. shelly dugan says:

    speedchild is back!!!wow im impressed by this mixtape yall got here sounds like and album to me.rock on>

  3. hey this kid is raw i like that about this kind of music the last time i heard something so raw is maybe from ghost face killah and teck n9ne
    this kid is destined for a lot of success
    lester vester-hood rep

  4. tommy b says:

    speedchild speedchild i like the first 6 songs and french connection the beat and delivery is sickkk so i will say 3 stars out of 5 because of way the songs were layed out in terms of line up
    speedchild is sure a hit.

  5. ranka says:

    the mixtape is fliii i do have a copy of his isshhhzz and the song grim reaper with junior lion is very timeless and deep also pain and pride with shanta williams
    the track with cashis and enza is real hip hop and cashis new song is a must listen to
    brooklyn dandada

  6. lambo joe says:

    speedchild grerat work famo
    keep hustlin my g
    nice work like always

  7. rowell b says:

    yo speedchild keep the fire blazin king!
    we love you ah jamaica mon!

  8. lulu mason says:

    speedchild speedchild i love ya swagg daddy
    feelin the video you have with junior lion and also teh hood video ya did with the rasta artist
    keep up the good work and stay bless

  9. rey says:

    nice to see speedchild still dropping flames and hitting teh copy cats on their brains
    duced from the rey the desiGner

  10. nice:-)speedchild is doing him huge fan of your site and im happy to see speedchild back on here
    germany l0v3$ y0u sP3Ed ch!Ld>>>$<<<

  11. Gusal says:

    Big up to my man Speed Child!
    Keep it up dude!

  12. brent wilson says:


  13. marlene m says:


  14. jon m says:

    speedchild,this mixtape is very good i love the songs with jr lion and speedchild and the french connection track is off the chains
    keep doing you speedchild
    nuff love

  15. naiomi says:

    the mixtape is really good for a mixtape and i like all teh song

    except for the last track which is a freestyle i think and that artist on the song with speedchild is not a jamaican he made me lol jahfaikan

  16. jackie says:

    speedchild music is uique and thats cool but it will be a challenge to sell it mainstream like the norm hip hop
    but it shpuld sell once it hit surface
    keep rocking and stay real

  17. mchewali s says:

    this is dope.
    speedchild is differ and outstanding…..

  18. rayray says:

    sick music with this artist speedchild this is a real mixtape

  19. cherri says:

    this dude speed child is really unique and its amazing to see a site hosting this mixtape really cool for embracing real hip hop kudos to the site hiphopkings.com

  20. jojo says:

    speedchild nice music homie
    keep ur shining going daddy o

  21. jessy says:

    nice music very creative for this artist speedchild

  22. Speed Child…Simply one of the hottest to ever touch a mike. One love and all jah blessings to you. Loved your performance in Philly at the Ramada October 10th. Stay busy and keep the big bad tunes coming.

  23. luis says:

    yo this dude speedchild is different and thats cool
    if this dude given the chance to blow he will and its $$$$
    but if you need to hear a need swagg on hip hop culture..
    speedchild is it
    keep up the good works hiphopkings.com
    love the site

  24. empress v says:

    speedchild is a unique artist and i like his music but he needs to do more positive songs
    jah bless

  25. rene says:

    speedchild the new breed im a huge fan of hip-hopkings.com n finally its nice to see a new mc on the rise who got it compressed
    peace and thanks for all teh new music hip-hopkings.com

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