Deadly Interview [Interview]

• October 5, 2009

HHK: Thanks for speaking to us Deadly. For the readers who may not be familiar, can we have a brief introduction?

Deadly:  Well… my name is Deadly and I’m a female lyricist from East London I have been making music for up to seven years now I currently have a mixtape out entitled ‘ 1st Place, Greatest Kid’.

HHK: How important was it to leave M.I.C to identify you as an individual artist to progress your career? And do you still keep in touch with the other members?

Deadly: Yes I do keep in touch with some of M-I-C we left on good terms so the contact is still there although every really does there own things now. I think it was extremely important for me leave M-I-C to fly solo literally and build myself as an artist with personal time. I went from 8 bar tracks and sharing beats to finding my own resources and making my own tracks I depended on my own thinking by force. I believe whilst in a crew one can unknowingly get into a comfort zone.

Deadly Interview with Hip-Hop Kings
Deadly Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

HHK: A lot of East London artists have had some great recognition in the past couple of years for their contribution to Grime. The likes of Wiley and Lethal Bizzle amongst others have been internationally recognised. Can you see Grime music levelling with other sub-genre’s of Hip-Hop in the near future?

Deadly: Definitely.. With enough co-operation and determination from the scene there should ne no reason it can’t.

HHK: What attributes do you feel you have to contribute significantly to the U.K Grime scene? And would you consider following in the footsteps of the artists mentioned beforehand if the opportunity came?

Deadly: I believe greatness is always compared to greatness. I feel I can contribute a lot to the scene as I bring a different sound and fresh talent to the table.

HHK: What projects have you previously released, and what projects are currently in the works. Additionally, who are the producers and executives behind the scenes who have helped your career so far?

Deadly: Early this year I released ‘Queen of this ting’ a 5 track promo at the moment however I have a 20 track strong mixtape entitled  ‘ 1st place  Greatest Kid’ and the producers that I have on there are Merlin , Bassick, Ma, Lee boi and Phiba Optix.

HHK: What music are you currently listening to at the moment? And if you could work with any artist of your choice, who would you choose, and why?

Deadly: I’d love to work wit anyone who is talented known or unknown . At the moment I’m listening to a lot of UK rap Youngster, Blade and a lot of other Cream Cartel musicians.

HHK: Thanks for speaking to Hip-HopKings.Com Deadly. Good luck and keep in touch!

Interview by Ryan Maxwell

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