Foreign Beggars – United Colours of Beggattron [Exclusive]

• October 23, 2009

Don’t call it a come back, they’ve been here for years. The famous LL Cool J quote would be quite fitting when speaking about U.K Hip-Hop band Foreign Beggars. For those familiar with the music, the blend of beatboxing, turntablism, rapping and producing have made the Foreign Beggars one of the most popular, and recognised Hip-Hop groups in the U.K. Not only have they extended their discography with the release of “United Colours of Beggattron”, they’ve reached out to Europe, America and Asia in a bid to back their much-deserved fame.

United Colours of Beggattron is the fourth full-length studio album from the Foreign Beggars, and possibly one of their most well-produced, and commercially appealing releases to date. Hopefully this will be the most accomplished album the group have released too. With MC’s “Orifrice Vulgatron” and “Metropolis” described as two of the most vicious lyricists in the circuit, you’re always expected to hear nothing but raw passion when you select any Foreign Beggars single. DagNabbit and DJ Nonames complete the group, which is an exciting line-up to say the very least.

Foreign Beggars – United Colours Of Beggattron

Foreign Beggars - United Colours of Beggattron

Foreign Beggars - United Colours of Beggattron

The album is nineteen tracks deep, and released through Dented Records. This is a self-founded label which was established in 2003, and used to release their debut album “Asylum Speakers”. Distribution was handled through Essential Music. I had high hopes for the album once it came in the post. I instantly ripped the CD to my laptop and began to listen through the tracklist, and hoping to find the talent that has been displayed throughout the previous three albums. Once I’d listened to the album three or four times, I admit I wasn’t disappointed.

The single “Contact” received mixed reviews from the public, as it wasn’t the same Foreign Beggars single that would have been released two or three years ago. I personally didn’t mind, but it’s far from my favourite track on the album. The likes of “Keep It Comin” and “Break Free” are musical masterpieces, and Orifice Vulgatron and Metropolis literally destroy the beats with their savage flows. This scenario is repeated throughout the album, and it’s clear that not only are the lyricists on top of their game, DagNabbit and DJ Nonames also provide a significant contribution to the overall quality of the final product.

I’d be happy to take this CD anywhere in the world to represent U.K Hip-Hop for fans who aren’t aware of the sheer quality that is held within the country. They may not be as well-known as the grime-turned-pop stars of 2009, but their integrity will keep them favourable amongst fans and loyal followers, and a snowball effect will get their name recognised worldwide. You can purchase Foreign Beggars – United Colours of Beggattron for an amazing $6.99 from Amazon on the link below.

Foreign Beggars – United Colours Of Beggattron

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