Hype Holla Interview [Interview]

• October 13, 2009 • Comments (3)

HHK: Thanks for speaking to us Hype Holla. Can we have a brief introduction to your music?

Hype Holla:  My music is Rhode Island-inspired, and Believe Music is the movement. When you here a Hype Holla CD, you’re listing to raw emotions that I go through during the time I was making the music. I try to touch all emotions with my music, from party music to commercially ready music, back to underground music, then my favorite with lyric content.

HHK: You’re a Rhode Island resident, which you proudly state in your music. Do you think you’ll be taking the obligatory trip to New York at some point to increase your profile? Or do you think you can be equally successful in Rhode Island?

Hype Holla Interview with Hip-HopKings
Hype Holla Interview with Hip-HopKings

Hype Holla: I love my city/state but I’m at the point in my career were I need to expand my fan base by connecting with different people from different states. So I can most definitely see myself moving to a bigger state for music such as New York within the next six months to a year only to benefit my career. And I feel I don’t leave Rhode Island, Rhode Island leaves with me! [laughs]

HHK: HYPEothetically Speaking has been well received across the board of critiques and fans. How involved was DJ Whoo Kid with the project? And what was it like working with such an established DJ?

Hype Holla: DJ Whoo Kid played a big part in the success I’ve been having with my HYPEothetically Speaking mixtape. His name alone drew people in to downloading the mixtape. He also gave me video footage talking about the mixtape for me to use on YouTube, which was great. And if that wasn’t enough, he promoted the mixtape over all his networking sites including RadioPlanet.tv, Facebook, and Twitter etc. And he even had me on Shade 45 to do a live interview, and that was dope.

He came out to Providence and hosted the release party, so shout outs to DJ Whoo Kid for being so established and still being so down-to-earth, which made it easy to work together. It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, and we got a great mixtape done in the process.

HHK: The two singles “Get It Started” and “Hands Up” had heavy rotation on the airwaves. Do you have a specific formula for creating singles? Also do you plan to release any other songs as singles from the mixtape?

Hype Holla Interview with Hip-HopKings
Hype Holla Interview with Hip-HopKings

Hype Holla: When I’m creating a single, I try to make sure all the drums hit right in the beat, and the lyrics blend smooth, but most of all the song should be mixed and mastered so it sounds radio-ready when people listen. “Get It Started” and “Hands Up” featuring Freeway both have a lot of potential to be huge. As far as coming out with a new singles off that HYPEothetically Speaking, mixtape I might release “Lady Pearl” or “Ends Tonite.”

HHK: Your music is quite varied in terms of the sounds and vibes you give throughout the mixtapes. Who are your major musical influences? And which artists or albums are you listening to at the moment?

Hype Holla: My music influences are Jay-Z, T.I, Lil Wayne, Usher, 50 Cent, Eminem and DMX. The artist that I’m rocking with right now would be Freeway, Drake, Wale, Trey Songz, Fabolous, Young Jeezy and Nipsy Hussle. And I got that Joe Budden LP in my car right now.

HHK: After the success of the mixtape, what are your plans for the remainder of 2009? And where can fans check out updates in regards to Hype Holla?

Hype Holla: For the rest of the year I will be promoting HYPEothetically Speaking,  doing shows and working on new and improved music. I’m trying to get a head start on next year goals. Everybody can get in touch with me at Myspace.com/hypeholla, Facebook.com/hypeholla, Twitter.com/hypeholla, Youtube.com/hypeholla and Tygereye.net/hypeholla (Tygereye Entertainment)

Ryan, thanks for the interview!

HHK: Thanks again for speaking to Hip-Hop Kings. Keep in touch!

Interview by Ryan Maxwell

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  1. Ryan Maxwell says:

    Thanks to Hype Holla for the interview opportunity. The music’s good and I hope he has a successful 2010 as well.

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  3. […] Hype Holla is back and gracing the screen of Hip-Hop Kings readers with his new single Hatin On Em. Hype Holla was a regular feature through 2010, and he’s worked with Nipsey Hussle for the collaborative release. Rhode Island based Hype Holla will be releasing his upcoming project “Mac And Me 2″ on April 13th 2010. You can listen to Hype Holla and Nipsey Hussle – Hatin On Em on the player below. […]

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