Ras Kass Speaks On Canibus Dissing Eminem [News]

• December 1, 2009 • Comments (4)

GamerTagRadio caught up with Ras Kass, and asked his thoughts about the recent Canibus diss to Eminem. Ras Kass supports his four horseman colleague, however thinks it’s a little too late for Canibus to be firing shots at Eminem. We previously learned that Melatonik Magik is the new Canibus album which features the single Air Strike (Eminem Diss), and a bunch of new, unheard material. You can listen to Ras Kass speaking about theCanibus and Eminem beef on the player below.

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Comments (4)

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  1. Ryan Maxwell says:

    He isn’t saying anything that everybody was thinking. Perhaps it’s a little too late for Canibus. Or it might spark some awesome diss tracks again!

  2. CJ Plain says:

    Feminem keeps saying he’s gonna respond to ANYONE that comes at him…but Where he AT??

    Dude got FOUR different cats from FOUR Different camps KILLING him in raps…and the best he can do is get whack ass Bizarre to respond…

    Man, that’s like sending your retarded cousin with Down’s Syndrome to fight for you.

    Eminem is a BITCH! and everyone in the D knows it…

  3. […] Relapse didn’t do Eminem many favours, we’re hoping that the seventh studio album from Marshal Mathers, titled […]

  4. […] Ras Kass has released a new video log which gives some details on the ADIDAS project (All Day I Dream About Spittin) with DJ Rhettmatic, and explains the kickstarter project in more depth. The album will apparently feature the likes of Chino XL, Xzibit, Sean Price, Jean Grae and more. Production from The Alchemist and Mr Porter is also mentioned. Ras Kass‘ new album ADIDAS can be pre-ordered from the link below. You can watch Ras Kass speaking on Kickstarter and ADIDAS on the player below. […]

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