Krystatic Interview [Exclusive]

• January 6, 2010

Hip-Hop Kings interviews U.K Hip-Hop artist Krystatic.

HHK: Thanks for speaking to us Krystatic. For those who aren’t aware, can you introduce yourself?

Krystatic: Yeah sure I’m Chris AKA Krystatic a 19 year old Rapper/Singer/Songwriter from Wolverhampton.

HHK: Stepping Out The Box is the new album. How would you describe your sound to new fans? And which other artists or producers feature on the album?

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic: Basically I would describe my sound as positive, catchy, original and something the fans can relate too. The artists that feature on the album are B.D, Rico Levant, Marisa and the producers are Dezert Rhino, Rico Levant, Smiffey and SX.

HHK: We listened to the lead single “The Taste”. What qualities did this single have to ensure it could be used as the lead? And which artists influenced you to make music?

Krystatic: Well I used that track as the lead single because it had a catchy hook, good backing instrumental and it gives something back to the community and fans something to strive for, showing If I can make it big from the Midlands anyone one can. Artists who influenced me to make music are Nas, LL Cool J, Ludacris, Tupac, Notorious BIG, Usher and Jagged Edge.

HHK: 2009 has generally been a great year for Hip-Hop music. What was your personal favourite album release?

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic: Yeah its been a great year for Hip-Hop, a lot of new artists have got though doing their thing, but the most up and coming I’ve really been watching is Drake. I’ve listened to his album and thought 2009 has definitely been the best album release for him.

HHK: There seems to be a range of good music coming from the West Midlands area at the moment. Have you had the chance to work with any other artist from the same region? And will 2010 remove the stigma that U.K music always comes from London?

Krystatic: Yeah I’ve worked with artists from Tru Fam records, Natty C ,some artists from Stayfresh and I’ve worked with Devotion. I think it will be a good year for the West Midlands, there’s alot of talent coming up like myself and Tru Fam records and the stigma could move up to the Midlands, there is so much potential here which people need to start realising.

HHK: How will Stepping Out The Box be different from the standard U.K Hip-Hop album? And how involved with you in regards to the promotion?

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Krystatic: It’s going to be different because most UK Hip-Hop albums talk about negative things which I think is over powered in the UK. What would make my album stand out from normal UK albums is it’s giving something to artists starting something to strive for, and something that fans can relate too. Promotions wise it will be different because I will be the first from Wolverhampton with a unique rap voice to make it a big music base for others to achieve there goal.

HHK: Can we expect to see Krystatic performing live outside of the West Midlands? And what websites do you share with fans?

Krystatic: Yeah of cousre that is my biggest dream to perform global all around the world but yeah you can definitely expect to see me performing live outside the West Midlands that would be an honour. These are my websites I share with the fans



HHK: Is there anything else you’d like to add to the interview?

Krystatic: Yeah I’d like to shout out to Tru Fam Records, Devotion, Tricksta and all the fam that have supported me from day one.

HHK: Thanks again for speaking to us Krystatic. Good luck for 2010 and keep in touch!

Interview by Ryan Maxwell

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