M9 – Orions Stencil [Exclusive]

• November 23, 2010

One third of Triple Darkness, M9 has been tipped as one of the most exciting artists to watch in the U.K Hip-Hop scene for 2011. His mixtape “Orion’s Stencil” will be released exclusively through Hip Hop Hype Dog, and present fans with brand new music from the London-based lyricist. The eighteen-track compilation features Cyrus Malachi, Nasheron and Blasphemy, with production coming from Beat Butcha, Chemo and Jon Phonics amongst others. Orion’s Stencil will be available as a free download to fans, yet posses the quality of a full-length LP.

M9 - Orion's Stencil

M9 - Orion's Stencil

Hip-Hop Kings previously posted the street video for “Black Widow” which is one of my personal favourite tracks featuring Cyrus Malachi and Blasphemy. The high level of intellect remains consistent throughout the album, with tracks such as “Voice of a Child Torn” displaying some amazing written work from M9 and Triple Darkness. The simply titled “Why?” is an inquisitive track which can only be described as a politically-driven and improved version of Jadakiss’ commercial track. M9 puts his own spin on the record, making it a very important addition on the track listing.

M9 also shows his alter-ego on the likes of “Shot” which is an insight into his street persona. The well-produced and gun-focused track doesn’t disappoint, as M9 ensures a high level of intelligence is used throughout the track. “When Brothers Die” is an equally dark affair, with M9 tackling the realities of the streets of England regarding death and confrontation. One thing can be said, every issue is addressed impartially, and a shout out to Chemo for delivering another great beat.

When it comes to criticism it’s hard to decipher how M9 could have made the mixtape any better. I anticipate his forthcoming album (available in 2011) will be commercially more appealing, but Orion’s Stencil is a raw mixtape with a good level of playability throughout. It’s a perfect opportunity to introduce new fans into the world of U.K Hip-Hop, and with a variety of tracks and topics to discuss, M9’s “Orion’s Stencil” should receive the praise and time dedication it deserves.

Review by Ryan Maxwell

M9 - Orions Stencil

M9 - Orions Stencil

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