Ruste Juxx Interview [Exclusive]

• November 15, 2010
HHK: Thanks for speaking with us Ruste Juxx. The Hip-Hop world is excited to hear about the new album “Adamantine”, which has been produced by the U.K’s Endemic. How did the collaboration materialise? And how quickly did you both bond musically?

Ruste Juxx: Well he sent me a email a while back trying to get me on his album Terminal Illness and I got on three joints, then we decided to work on and album a little later because I thought his production was sick.

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Ruste Juxx

Ruste Juxx

HHK: You’re no stranger to collaborative albums. The eXXecution with Marco Polo and Indestructable with Sean Price were huge hits. Do you think working with one specific artist / producer on an album gives a better sound / final project?

Ruste Juxx: Yeah it might just depend on what producer you’re working with because some producers might have every song on your album sounding the same, but Marco and Endemic are very talented so that didn’t happen with me.

HHK: Adamantine features plenty of guest appearances, and notably Cyrus Malachi who’s a U.K rapper. What do you think of the English Urban Scene? And is there any British-based artists you’d like to work with in the future?

Ruste Juxx: I think the English urban scene is dope. There are a lot of good artists that I’ve heard of I’m just not good with names but there’s a few artists I would work with in the future.

HHK: You’re part of Duck Down Records which features some great talent on their roster. What attributes of Duck Down attracted you to the label? And would you ever consider starting your own imprint to release music?

Ruste Juxx: I have always been a fan of Duck Down Records and all of the rappers on the roster, so it was easy for me to work with them. And yes I will start my own label soon to put out my music.

ruste juxx

ruste juxx

HHK: In regards to your plans for 2010, besides promoting the album, should we expect to see you perform in the U.K and Europe this year? And which websites should fans check to keep updated with the new music?

Ruste Juxx: Yes I will definitely be performing in Europe soon but it’s not confirmed yet, always go to to hear new music from me.

HHK: Is there anything further you’d like to add to the interview?

Ruste Juxx: Yeah just look out for my new album 2011 with another well known producer but I can’t say his name yet it’s a surprise! Peace.

HHK: Thanks for speaking to Hip-Hop Kings.Com. Good luck with the album release and keep in touch!

Interview by Ryan Maxwell

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