Snowgoons Interview with Hip-Hop Kings [Exclusive]

• November 30, 2010

HHK: Thank you for speaking to Hip-Hop Kings. For the fans who may not be aware, can we have an introduction to the Snowgoons please?

Snowgoons: Whats good. Snowgoons is a producer team that my man Det and me DJ Illegal founded around 1999. We started in the german hip hop scene but switched over to the US scene pretty fast around 2001. We signed in 2007 to the New York label Babygrande and releases the same year our debut album German Luger. 2008 we dropped the Black Snow album and 2009 the 3rd album The Trojan Horse. Same year we released the project A Fist In The Thought which was a whole album with Lord Lhus & Savage Brothers. Now in 2010 we finally gonna drop the 4th album titled Kraftwerk.

HHK: The new album “Kraftwerk” will be released on December 7th. Who featured on the album as guest appearances?

Snowgoons Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Snowgoons Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Snowgoons: On Kraftwerk we worked with a couple new names and specially some of my 90s favorite artists. We got close family members like Ill Bill, Sabac Red, Slaine, Reef The Lost Cauze, Outerspace, Lord Lhus, Virtuoso, Freestyle and more. But more then ever we added many new artists like Crooked I, Sauce Money, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Wise P, Esoteric, AG and so on. Plus we worked more with Sicknature on this album cause the cemestry between Sick and the Goons is pure dynamite.

HHK: The first single “We Nah Play” features Crooked I, Banish and Beenie Man. How did that collaboration come about? And what qualities did the track have to warrant it as a single?

Snowgoons: This song got hooked up by my man Banish. We already worked with Banish before and we just liked each others music. He is connected with many artists and he came up with the idea. When he told us he would like to do this song with Crooked I & Beenie Man we was excited and wanted to creat a banger. Important for us was that we not tried to creat a commercial song or a hit. We just did a hardbody beat and it came out dope. The whole song is raw and maybe its important to say that we worked together on this beat with Sicknature.

HHK: How does Kraftwerk differ from the likes of “The Trojan Horse” and “Black Snow”? And for new fans, how would you describe the sound?

Snowgoons: Kraftwerk has more energy then The Trojan Horse. We wanted to go back to the level of Black Snow but with the new sound. With Sicknature on board we got the right sound to come with that energy. Kraftwerk was the german electro group from the 70/80 era and they had a big influence to the hip hop scene. We wanna bring the same influnece to the hip hop scene of today with real hip hop and rap. Sometimes i got the feelin people dont invest into good music anymore but we diggin deep in the crates to find the right sound!

HHK: DJ Waxwork left the group in 2010. How instrumental was he in the past few years? And what was the reason for his departure?

Snowgoons: Waxwork was a member since 2008 when Black Snow dropped. He developed fast learning from us and he was very talented. But the same time he wasnt a team player and for us its important to work together on music. During the work on Trojan Horse we disagree on a couple things as far as sound and artists. Thats pretty normal if you work in a team so we need to do compromises but Waxwork deceid to rather go his own way. During the same time we start workin more and more with Sicknature who contributet music for us on the last 2 albums and the outcome is just dope. Sicknatures workflow and energy inspired us to do it bigger and better. He is a really hard working person like us.

Snowgoons Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

Snowgoons Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

HHK: What are your other plans for 2010 and 2011? And where are the best places where fans can check for updates?

Snowgoons: We just wanna release Kraftwerk this year and 2011 we not gonna stop. We already got a couple of projects in the pipeline like the A Fist In The Thought album part 2 called The Iron Fist, as well the crew album Snowgoons vs Krush Unit. Further we working on an entire album with NBS from boston and a collabo album with our favorite artists Reef The Lost Cauze. We wanna build more on our own label Goon MuSick which is the combination of SnowGOONS and SICKnature. The best way to stay up to date is to add the official facebook pages:

HHK: Lastly can we expect to see Snowgoons in the U.K soon? And is there anything else you’d like to add to the interview?

Snowgoons: We def gonna hit the UK in 2011. Its just tuff to get shows out there. I really dont know what the problem is but i see this many times since im workin as a tourmanager here in europe and we got rarely UK on the itinerary. Thanks to all the supporters of real hip hop and music. At the end of the day Sicknature and the Snowgoons are hip hop fans so we do it fort he love!

HHK: Thanks for your time, keep in touch and good luck!

Snowgoons: Thanks and peace

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