Affyzzle and Triple S Interview [Exclusive]

• December 22, 2010
HHK: Thanks for speaking to us guys. For those who aren’t aware can we have an introduction please?

A&S: Affyzzle and Triple S are two artists originally from Ivory Coast (West Africa), but established in San Antonio, TX. We consider ourselves as brothers as we have so much in common. The music we mainly deliver is Rap/Hip Hop but we are really open minded and sometimes try to reach other genres. Since we come from Ivory Coast, our goal is to put our country and our people back on the map and that’s the reason why we’ve created TINTIF(This Is Not The Irish Flag)

HHK: You’ve known each other for years. How important is having chemistry with somebody when releasing music?

Affyzzle (right)  Triple S (left)

Affyzzle (right) Triple S (left)

A&S: In any team or duo, you need chemistry; it’s like any relationship. In our case, we have to efficiently mix our friendship, personalities and artistic skills with professionalism, especially when we get on a song, on stage or during an interview. Chemistry is everything, for instance: you can have some of the greatest players like Lebron, Wade and Bosh on the same team, but if you have no chemistry in there, it’s still not gonna work! (laughs)

HHK: Your project “This is not the Irish Flag” is an interesting concept. How did you come up with the name? And where/when can fans get the project from?

A&S: the name ” This Is Not The Irish Flag” basically came to life by itself. Indeed, outside of Africa, people don’t know our country very well so when they see the “orange white green” flag, the first thing that comes to their mind is: IRELAND. The irish flag has those same colors but backwards (green white and orange). We hence found an interesting way to let people know where we are from through “THIS IS NOT THE IRISH FLAG”. There are so many ways and websites where people can get the whole project for free that we’ll just give you our website so you won’t get confused:

HHK: Which guest artists and producers feature on T.I.N.T.I.F? And if you could work with any recording artist who would it be?

A&S: Déjà vu is featured on our single : Louis Girl, now on itunes. Beatmakers like Jay- B and Wiz Kidd produced a few tracks on TINTIF vol 1 and 2, but 80% of our music is produced by our own beatmakers. We worked with DJ Smallz, who hosted TINTIF vol 2. I don’t think we necessarily have a preference with whom to work with; as long as you bring fire and talent to the table, we’re opened to collaborations.

HHK: What are the best websites where fans can check for updates? And what are your plans for 2011?

A&S: the best website for updates is our official website: You can also follow us on twitter:@affyzzle for Affyzzle and @thisistriples for Triple S. In 2011, we are planning on dropping more and more songs and mixtapes, but be on the lookout for our hit single LOUIS GIRL, which is gonna be BIG real soon, we have a major plan for that one.

HHK: Lastly should we expect to see you in the U.K for live performances for your U.K fans? And is there anything else you’d like to add to the interview?

A&S: We are worldwide. Even though we are based in the US in San Antonio TX, we have branches in many other countries around the world, more specifically Ivory Coast, France, Canada and we are still expanding. So yes, you definitely should expect to see us in the UK! We don’t have an exact date, but you will be among the first people to know when we get there! So be on the lookout.

HHK: Thanks again for speaking to Hip-Hop Kings. Keep in touch!

Affyzzle (right)  Triple S (left)

Affyzzle (right) Triple S (left)

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