Rewd Adams – Rewd Awakening [Exclusive]

• December 29, 2010
Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening

Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening

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I’ve never been a fan of name changes throughout an artists career, simply due to the fact it’s difficult to re brand something that’s been built from scratch. So Rewd Adams (formally Skandal) has done a great job in a situation which could have potentially been devastating. Rewd Adams has signaled his intention to have 2011 his biggest year ever, with the release of his latest album “Rewd Awakening” at the close of 2011.

Rewd Awakening is a thirteen track album which features production from the likes of Sivey, M-Phazes, Jon Phonics and Beat Butcha amongst others. Rewd Adams links up with Black The Ripper on two tracks, and the last track is the popular “Kill Em With The Flow Remix” which also shows Klashnekoff and P Money sharing their lyrical ability. Rewd Adams determines not be out shined by the artists who have a lot more experience in the rap world, and it’s fair to say he holds his own.
In regards to the music I think Rewd Awakening is a very direct, and angry album which is heard throughout various tracks and lyrics quoted by Rewd Adams. The likes of “Hurt” and “Questions” are solo tracks which unfortunately will be under appreciated due to the big named features from other tracks. Rewd Adams previously released the track “Everyday” with Black The Ripper which is one of my personal favourites on Rewd Awakening, and credit to Jon Phonics who’s done an excellent job behind the boards.
Trying to find a criticism from an artist I admire and genuinely enjoy is difficult, however the content in a couple of tracks is somewhat repetitive. Rewd Adams is a young artist with a lot to speak about, and listening over to the album several times resulted in me picking up similar references, and just wishing there was more subject matter. Contradicting myself, the album is themed and structured in the way a good album should be, so whether this was intentional from Rewd Adams remains to be seen.
I always urge Hip-Hop Kings readers to support the U.K artists who have independently spent countless hours and maximum effort into creating a product from nothing. Please support Rewd Adams with his latest album “Rewd Awakening” which is certainly worth adding to your U.K Hip-Hop collection. I predict a bright 2011 for Rewd Adams, and “Rewd Awakening” in my opinion is just the beginning.
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