Jedi Mind Tricks – Target Practice [Music]

• September 14, 2011 • Comments (2)

Jedi Mind Tricks - Violence Begets Violence

Jedi Mind Tricks - Violence Begets Violence

On October 2011 we have news that Jedi Mind Tricks will be releasing their forthcoming album “Violence Begets Violence”, and to kick start the promotion we have the song “Target Practice” from the album. Released through Vinnie Paz‘s own imprint “Enemy Soil”, Violence Begets Violence will be the Jedi Mind Tricks‘ seventh studio album, and fans have been assured they can expect to hear more uncompromising boom-bap Hip-Hop that has been the groups signature sound. You can view the official artwork to Jedi Mind Tricks – Violence Begets Violence above, and you can listen to Jedi Mind Tricks – Target Practice on thea audio player below.

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Comments (2)

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  1. DonTheorist says:

    Fuckin Awesome Mr Jedi Mind… :)

    Not strictly meant to be a song.. just passin a fast rant :)

    In what crazy world can the devil lay claim
    of ownership or offer up any kind of deal over something
    that for all eternity Belongs to God..
    Includig the vile dark distain
    that walks ever more toward forcing a stain,
    engrained on the lights name..
    baby boys n girls no more will Innocence be sacificed
    and aligned by spite. In a rightious name game.
    as voo-doo fools, dissmemmber, disposed,
    in a suitcase thrown, in the thames left floating
    demonical dark Imposed.. gettin almost to the point Rose..
    beat back by a lightning crack..n then left for fro-zen,
    short sharp shock bout time they got dropped…
    to the place anger and hate deflate, find a home..

    Hear shit clear.. feel real Fear.. Get soul attoned..
    Inside heart raised to praise.. I await for the Day..
    in a haze.. never Fazed.. I Bust Out..
    Instigate a mad raise in rael Faith
    gettin mightily high.. just a little bit Stonned… :)

  2. DonTheorist says:

    And I mean that Poor little boy from africa just a couple of years ago to name but one…
    the Inca’s buried the poor mites on the tops of mountains
    seeking Gods Favour In Dark Times.. Only To Find..
    Spatt Despise, for their own childrens..
    not their sacrifice…

    And We live in Times Of High Civilisation… Lol Lol Lol
    Then people hold to race, based upon missplaced raging hate,
    percieved past crimes that for a thousand years have never been part of the daily rat race..
    or even part of anyones place..
    but still within some,. it instigates the hate…??
    N some chase the goal of rolling to the Fold..
    killin kids souls for satan

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