M-Phazes Interview with Hip-Hop Kings [Exclusive]

• November 22, 2011

M-Phazes Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

M-Phazes Interview with Hip-Hop Kings

HHK: Thanks for speaking to us M-Phazes. You’ve worked with some great Hip-Hop artists over the years. What has been your most unique studio moment when recording?

MPhazes: Definitely being in LA working with Amerie, it was my first major placement and the timing was perfect for me to be in LA. We were working at the same studio Nas and Damian Marley were working, Puffy, Michael Bolton, all these huge artists, it was crazy!

HHK: It was announced recently you’re teaming up with DJ Rhettmatic for “Phazed Out”. How did the collaboration come about? And who else features?

MPhazes: That was organized through my agent in NY Matt Diamond. The project is a remix album for artists on Matt’s label Coalmine Records, and he got Rhett to mix it together. But Rhett is the homie, we met in LA at a beat showcase a while back, he is cool as hell!

HHK: You’ve teamed up with a number of U.K artists. most recently Sonnyjim and of course Rewd Adams. How do you perceive the U.K Hip-Hop scene at the moment?

MPhazes: From what I can gather it seems pretty strong, mainstream wise you have lots more artists breaking in the US now which is great. The underground seems strong, I work with Jehst, Micall Parknsun, Sonny and a few others. I like the grime scene also, I know some people don’t consider it Hip-Hop but I think it is, if not pretty damn close.

HHK: There’s definitely a musical bond between Australian and U.K Hip-Hop. Mystro has a big fanbase over there, and likewise Bliss N Eso and Hilltop Hoods amongst others are favoured highly in the U.K. Can more be done to bridge the gap? And are there any International collaborations you’d personally like to hear?

MPhazes: I think we embrace international acts that make the effort to come over to Australia, so people like Mys, Jehst and Sonny get love out there, they also love the NY influenced boom bap style hip-hop, which seems to be popular here in the underground too. I don’t know what else could bridge the gap apart from more collabs, which will happen. But we are still so far away from each other its going to be tough to maintain a strong connection.

HHK: Where can fans check for the new music updates? And what are your plans for the rest of the year / early 2012?

MPhazes: check out http://soundcloud.com/m-phazes also www.mphazes.com

HHK: Are there any shoutouts you’d like to make?

MPhazes: Shout outs to all my mates out in the UK, Jehst, Sonny, Mysdiggy, Kelakovski, Sarah Love, Mr Thing, Parky, Blitz, Dot Rotten… ah theres more but its late. And thanks to all my supporters out here in the UK and worldwide!

HHK: Thanks again for speaking to Hip-Hop Kings. Keep in touch!

Interview by Ryan Maxwell

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