Caxton Press – Shame the Devil

• May 31, 2012

Caxton Press - Shame The Devil

Caxton Press - Shame The Devil

Caxton Press – Shame the Devil DOWNLOAD Link

Inspired by the legendary William Caxton, a lot of the motives behind Caxton Press are similar to the man who was responsible for the first printing press to be opened in England. In a quest for finding the truth, and challenging the norm in today’s music industry, Caxton Press have presented their album “Shame the Devil” after a year in the studio tweaking to perfection. The album name is taken from Walter Lipman, “There can be no higher law in journalism than to tell the truth and to shame the devil” (also quoted in track 5 – Touch the Sun). With rumours and scandals constantly being directly associated with the media, the album already sounds interesting.

Caxton Press are made of three MC’s (Manage, Kingpin, eMCee Killa), singer/songwriter Amy True, producer Profound, and incorporated into their live sets is DJ Snuff who has also spearheaded the group into the UK Hip-Hop world. The combination isn’t typical of the current trend but works incredibly well as demonstrated throughout the whole album. Furthermore, Caxton Press have called upon Global Faction to direct and host a number of videos from singles taken from the project (five in total) which has really highlighted the groups intention to be recognised as a major force.

The music really speaks for itself, with 70 minutes of head nodding beats accompanied by some intelligent and polished verses from everybody involved. The singles chosen to release as videos prior to the album were great choices, not only well structured but memorable choruses mean that Caxton Press were booked for a number of live shows, supporting the likes of Jedi Mind Tricks and and being involved with “The Elementz” which saw the group rhyme alongside Genesis Elijah. The ability to construct an album without being tempted to hit the skip button is a feat in itself, and something that Caxton Press have achieved with “Shame The Devil”.

Whether Caxton Press are talking about the regular struggles (Just Wont Stop) or switch to a story-telling type track (Big Buck Star) you can tell there’s no hidden agenda or pre-conceived motivation behind their lyrics, only raw passion for doing what they clearly love. The vibe I get from Shame the Devil is that of the Golden Era, but lyrically far more appealing. We’ve finally being given a relatable project that is undoubtedly set to stand the test of time.

Before I heard Shame the Devil I was already impressed with the quality of music that Caxton Press were putting out, however Shame the Devil is a testament to their hard work and intelligence which must not be overlooked. Credits go to DJ Snuff who works tirelessly to promote the crew, who I see continuing to enjoy successful music releases as we approach the second half of 2012. I’d highly recommend Shame the Devil to any Hip-Hop fan who likes their music raw and passionate with no compromise.

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