Illus and J-Live – Magical

• May 14, 2012

Illus - Family First

Illus - Family First

Family First Pre-Order Link

As we prepare for the release of Illus‘ forthcoming album “Family First” on 29th May 2012, we have the new video for the single which features J-Live called “Magical”. In a family-focused and positive message track, Illus is introduced to Hip-Hop Kings as not only a role model, but also a wicked lyricist and full of vivid imagery. Fans can pre-order Illus’ upcoming album “Family First” from the link listed above, and keep checking back for more promotion ahead of the album release. You can watch Illus ft J-Live – Magical on the youtube player below.

1.) “Family First” (Produced by and featuring Ill Bill)
2.) “The Gift” (Featuring Ill Bill, Blueprint & DJ Johnny Juice, Produced by DJ Johnny Juice)
3.) “Magical” (Produced by and featuring J-Live)
4.) “Eyes of a Child”
5.) “Life” (Produced by and featuring Phashara from the Beatmonstas)
6.) “Sacrifice” (Featuring Logic and godAWFUL, produced by godAWFUL)
7.) “All Love” (Produced by and featuring Erin Barra)
8.) “Super Dad” (Produced by and featuring Esoteric)
9.) “Extraordinary” (Produced by and featuring Blueprint)
10.) “Son of a Beat” (Featuring Chuuwee, Produced by ICBM)
11.) “Daddy Duty” (Produced by and featuring Headsnack)
12.) “Forever” (Produced by and featuring Apathy)

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