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• June 17, 2012 • Comments (1)

Dazzle - Unity Mixtape Artwork

Dazzle - Unity Mixtape Artwork

London based Hip-Hop artist Dazzle continues to remain at the forefront of peoples eyes with his latest video release, a collaboration has seen a new freestyle with KOTV (Killer Opportunity) the latest offering from the upcoming Hip-Hop star. Dazzle is fully supported by Hip-Hop Kings, so fans are welcome to browse the archives for his previous work, including the download link to the popular “Unity” mixtape. Look out for more information on Dazzle’s upcoming mixtape including the artwork in the near future. You can watch Dazzle – KOTV Freestyle on the youtube player below.

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Comments (1)

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  1. […] Dazzle is regularly featured artist on Hip-Hop Kings, and he’s recently teamed up with Prof.Hit, Stubborn and Tom Kane for their “Chiba Acoustic Freestyle” which is a cover of the popular “Missing You” track. Credits go to Chiba who filmed and edited the video which has received nothing but positive feedback from new and old fans of the four artists in the video. As Hip-Hop Kings previously reported, Dazzle will be releasing his upcoming mixtape “Protostar” in the forthcoming months, however in the meantime you can watch Prof.Hit, Dazzle, Stubborn and Tom Kane – Chiba Acoustic Freestyle on the youtube player below. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet […]

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