Dont Flop – Batman vs The Joker

• July 20, 2012 • Comments (2)

Dont Flop

Dont Flop

As a fan and sponsor of Dont Flop, I was curious when I saw the title of the newest video uploaded on the Dont Flop youtube channel, Batman vs The Joker in a new concept battle. Fans of Dont Flop will recognise which battlers are playing the characters, which has been met with mixed reactions from fans in the comments section on the youtube page. You can watch Dont Flop – Batman vs The Joker on the youtube player below.

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Comments (2)

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  1. bozovoz says:

    Nice idea but not executed well. After watching KOTD I cant help but compare both……this is left wanting…..

  2. […] is the latest Don’t Flop video from the popular “The Hunger For More 2″ which is a highlight battle betwen […]

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