Hilltop Hoods – Drinking from the Sun

• July 3, 2012

Hilltop Hoods - Drinking from the Sun

Hilltop Hoods - Drinking from the Sun

Hilltop Hoods – Drinking from the Sun DOWNLOAD Link

There aren’t many who can compare accomplishments that Hilltop Hoods have achieved over their musical career, and that particular statement is extended by the release of the Australian Hip-Hop group’s sixth studio album “Drinking from the Sun”. The thirteen-track LP is the group’s latest offering, and debuted at #1 in the Australian Album Chart, which was the third consecutive Hilltop Hoods album to do so. Internationally known AND loved, Hilltop Hoods have once again given fans a master class in rap music, and surely another album that will stand the test of time.

The lead single “I Love It” features Sia Furler and really kicked off promotion for the album towards the end of 2011. Since then we’ve head singles “The Underground” featuring Solo and Classified, and the very popular “Speaking in Tongues” with Chali 2na. The guest appearances on the album were a perfect pick, and each artist involved has heavily contributed towards creating an excellent finished product. Another notable feature was Black Thought of The Roots on the track “Living in Bunkers”. We can’t for one second discredit Hilltop Hoods for masterminding the construction of the album and their own contribution, with or without the guest appearances we’re still listening to an album that’s head and shoulders above a LOT of other commercial releases.

An interesting element to Drinking from the Sun is the three “The Thirst” interludes on the album, which contribute significantly more than what meets the eye. The same melody is used throughout all three parts, and part three suggests that Hilltop Hoods were intending to record two albums. Fortunately I’ll be interviewing Hilltop Hoods in the forthcoming days so I’ll be sure to ask the group a little more about that particular statement and the reason it was included on Drinking from the Sun. Part One is MC Pressure speaking about the pressures (no pun intended) since their “State of Art” album release, and summarises what the group have being doing since. Lastly Part Two is again MC Pressure explaining with “Drinking from the Sun” means.

Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop Hoods

There are usually a few standout tracks on any given album, which is no exception for Drinking from the Sun. That being said, it’s NOT common for me to recommend a project of any length with no filler tracks, but I’m confident that Hilltop Hoods have catered for the Hip-Hop community on every single entry on the track listing. My personal favourite tracks “The Underground” ft Solo and Underground, “Speaking in Tongues” ft Chali 2na and “Living in Bunkers” ft Black Thought and Lotek show how International collaborations should be done, and will remain on repeat for the forthcoming months. Referring to my earlier statement, this doesn’t discredit Hilltop Hoods for their solo work, tracks such as “Lights Out” and “Now You’re Gone” are equally as impressive, and undoubtedly fan favourites depending on listener preference.

I absolutely praise Hilltop Hoods for a number of reasons, but primarily their desire to rap about relatable problems and issues is something that has contributed to their success. Rather than listening to Bentleys and expensive champagne, you can expect Pressure and Suffa to be vocally attacking ex-girlfriends and their incredible work ethic, all partnered with vivid imagery and hard hitting production. Their passion and love for what they do shines very brightly in their music and the realism of what they’re trying (and have) accomplished is more well deserved than any other group I know.

The statistics speak volumes, but Drinking from the Sun is without a doubt one of the most well constructed and polished albums of 2012 so far. I refuse to draw comparisons to previous releases because Drinking of the Sun is a product of its own, however fans of State of Art will unquestionably enjoy the new album, which of course comes with my highest recommendation.

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