The Godfathers Interview (Necro and Kool G Rap)

• July 17, 2012

The Godfathers (Necro and Kool G Rap) Interview

The Godfathers (Necro and Kool G Rap) Interview


Our good friends over at “HIPHOP is AWOL” have today published a brand new interview with The Godfathers (Necro and Kool G Rap). The two rap legends are asked about their upcoming collaborative album, a potential track with the Alchemist, their thoughts on illegal downloads and of course whether they are planning a tour to support the project too. HIPHOP is AWOL supports underground U.K and U.S Hip-Hop so make sure you check out their other material, however you can read the Necro and Kool G Rap Interview below.

Q.1 Could you please tell me how this collaboration came about? I heard Domingo played a part in bringing two legends together for what has to end up being one of the hardest albums ever?

Necro: Yeah “Dream Shatterer” Domingo hooked up a sit down between myself and G Rap, and I wont front, I was anxious to meet G, cuz I been a fan for years, since a little kid in the projects, I had Wanted Dead Or Alive on CD, stolen from Tower Records, (sorry G) so I had to let G know I’m thoroughly up on his catalog and that real shit in general, long story short we drank shots of Hennessy while G was enjoying me abuse the gay looking duran duran waiter in Applebees, hahahaha Kool G got a good sense of humor so we clicked from jump.

KGR: Yeah the way the collaboration came about Necro and my man Domingo linked up and they was chatting and Necro enquired about doing a project with me and it was originally supposed to be an EP,what have you and then me and Necro hooked up and kicked it,know what I’m sayin? And the energies clicked and all that and the process of doing what would of been an EP we extended it to doing a full album and that’s pretty much it.

Q.2 Will the album be just the two of you over Necros production,or will there be other producers involved?

Necro: Nah I’m bogarting this production wise haha, from jump the concept was me producing the entire album and I think now that G has heard all the beats I made, he agrees that I made more than enough beats to fill an album, I made atleast 30+ Bangers to pick from, and of course I made sure G was open off them or else I would have kept cooking up krills, my concept was the beats needed to be made fresh from scratch, you want pizza, you want a fresh pie, not some shit sitting around, so being G loves Mafia/Italian Culture, I had to cook up a fresh pie with pepperoni, half plain just in case he dont fuck with the pepperoni, but the plain is Lenny & John’s status off Flatbush ave in Brooklyn so you know its the motts

KGR: As far as right now its been strictly Necro production,to be honest its kind of all we needed because his production matched everything we doin’,know what I’m sayin? It fit like a puzzle,the tracks are just hard hitting,they gutter,that traditional New York sound. The chemistry between the tracks and the lyrics right now is right on point,couldn’t even see it no better for what we doin’ and for artists like me and Necro’s about the tracks are perfect,its a perfect chemistry.

Q.3 Will there be any featured artists? Personally it wouldnt bother me if it was just the two of you trading bars over the entire project. And if there is featured rappers theyre really going to have to bring their A game.

Necro: No featured artists except Mr. Hyde, cuz thats my brother, and he has been a G Rap fan with me since we met for over 15 years of friendship, and he would really hate my guts if I left him off this, and since he will murder for me, and vice versa, its a no brainer Hyde blesses this, also Hyde and G Rap both trained at the same boxing gym, 10 years apart in Queens, so you know how that go, its meant to be.

KGR: Necros pretty much in the driving seat as far as featuring any other artists because this basically started out with Necro coming to me to do a project,even though its both of us together but it was Necro’s initial idea and it was his vision and I respect his vision bringing it to fruition however he see it,however he visualize it,know what I’m sayin? I’m sure if I had a idea for a feature or something Necro would be open to it and vice versa cos we both know any idea we bring to the table is gonna make sense so that’s pretty much where its at,I mean as far as us both working together it was Necros idea,he had the vision of us both working together.

Q.4 There seemed to be some misconceptions online that you were going to let a fan design the cover,with the both of you youve had some of the sickest and controversial album covers in hip hop,what can we expect this time around in terms of design?

Necro: I never said the final cover would be a fan’s art, I said fans can come up with some cool promo designs for free merch and I did lace 2 people who came up with cool shit, but one of the fans from Russia came up with some heat, shit I havent revealed yet, even G hasnt seen it yet, so when the time is right, G & I will analize the art and both agree on whats flavor.

Q.5 Both of you could pretty much pick who you work with,what helped you choose to work with each other?

Necro: I cant pick who I want to work with just like that, some rappers are too big and mainstream to even aknowledge the kid, but G on the other hand is the Godfather and everyone salutes G, as they should, so I am sure its easier for him to get a feature from anyone. For me to work with Kool G is a fucking honor, he is one of the dudes I always dreamed one day I would be able to produce a whole album with, its kinda surreel that its happening, at the same time it shows me and anyone grinding that dreams do come true, but dont think shit will just land in ya lap, I worked for this to happen

KGR: I was already pretty much familiarised with Necro’s work and I knew he was a gunner that was it,bottomline. I can’t say I knew his whole catalogue like that but as far as a lyricist cos I heard his tracks and I was hearing his name in the previous years before we linked up for a good 2 to 3 years before we actually linked up and decided to do this project I was hearing his name surface in various different places and it made me go do my homework and look for some of the tracks he did and the people I was seeing bringing his name up was for a very good reason,ya know what I mean? When I heard the tracks myself I heard what Necro was about and he lived up to all the positive things that I seen people sayin about him in like comment sections and on Youtube. Like I would look at some of my stuff on Youtube and Necros name came up,people makin a comparison,know what I’m sayin,it was just things like that, that made me wanna go research and see what Necro was about,I heard it for myself,I also heard some of his brothers work Ill Bill and they were both nice,they both get busy,they both do their thing,know what I’m sayin? Once I seen that and Necro reached out it was gonna be a project that made a lot of sense.

Q.6 Are there any plans for a tour?

Necro: Money talks and bullshit walks, so we will see, G Rap will have final say on that depending on the situation and all the logistics at the time, but its possible at some point for us to share a stage together.

KGR: As far as a tour,me and Necro definetely talked about hittin the road with this and I’m definetely open to that,Necro’s open to that so I definetely see a tour in the future. Nothings lined up as of now but its still early in the game and that’s somethin’ that’s gonna come around regardless once we drop this project,dudes is gonna love it,the real hip hop heads gonna love it and there’s gonna be a demand for us to do it live

Q.7 Necro has always been at the forefront of the digital revolution regarding promotion and prescence. Do you see illegal downloading being a problem with this project and are there any ways you plan to tackle it?

Necro: I embrace the future, I refuse to be some old fuck mad, not that I am old, just saying all the old fucks in the game are mad and want it to be like yesterday, but the fact is it wont be, ever, its the future and music is for free now, but if you package it right and offer GREAT MUSIC, your fans will buy it, its just about hustling it right to them, if crack is for free in the street you aint gonna sell no krills to fiends, but if you offer a better package than they can get for free, they will cop, like if you offer krills and pills and some white t’s as extra, they gonna cop your package over the free shit, some peeps will always steal shit, so you gotta just embrace it like ok, you gonna make me more known and that will lead to more merch sales, or ticket sales, in the end, I am not giving up and I am not getting mad over free music, I am playing the game and loving my fanbase and interacting and I hope they show me the same love back, and it will all work out, its too late for me to get into the technology business, so i gotta ride out what im awesome at.

KGR: I mean yeah there is a problem as far as downloading,Necro been doing his own thing as far as putting music out for over 10 years,he’s a marketing/promotion genius and anybody that dedicate 10 years,over a decade of their life to doin something they’re gonna have that on smash,he knows how to promote his projects,he knows how to connect with the fans,know what I’m sayin? That’s a good edge to have.
There’s strategies to get around that,I mean you can’t stop all downloads because its out there,the internet made it somethin easy to do,its not like back in the days when people had to go to get the blackmarket C.D.s and all of that,right now people just get behind the computer and just download,that’s just a reality but there’s things we can do to minimize it as much as possible,I won’t put none of the strategies out there like that,its not like a top secret plan or nothin but there’s strategies that I spoke to Necro about,it aint really rocket science,a lotta cats doin certain things,adding extra things with the album and all that,know what I’m sayin os one of the more common strategies so there is ways to get around it,we gonna do what we gotta do,know what I’m sayin, to rake in the paper as much as possible.

Q.8 Will The Godfathers be a one off project?

Necro: Who knows? for now its a one off cuz we havent finished it, G Rap has said he will want me to spit on his KGR/ALC album, so thats love, and his EP he works on, and G just got on my Murder Murder Kill Kill EP with a Godfathers track, so we got love for each other, we will play things out by ear and see how well this record does before anything else, which is the smart way to do things, I hope this record is loved and brings me and G checks for the next 20 years, even on a small level cuz we dont need much to live, we aint prima donnas.

KGR: As of right now The Godfathers is the only project we’re workin on currently,know what I’m sayin? But there is always a possibility of being a follow-up, Godfathers 2,but right now we’re just focusin on makin as much of a banger as we can,I feel real good about the project so I know the fans gon’ take to it,they gonna really appreciate it so there might be a demand for a part 2.

Q.9 What can we expect from both of you after this project?

Necro: I’m working on The Sexorcist Pt. 2 which will have a name for it besides Pt. 2, not sure yet, that will be a long time coming cuz its been 7 years since The Sexorcist debut and I’m gonna go off. I also have Death Rap Pt. 2 coming, and the cover is even done which I am real excited about cuz its like the first one but different and very symbolic, brutal, that record should also have an extra name besides just part 2, then I got a whole Thug life album, talking about all the fights, and drama, and drug selling, and beef’s i been in, just the mentality of me not having it, in lyrical form, thats something the fans want badly, those 3 for sure I wanna drop after Godfathers, plus I got Gruesome Twosome and the potential Damage, INC. project, so I got a full plate of hot shit coming, more like a buffet with your girl’s asshole on display.

KGR: As far as projects I’m working on after this like Necro mentioned me and Alchemist have been talkin about puttin a project together,that’s somethin I’m lookin at in the near future after we knock out this Godfathers project and I definetely will be having Necro appear on that on at least a track or 2,probably 2 tracks because The Godfathers project is workin out so well and the chemistry matched so good,know what I’m sayin? So its only gonna make sense so I wouldn’t want to stop it at just The Godfathers,me and Necro bacame tight doing this project,that’s my dude right there,we gonna keep it moving. That’s what it is,he’s got projects he’s working on after this,he’ll probably snatch me to work on one of his projects. We gonna keep it moving back and forth till The Godfathers 2 project. (Laughes) I’m goin through Necro’s responses,dude is crazy.

Q.10 Anything else either of you would like to add?

Necro: Yeah, I like hot pussy, and anyone that doesnt is a fucking queer, I know G likes hot pussy without a doubt, lets keep it real, I am trying to bang more dimes in the next year, so females get ya cunts smelling nice and dont ever come to my hotel room stinking like a sanitation truck cuz I will throw you out the hotel room by ya fucking hair, I will break a bitch neck if I gotta, and Hey Mister Mister, mind ya own fucking business!!!!!!!!!!
also fans, join The Godfathers facebook page –

KGR: I pretty much put it out there already with the mention of the G Rap and Alchemist project,that’s the only thing I want people to look out fot because I’ll be putting that in process right after we finish The Godfathers project then I’m gonna start tackling the collaboration with me and my boy Al,know what I’m sayin, I think the fans already know what to expect with something like that cos of the track that I did with Al for his project,the feature that I did with Mobb Deep over an Alchemist track,so the fans already know what to expect from an Alchemist and G Rap whole collaboration project.

Thanks for having me,being apart of this publication and promote this project I’m doing with my boy Necro,ya heard? Peace.

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