Mysdiggi Releases New Album Mystrogen

• September 10, 2012 • Comments (1)
Mysdiggi - Mystrogen

Mysdiggi – Mystrogen

Mystrogen on Amazon

Mystrogen on iTunes |

Mystrogen is like oxygen, you just need it a whole lot more motherluvas. The signature quote from U.K Hip-Hop legend Mysdiggi is now in full effect as the Mystrogen album is now available to download from iTunes and Amazon (links above). Mysdiggi has worked a number of promotional campaigns leading up to the release, including the “Mysdiggi Investigates” series, along with the video for the single “That Rush” being premiered on SBTV. You can download Mysdiggi – Mystrogen from the link listed above, however you can also watch Mysdiggi – That Rush on the youtube player below.

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  1. […] the release of Mysdiggi (aka Mystro’s) latest album “Mystrogen” we have the official video for the single “That Rush”. The video was uploaded this […]

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