SB.TV – Mysdiggi – Track by Track – Mystrogen

• October 15, 2012 • Comments (1)
Mysdiggi - Mystrogen

Mysdiggi – Mystrogen

Mysdiggi – Mystrogen | DOWLOAD

Following the release of U.K Hip-Hop legend Mysdiggi‘s album “Mystrogen”, SBTV have featured a track-by-track review by the man himself talking about every single track on the album. Mystrogen has been credited as one of the best U.K Hip-Hop albums in recent years by Hip-Hop Kings, and fans can download the album from the download link above. Mysdiggi will be performing in Leeds this Friday (19th October) for Bad Manors alongside DJ Lok and Manchester-based “Mothership” so if you’re in the area come down and check it out (FACEBOOK LINK –¬† You can watch the SB.TV – Mysdiggi – Track by Track – Mystrogen video below.

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  1. […] ever-present Mysdiggi and his official DJ LoK will be performing at The Wardrobe in Leeds on Friday 19th October 2012, […]

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