M9 – Magna Carta

• November 21, 2012
M9 - Magna Carta

M9 – Magna Carta


The adjective “beautiful” is rarely connected with anything musical, never mind speaking specifically within the Hip-Hop world, so when it was the word of choice to summarise M9’s upcoming album “Magna Carta” I surprised myself. Don’t confuse the aforementioned statement with doubt, there’s no question that Magna Carta (Great Charter in Latin) is without a doubt one of the most soulful, heartfelt and honest pieces of music I’ve heard in a long time. With this comes great risk, however M9 has clearly taken a brave, yet truthful approach to Magna Carta and I’m pleased to say it couldn’t have turned out any better.

Magna Carta is a no-compromise piece of art that stands strong in a league of its own, with the team of producers and guest features who have been brought into the project contributing positively to the record. The likes of Triple Darnkess, Roc Marciano and Madame Pepper lend their vocal talents on a number of tracks, while U.K heavyweight Jehst, Anatomy and 7th Dan amongst others are responsible for the production of the music. M9 has carefully selected the artists who he’s worked with, and once again got it absolutely right.

Every album has its own standout tracks and those typically warrant the artist or PR Company to use them as singles prior to the release. The great thing about Magna Carta is we heard a number of tracks that were strategically leaked which were “The 7 Blues”, “Organized Democracy” and “Landslide”, which each individually hold their own weight, but the rest of the album is set at a similar, if not higher bar than the tracks mentioned above. The diversity of singles alone (comparing the soulful 7 Blues to the savage Organzied Democracy) should give fans an indication that Magna Carta isn’t your typical “Hip-Hop” album, and there are plenty of gems to be found throughout the project.

Speaking to others fortunate to hear the project before the release date, fan favourites are undoubtedly going to be different, purely down to the number of excellent tracks and choice the listener is given to make their own personal opinion. “Heartless Island” (ft Triple Darkness) and produced by Jehst immediately stayed with me during my early listens, and remains as one of my personal favourites when listening again. Heartless Island is one of M9’s darker and more synonymous tracks you’d associate with the artist, and the fact he’s reunited with Cyrus Malachi makes it that little more special.

The only American feature on the project comes from Roc Marciano, who features on “White Russian” which will be premiered on Nah Right as what I expect is the final leak from Magna Carta before the release. That statement alone shows the impact M9 has made during the promotional campaign and the Anatomy-produced track is a perfect way of exposing U.K Hip-Hop music to the fans abroad. The other notable guest feature is the amazing Madame Pepper who has quickly become one of my favourite singers after hearing her music on 7 Blues, Love’s Stencil and Colour Blind. The combination of her and M9 is chemical, and once again proves how important artist selection can be.

The support I’ve seen M9 receive is a testament to the quality of Magna Carta, and his decision to be truthful with his music and the direction of this album. I will be using this album as a reference to U.K Hip-Hop for many years to come, as certain elements of the music are unrivalled by M9’s peers. In summary I take my hat off to M9 for creating, as I said earlier a piece of art which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed promoting and I hope the financial and commercial rewards compliment the hard work and quality of Magna Carta.

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