Wreck It Ralph Review

• March 3, 2013
Wreck It Ralph

Wreck It Ralph

Written by Dave Bosworth

I come from a generation that had Mega Drives and Master Systems. That played Alex The Kidd, Sonic and Super Mario Bros. I come from a generation that played the 1st Resident Evil game on my friend Terry’s Playstation and had nightmares about the Doberman’s that killed you if you thought you were slick to leave out the front door. Basically, I’ve grown up with classic games and feel nostalgic about them. “Wreck-it Ralph” pays homage to this era of gaming and gives a tip of its cap to the new gamers that need Hi Def graphics and “1st person shooter”(if you’ve seen the movie you’ll get the reference).

Rich Moore (The Simpsons, Futurama and DUCK DODGERS!) directs and writes for “Wreck-it Ralph” with John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) heading up a great cast with Sarah Silverman (There’s something about Mary), Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Jane Lynch (Glee) voicing the “Game Heroes” of Ralph, Vannellope, Felix and Calhoun.

Ralph is the bad guy in Fix-it Felix, Jr where he tries to wreck an apartment block before Felix and his magic hammer fix it all, much to the adulation of the tenants from the apartments. They throw parties for Felix and have cake and invite Pac Man. Ralph gets thrown off their building and lives in a dump. Sour deal right? Yes. But Ralph doesn’t get through it alone. He has “Bad Anon”, a support group for bad guys who aren’t “bad” guys. They just have a job to do!

Ralph is struggling with it all though now and decides that he wants to be the good guy for once and show everyone in his game that he’s worth a cake! He goes in search of a medal and finds his way to “Heros Doody”, sorry “Duty” and manages to wreck even more games than his own. But with Ralph leaving his own game who’s there to “wreck it” in Fix-it Felix, Jr? With no bad guy is the game and everyone in it going to get UNPLUGGED?!

“Wreck-it Ralph” hits you with a button combo that knocks you on your pixelated ass, leaving you sat in the cinema laughing so much you choke on your popcorn and crying so much you ruin your nachos.

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Score? It gets 5 out of 5 for me.

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