Olympus Has Fallen Review

• May 9, 2013
Olympus Has Fallen

Olympus Has Fallen

Written By David Bosworth (@boz_worth)

“When Our Flag Falls, Our Nation will rise”…..

With a tagline like this you get a pretty good idea about how this movie will play out and you’re not far out! Antoine Fuqua(Training Day) brings us the flag flying, salute giving, bald eagle on bicep tattooing “Olympus Has Fallen”. The story of what happens when the White House is taken and who in Gods Free Land can take it back? Mike Banning of course! Mike Banning is THE ex secret service agent and bad ass mother fudger who works at the Treasury, of all places. Why? Because of a horrific accident involving President Ben Asher, who demoted Mike and left him to wallow at a desk. Gerard Butler(300) leads an impressive cast including Aaron Eckhart(The Dark Knight) and Morgan Freeman(Shawshank Redemption) in this action fueled and politically dangerous movie.

America sees its monuments fall and its White House alight when all hell steps foot on Washington’s streets. With little time to react the nation can’t fathom the idea that the safest building in the country is under siege! Who is responsible? How will they get it back? Who is in charge when both the President and the Vice President are taken hostage? These are legitimate questions for anything other than the ‘One-Man Army’ action genre. You can’t expect suspense and thrills when King Leonidas is the leading man. When you go in with the knowledge that this is Die Hard at The White House you will enjoy this movie much more.

To expect twists and turns and who-done-its will only leave you with a bad taste in your mouth after this movie. You like explosions, cliche one liners and some foreign dudes getting blown away then this is for you! Just sounds like a synopsis for “Die Hard” right? Yep that’s this, just with better CGI. Oh yeah, by the way, its the North Koreans…

3.5 out of 5

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