Illerstate – Even With The Odds Against Us

• December 31, 2013


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Written by Adam Darbyshire (@adarbyshire5)

Its important to start a new year with some new music and I personally recommend checking out ‘Even With The Odds Against Us’ by Manchester hip hop trio Illerstate.

After almost two years taking seemingly a back seat in the local hip hop scene of Manchester Illerstate have exploded back on the scene having dropped an album just before the start of 2014. With features from JSD (Virus Syndicate), Shotty Horroh and Tyler Daly amongst others this CD contains some good hip hop for all listeners. A couple of the tracks could accompany the R&B essence with some ‘radio’ songs but these quickly switch to grime based club tracks, there is literally something for everyone here.

If you managed to hear their original mixtape the growth here is obvious and this hip hop trio are definitely ones to look out for in 2014. Having already featured one of the tracks (Money To Throw) on channel AKA even if you aren’t trawling the internet for a new sound these guys will hopefully appear in your iTunes library somewhere having popped up on your tv or radio.

Some of the metaphors used on the tracks are incredible and the variety of beats range from old school Wu tang esc through to light hearted sounds which are that chilled they have made it onto my snowboarding playlist (to give you an idea its currently filled with Aussie hip hop through to artists like crystal fighters).

The album is available through their bandcamp, big cartel and Itunes, which for a limited time only is an impressive £5 for 18 tracks of that Manchester sound everyone hip hop head loves at one point or another. Check it out for free on the bandcamp or youtube.

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