Illerstate – Even With The Odds Against Us

• December 7, 2013


EXCLUSIVE – Sneak Peek At New Illerstate Album

written by Adam Darbyshire (@adarbyshire5)

Manchester hip hop trio Illerstate (@illerstate) are exploding back onto the scene after 18 months of sitting in the studio and working day after day on their up and coming album ‘Even With The Odds Against Us’. HHKMag have been granted an exclusive preview of the album and for hip hop fans it does not disappoint, the group have dabbled in new areas of the game and the result is something worth a purchase.

Previously featured on Channel AKA and around the underground scene of Manchester this album has the power to put them on the map in a major way. Keep your eyes peeled for when it drops real soon, and keep space on your Christmas list for this 18 track CD featuring appearances from JSD of Virus Syndicate, Tyler Daly and Shotty Horroh amongst others.

A full review will be hitting the site shortly but in the mean time here’s a track list for you all to get excited about.

1- Intro
2- Even With The Odds Against Us
3- Loudmouths
4- Break Out (Feat. JSD of Virus Syndicate)
5- Hustlin’ (Feat. Tyler Daly)
6- V.I.P.
7- Get Up (Feat. T.Bizzle)
8- Cut Above The Rest
9- Can’t Go On (Feat. Connor Ashton)
10- Taking Shots
11- Drowning (Feat. Tyler Daly)
12- I Just… (Feat. Toni Marie)
13- Never Take Me Down
14- Wannabe (Feat. Top Boy Round Here)
15- Change (Feat. Connor Ashton)
16- Illerstate
17- Money To Throw (Feat. Shotty Horroh)
18- Going Nowhere (Feat. Connor Ashton)

If you haven’t heard of them already check out the below videos, all featured on the new album.


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