Matt Maddox – King Killer and Exclusive Interview

• January 21, 2014

Matt Maddox

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As we continue to prepare for the release of Matt Maddox’s upcoming album “Righteous Fury”, HHK are proud to premier the single King Killer, along with an exclusive interview from Matt Maddox himself. We’ve already heard BARbarian, No Country for Old Men and Street Art which featured Tragedy Khadafi, King Killer is the fourth official leak from the project which will be available to download from the 25th February 2014. King Killer has production credits from the Snowgoons (Sicknature), and other producers on the album include C Lane and Vanderslice among others. You can read the exclusive Matt Maddox interview with HHK, and listen to Matt Maddox – King Killer below.

HHK: Thank you for your time Matt. The fans need no introduction but we would like to know your thoughts about how “Righteous Fury” has turned out, and what fans can expect to hear from the album.

MM: The record turned out great! I had a lot more time to work on this record, and delve deeper so to speak. I also had a larger group of talent to reach out to with the producers and emcees featured on it. It’s much more full, and complete sounding. To the listeners, I would expect a lot more of ME. I feel this really should’ve been my first LP, it’s more personal and expressive.

HHK: You’ve chosen to collaborate with some great Hip-Hop artists including Tragedy Khadafi, Skyzoo, Adlib, Reef the Lost Cauze and King Magnetic among others. How did you select who you chose to work with? And were there any collaborations which didn’t make the final cut?

MM: Yo all the artists featured on this album are doing so out of mutual respect for each others craft. I chose the people who I personally rep, ride for, and ALSO have the bonus to listen to. There’s a few that didn’t make the cut but only due to time constraints. Def got some wild shit in the vaults.

HHK: Production comes from a range of different people including C Lance, Vanderslice and Sultan Mir. How easy did you find keeping the vibe of the album consistent while working with different producers for the project?

MM: This record I had a vision already of how I wanted it to go down. Asylum Artistry my last record was kind of a plethora of songs put onto a record and called an album (admittedly by me). I had a lot going on at the time and literally HAD to put SOMETHING out. Life’s ill. So The production was what I was looking for LITERALLY. I knew what I needed and who would deliver for that concept.

HHK: What is your personal favourite track from Righteous Fury?

MM: I like the whole album I can’t front. I think I took it a lot of different directions and it’s hard as fuck to choose.. but in all honesty.. If I had to pick 5 I’d say ..Sick N Tired, Reality’s a Bitch, BARbarians, Olympus has Fallen, and King Killer.

HHK: Promoting an album is incredibly different to ten, or even five years ago. As an artist with longevity how are you promoting the album differently? And how has the Internet benefited your promotional campaign?

MM: That’s exactly how! I’m letting the internet benefit my promotional campaign. There has always been in-stores, touring, benefit shows and so on, but this day in age it’s different. The listener is even a different person now. We HAVE TO, as artists, utilize the web in order to attain an even adequate audience. It straight necessary and needed 100%, especially as independent artists.

HHK: Can we expect to see a European/UK tour following the release of Righteous Fury? And would you collaborate with any UK rappers/producers?

MM: There is definitely a Euro/UK tour coming in 2014. Exact dates are being worked on and will be released in the near future. I rep DEAD RABBITS, and I got two of my DR brothers here in the UK. My brother and dj TMB, and my brother and Emcee/producer Edd Bundy. I also have my brother Black Pope who’s held me down since jump, & Billy WhizZ. Iron Braydz was gonna be on track w Bundy but had difficulty locating the verse in mixing. I’m a dick for that, my fault. So yes I have and I will continue to work with UK talents.

HHK: Where can fans download the album? And are there any final shoutout’s you like to make?

MM: it will be available worldwide, all major digital outlets, and physicals in stores as well. HMV etc.. Shout out to my brotha Matt Charette and Redphone Records. Shout out Tony Bucher and Seven 13 Music. Shout out Dead Rabbits and all my family out there. Shout out to BAXWAR. Shout out to ILL-ROC and Danny Diablo. Conspiracy Worldwide Radio I see y’all. Peace

HHK: Thank you for speaking with Hip-Hop Kings. We really like Righteous Fury and good luck with the rest of the campaign.

Thanks for having me.

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