25 Facts About Matt Maddox – Righteous Fury

• February 19, 2014

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As we approach the release of Matt Maddox’s new album “Righteous Fury”, here are 25 Facts about the project that fans might not be aware of. Please support the release by pre-ordering from the Amazon link listed above.

1. RF was recorded in two very different locations. A) My bedroom. B) Chop Shop Studios, PA. (S/O STWB)

2. RF was originally planned to be a double cd release, with about 28 tracks.

3. RF artwork was planned on intricately for years, with an old death metal type influence for the basis.

4. I was mostly inspired by anger and discontent with my current situation.

5. It’d sometimes take up to a few weeks to complete a song.

6. I try to use a single DJ for all the cuts on all of my albums so far.

7. I don’t usually listen to outside music (music other than what I’m working on) very much during the process of making an album.

8. I had to work on toning down my aggressive approach.

9. This record is my most personal work.

10. Some of these tracks have been written for over a year before seeing the studio

11. I suffered a burst appendix while in the UK last tour and still continued the tour without medical attention (for 4 months). All during the course of constructing RF.

12. I’ve actually toured Europe/UK three times during the making of RF. Spain, Las Palmas, France, Italy, Rotterdam, UK.

13. I got a tattoo (my microphone), at the venue, just before my set in Quakertown, once.

14. Producer Skammadix has the majority of the beats on this album. He and I are going to be working on some new shit soon.

15. The last song that I wrote (on a plane) for the album was A Time To Kill, which turned out to be the first one I recorded after arriving at Chop Shop.

16. I have some tracks that didn’t make the record, that will still see the light of day.

17. This album covers a wide range of sounds, topics, and approaches.

18. The entire album was mixed, and mastered by Stress The White Boy in a very cool time frame.

19. The pieces to this puzzle were literally being placed until Due Date. It was a crazy ride.

20. The video for BARbarians was shot in Brooklyn, NY. I flew from Kansas, the director and Born Unique came from VA, Godilla let me stay with him and drove from Easton and UG met us there.

21. I obsess over my music and listen over and over again, picking it apart. I’m my own worst critic for sure.

22. This album has 1 interlude, that was actually a sample in the beginning of the Sick N Tired track. I was however advised to make it a separate interlude, by my little brother. It was a genius recommendation.

23. I’ve booked several gigs and tours through Facebook.

24. I had to let some beats and concepts I had go, in order to make a more cohesive album.

25. I went through some very real life during the making if this record, and it will definitely translate to the listener.

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