Big Picture: Need for Speed

• March 7, 2014

Big Picture - Need for Speed

by David Bosworth @boz_worth

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Since the success of break-out series Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul has been an ever increasing name on people’s lips(much like the crystal meth in Breaking bad). Amassing a huge online following rivalling the likes of Justin(Cry) Beiby, Aaron has managed to ride the crest of this fame with a smile and a personality that seems to win everyone over.

Need for Speed is the movie-ish loosely based hit game series adaptation of the same name. If you haven’t played or heard of Need for Speed, you need to go outside and get some daylight as you’ve been living under a rock too damn long.

Need for Speed was first introduced to the masses back in ’95 for PC and ’96 for PlayStation and Saturn(remember Saturn? I had one!). Giving players the chance to drive tuned up auto’s at break neck speeds spawned a, now, near 20 year succession of games. That have evolved beyond pixelated dashboards to online universes of multi-player madness where you can own a virtual Testorossa that you drive in your pants.

It was only a matter of time before the franchise branched out onto the silver screen, but the proof is, as we say in the UK, “going to be in the pudding” as to whether this is going to create gold like the games. After being picked up by Touchstone and Dreamworks, its safe to say that casting would have their hands full trying to cast for a game based movie that never had a central character. That being said, they look like they’ve struck oil with the cast they’ve put together for this race based frenzy.

So when a movie like this is being released how can you know if it’s going to be any good? How do you know it’s not just a Fast and Furious knock-off with a new label? That’s what we at #HHKMovies are here for. Here’s everything you need to know, here’s our Big Picture on Need for Speed.

30 Second Teaser

Via Need for Speed

Trailer 2

Vi Clevver Movies

Official Trailer and Analysis

Via Beyond The Trailer

Need for Speed/Breaking Bad Mashup Trailer

Via DrewboiX

Behind the Scenes Featurette

Via Movies Coming Soon

Aaron Paul on BBC’s Top Gear

Via Strelokgunslinger

Need for Speed Driving School

Via Movie Clips by FilmIsNow

An Introduction to Need for Speed

Via Aveo Clip

Extreme Fuelling

Via Movies Coming Soon

So, that’s everything relevant that we could get our hands on. What are your thoughts after watching this lot? We’re ridiculously excited for this. Make sure you get in touch with us over on Facebook and Like us on Twitter with #HHKMovies

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