25 Facts About Edward Scissortongue – Theremin E.P

• April 28, 2014

Edward Scissortongue

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Following the release of Edward Scissortongue’s “Theremin E.P”. Hip-Hop Kings presents the exclusive series “25 Facts about Edward Scissortongue – Theremin E.P”. Enjoy.

1 – There is not a single ‘Theremin’ sampled or played on the EP.
2 – The tooth I pull out of my mouth in ‘Theremin Trailer II’ is not real. It was made with a 3D printer.
3 – The entire design/artwork process was done via Skype calls at 7AM with my designer Joni who lives in Melbourne, Australia.
4 – I sing on ‘The Wipeout Soundtrack’ (listen very carefully).
5 – New York based producer Eon Ra contributed the instrumental for ‘Teeth’. I have never met him but he is flying over from NYC for the official launch party.
6 – Dirty Dike has produced a shit ton of beats in the past 2-3 years. He flagged the instrumental as ‘Theremin’ as one for me to write to, so I did. The original plan was to write a song about androids invading earth but ending in a massive android x human orgy on the top of a hill. However, I never got that far with it.
7 – I commissioned my dear friend Miles Courtney to produce a piece of music that would ‘propel the listener into the future’. Track one (Take Readings) is that piece of music.
8 – I always wanted to write a song which used a frisbee throw as a metaphor for life and death. The throw representing being ‘born’, the flight representing ‘life’ and the frisbee hitting the floor representing ‘death’. The final verse on ‘The Calculator’ is that verse.
9 – ‘Teeth’ has got so different responses from people I have played it to. It is the most dextrous track on the album in terms of interpretation, but from where I am sat, it is about donating your teeth to the government.
10 – I christened a new pair of Grey marl Huaraches in one of the videos I shot for a project. They got scuffed up in a field. I was pissed.
11 – The guy responsible for the official video for ‘Theremin’ also directed the recent Asda Easter breakdancing chick television advert. Watch this space.
12 – The number of people who told me to turn ‘The Theremin EP’ into a fully fledged album was countless. I told them all to fuck off.
13 – Dj Sammy B-Side’s favourite track on the EP is ‘The Calculator’. Why? Because there are long sections he can scratch over when we play live shows.
14 – I wrote all the lyrics for ‘Theremin PT II’ in the B-Bar in Cambridge city centre in one sitting. It is my favourite writing spot in my home town. I was extremely pissed by the end of the writing process.
15 – Dike once told me that ‘Theremin’ was his proudest moment as a producer. This will never change.
16 – I first met Toyface (the vocalist on ‘The Wipeout Soundtrack’) at a filthy rave in Bristol, way back in 2009. She was dressed as a bumblebee.
17 – Johannes Schaff recorded the SOS call on ‘Theremin PT II’ in a tapas bar in Covent Garden. He got emotional, which I liked.
18 – The co-ordinates that Johannes Schaff cites in his SOS call are the exact co-ordinates for the anchor at the top of Deptford Market. The anchor is no longer there.
19 – Given the choice of all the possible ways that mankind might become extinct that I address on the record, I would personally choose massive tsunami.
20 – I am a huge fan of Rammstein.
21 – Writing an EP so full of doom and gloom has inspired me to write a completely different album with Lamplighter on the buttons as my next solo adventure. This time around we are writing an LP full of love songs.
22 – I met Bryan Adams once. I had lunch with him. He wasn’t very nice.
23 – I successfully got a crowd of 400 people to sit down when I played ‘Theremin’ live in Sydney late last year. Everyone sat down, including myself, it was fucking epic.
24 – The pantone colour on the cover of ‘The Theremin EP’ is extremely hard to distinguish for printing purposes.
25 – I am extremely proud of the project and hope you like it as much as I do.

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