Atmosphere – Southsiders

• May 11, 2014


written by Adam Darbyshire

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When I heard of another album coming out of Rhymesayers Entertainment I was very keen to see which artist it was from, seeing as they have so many good, yet lesser known, artists on their label. Upon finding out it was Atmosphere bringing out a new tape I couldn’t wait to give it a listen and drop this review.

Atmosphere has been a group I’ve listened to for a good decade now and this album, although showing progress (mainly in the sound quality of the newer albums), it is still the same sound as it was back then. Don’t get me wrong with that, I am extremely happy that another album has come out where the artist has stuck to their roots and continued on the path they have calved out for themselves all those years before.

The instrumentals on this album are something that is also quite incredible, for example Camera Thief (viewable in the Youtube player below) has a mad sound, something like a guitar that has been ran through a synth and then further produced to come up with that sound, a stroke of genius on their part for sure.

I do hope a tour comes from this album and that these guys get more popular outside of America, because they do truly deserve this recognition.

If you like hip hop with abstract yet thought out rhymes , original yet chilled beats, and tracks that you can listen to over and over realising possible meanings you didn’t realise were there before you definitely need to give these guys a listen.

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