Flabz – Under the Influence E.P

• May 8, 2014

DOWNLOAD | Flabz – Under the Influence E.P

Flabz – Only Call Me When You’re High | Flabz – Lies | Flabz – Less Talk More Action Freestyle

E & Daniels rapper Flabz has now released his E.P titled “Under the Influence” on the 12th of May 2014. Following the promotional videos for the singles “Only Call Me When You’re High”, “Lies” and “Less Talk More Action Freestyle”, Flabz’s E.P is his debut and is highly anticipated. Fans can watch the previous net videos on the links listed above, and follow Flabz on Twitter (@flabbadabbadoo) following the E.P release. You can view the artwork, and watch Flabz – Only Call Me When You’re High below.

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