Fozzey & VanC – Gimme Love

• June 10, 2014


written by Adam Darbyshire

Whilst awaiting the upcoming tour of two of Australia’s best hip hop acts at the moment, Hilltop Hoods and Illy, here at HHKMag we have been having a look into what else Australia has to offer, below is some information of an act we predict has quite a big future in the music scene.

Fozzey and VanC are Australian artists who got some well deserved recognition after a single called ‘Perfect Couple’ was released, which aside from being a really great track had a very clear, deep message about a guy taking his own life after his girl cheated on him.

They appear to have been off the scene for a while since then, but seem to have spent this time finding out their musical edge, and the below video is a sample of what is to come.

Albeit a more poppy version of what the rest of their EP will be (according to all reports) this is a catchy track which shows an insight into the potential of this act.

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