25 Facts About Cracker Jon and 2Late – You Can Take the Cracker out of Croydon

• August 8, 2014

DOWNLOAD | You Can Take the Cracker out of Croydon – Cracker Jon & 2Late

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This is the second 25 Facts article we’ve posted from High Focus Records, and this time we’ve got some insight into Cracker Jon and 2Late’s collaborative album “You Can Take the Cracker out of Croydon” which fans can download from the iTunes link listed above.

1. 2Late was illin throughout the whole album.
2. Cracker Jon happened to be tripping on the space time continuum when he met 2Late, and they decided to create a funked out experiment.
3. 2Late didn’t know who Cracker Jon was.
4. Refer to the Redman 1995 interview.
5. Cracker Jon spent all his money as per usual.
6. The first track Cracker Jon & 2Late created was under the influence of Woo Woo and Mary Jane.
7. We prefer the skits to the tracks on the album. YO JAKE!!!
8. 2Late Dislikes all his tracks, thus bearing the nickname, 2Hate.
9. we feel fine……
10. Follow the 10 cracker commandments
11. Most of this album was created in the most intense circumstances.
12. Shoutouts to the squad
13. There’s too many facts to mention.
15. 2 Late passed out over 95 times on whiskey in the creation of this album. However, he held his funk master status.
16. Cracker Jon took unknown substances in the recording of this album.
17. Its been 3 years in the making.
18. 2 Late was rockin Air Jordan 11s while freaking the funk.
19. Cracker Jon only reps air max 90s.
20. 2 Lates T Shirt company is going to blow the fak uppppppp.
21. Cracker Jon & 2Late are very hurt by opinions of certain people who dont understand a good time, let alone good music.
22. Cracker Jon doesn’t agree with tight jeans or shirts that don’t cover your arms.
23. Our most favourite track on the album is the answer phone skit at the end of the album.
24. 2 Late designed the album cover after he thought that cracker jon had smoked his J.

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