Werd Presents New Album God Save the Public

• December 2, 2016
werd - god save the public

werd – god save the public

Sons of Scotland rapper Werd has released his brand new album “God Save the Public” which we predict will resonate with a lot of people.

Werd has been constantly releasing music for years now, and he (along with Sons of Scotland) have been featured on Hip-Hop Kings going back to 2009 with their Rap Re-Mixtape project. Throughout the years Werd has grown wiser and polished his style, so it’s safe to say we’re excited to share God Save the Public.

When speaking about the project, Werd said “In these current times feeling trapped, stuck, without purpose and a little depressed in life is common. While Facebook and social media is pulling us apart, making us insecure or reinforcing people’s extreme beliefs, the media is dividing us with unwarranted fear and propaganda. If you notice and dislike this, you are certainly not alone.”

The 12-track album is available to download from Werd’s Bandcamp page and features guest appearances from Lewis Findlay, Wardie Burns (Vagabondz). I have posted the official artwork and track listing here. Please support and download God Save the Public today.

1. Extremist
2. Hip-Hop & Ya Should Stop
3. God Save The Public ft Lewis Findlay
4. Pretending (We Don’t Suffer)
5. Personal Nonsense
6. BASE God
7. Nightmare ft Wardie Burns
8. I Am (Watching Adverts)
9. Cherophobia
10. Cheer Up Sad Fux
11.Rather A Log Cabin
12. Roll Credits

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