25 Facts on Snowgoons Goon Bap Album

• January 8, 2017
25 Facts - Snowgoons Goon Bap

25 Facts – Snowgoons Goon Bap

In our on-going exclusive 25 Facts series, we have the latest to share about the recently released Snowgoons Goon Bap album. Make sure you download Snowgoons Goon Bap from iTunes and enjoy the 25 facts below.

01. The album title Goon Bap comes from the term Boom Bap. We replaced the similar sounding Boom with the Goon from our name Snowgoons. This way we created the perfect definition of what the album is about. Boom Bap and Snowgoons sound. Snowgoons Goon Bap.

02. For the 90’s allstar song “The 90’s Are Back” we had a long list of artists to be featured on the song. The 9 artists on the final song are the first 9 to record first. Further artists supposed to be on the song are Smoothe Da Hustler, Billy Danze, Edo G or Chip Fu from the Fu-Schnickens.

03. When we hit up Dan Lish the illustrator for the Artwork he wasn’t available due to a busy schedule. but after explaining him that the album is all about the 90’s Hip Hop era and sending him some of the ruff songs he was finally down.

04. After picking the 12th of December (12.12. a Monday) for the release date our distribution highly recommended to only pick a Friday date. Fridays supposed to be better industry release days but we stay independent and do what we want to do. Release date stayed 12.12.

05. The Pumpkinhead song (R.I.P) was a unreleased song from 2006. Back then when we recorded with PH in Germany we had a great session and recorded both songs. We only picked one song for the 2007 German Lugers and the session simple got forgotten. When PH passed away in 2015 we was looking up the old hard drive for some pictures and came across the lost song. We knew we had to release it on the next album and remixed it with a new beat.

Snowgoons Goon Bap

Snowgoons Goon Bap

06. For the song “Problems” with Locksmith and Skrewtape we wanted to get Rite Hook down to do the hook. Rite Hook was down and liked the song that much he recorded 16 bars as well and then the song was perfect.

07. DJ Kaos of the Artifacts wanted to do the cuts for the “All City Kingz” song by Artifacts but he couldn’t finished it to the deadline. So Snowgoons Dj XRated did the job.

08. Passionate MC supposed to be on the “New Kidz On The Blog” song and even should be the first MC to go including picking the beat. But he decided to do a solo joint and send us back the “Cypher God” song.

09. Originally we wanted to do maximum 15-16 songs for the Goon Bap album. After a while we realised we already got over 20 songs done.

10. Sicknature who is not only a producer but also an MC is featured 3 times on the album. The only other artists with also 2 appearance are Sean Strange & Intell.

11. The Dilated Peoples song was the last song to be added to the album. We had this song in work with the crew for almost 4 years and finally it came together. Shout out to Rakaa.

12. With Aspects, Merkules and Snak The Ripper we got 3 Canadian Artists on the album.

13. 15 years old TJ Brown also known from the Netflix TV Series The Get Down is the youngest artist we ever worked with.

14. Chris Rivers is the son of Big Pun and Intell is the son of Wu Tang’s U God.

15. We got 7 artists from 3 crews / bands spread out on 6 different songs. Ill Bill & Slaine of La Coka Nostra, Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz & Sonny Seeza of Onyx, Method Man & Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan.

16. There supposed to be a Snowgoons Djs track but we couldn’t get it done in time. The whole dj team brainstormed some crazy ideas and we don’t want to waste them so we planing on a full Snowgoons Djs album.

Snowgoons Goon Bap

Snowgoons Goon Bap

17. Sicknature of the Snowgoons wanted to release his new solo album around the same time that goon bap dropped so he had to push his album back in order to be focused on the Snowgoons project. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your own plans being in a group.

18. “The Problems” video was filmed within 3 days starting in Philadelphia with Skrewtape, with Rite hook in Boston and last part in New York. Luckily Locksmith, originally from the West was in NYC for some other video shoots.

19. “Solid Gold Guns” with Conway is a very different song and might be the most off topic song on the album. When Banish came up with Conway , Recognize Ali & Supreme Cerebral we was instantly down to add the song to the album.

20. We already got half the album done with videos.

21. All the 5 Snowgoons Djs made it on the album with some cutz.

22. “Know What You’re Facing” was originally for Aspects album Grind Over Matter but we couldn’t finished the song back then. Now we added Slaine and it was perfect for the Goon Bap.

23. We had 3 more songs in work for the Goon Bap album but because of the total lenght of the album we couldn’t add them.

24. None of the Snowgoons members are smoking or taking drugs.

25. Our slogan is We Keep Hip Hop Alive and we will always do that. That’s what the name Snowgoons stands for.

Make sure you download Snowgoons Goon Bap from the iTunes link above.

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