Eskar Releases Flutejam (World Record Posse Cut)

• March 6, 2017
Eskar Releases Flutejam

Eskar Releases Flutejam

WY based rapper Eskar releases Flutejam which is taken from his album “Silent Running”. The record is a world record for the longest posse cut.

Eskar has teamed up with Irn Mnky who produced the single (along with the Silent Running album) and the guest features on the posse cut come from Scorzayzee, Sandy Minto, Tenchoo, Spee 69, Micky Swagz, Spida Lee, Doberman, Junior Disprol (from Dead Residents), ABD, Krankit, Watson G (from Knew Jeruslum), Mury P (from No Pretense), Kinetik, JollyJay, Ciaran Mac, Lego, Obi Joe (from China Shop Bull), Gen and the legendary Micall Parknsun. Eskar releases Flutejam through his bandcamp page and the single is available to download now. Additional credits to DJ esSDee for the cuts on the record.

You can listen to Eskar – Flutejam on the bandcamp player below.

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