Conway – Cooked in Hells Kitchen

• May 1, 2017
Conway - Cooked in Hells Kitchen

Conway – Cooked in Hells Kitchen

Fresh off his announcement on signing to Shady Records, here is the latest video for Griselda Records artist Conway, titled Cooked in Hells Kitchen.

Conway the machine is one of the hottest (and sickest) rappers who’s emerged over the past couple of years. Cooked in Hells Kitchen is a perfect example of the seemingly effortless flow and subject content we can expect from him. The single has been produced by Griselda Records’ Daringer (who also produced Westside Gunn’s Raw is FlyGod) and has already been picked up and shared across the biggest blogs and websites, all supporting the movement. The video is directed by Gusto Gold and edited by David Sakolsky.

Daringer spoke to Nah Right about Cooked in Hells Kitchen. Here is what he had to say.

“I was going through records, and that dark bassline just popped out. I was like, ‘This is kind of ill, let me see if I can find some drums.’ I’ve gotten so many questions about what I did with that beat. It’s another simple one, just the bassline and a guitar. I didn’t really do the toppings over it like I would normally do with the extra sounds on it. I just chopped those guitar sounds and threw a crazy effect on it, and people are thinking I got a live guitar player in here, hitting pedals. Or they think I got a crazy plug-in. I can hear a rock band playing that shit, it sounds like some ill metal shit almost.

“That’s going on Conway’s album The G.O.A.T. That’s a good thing too about dropping it on the Soundcloud, in terms of seeing what’s album-worthy and what’s just gonna be a loosie.”

You can watch Conway – Cooked in Hells Kitchen on the YouTube player below.

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