Mike Melinoe A Night With Hanabi 25 Facts

• May 1, 2017
Mike Melinoe A Night With Hanabi 25 Facts

Mike Melinoe A Night With Hanabi 25 Facts

In our popular and exclusive 25 facts series, we’ve linked with Mike Melinoe ahead of his latest project “A Night With Hanabi” which is released tomorrow. Enjoy Mike Melinoe A Night With Hanabi 25 Facts

1. A Night With, Hanabi really is a collaborative project from Blue Alley Records and Mike Melinoe.
2. Hanabi means ‘fireworks’ in Japanese.
3. Mike Melinoe and Blue Alley Records just turned this album in Sunday.
4. We started working on “A Night With, Hanabi” in October of 2016.
5. Mike Melinoe handled all of the artwork, for the EP. Which is an actual painting, I painted a week before the release date.
6. None of the beats on “A Night With, Hanabi” has samples!
7. This project is mainly about Mike Melinoe, overcoming fears within on acid with a female interests.
8. Lonely Iris is one of my favorites. It’s truly dives into my currently feelings today, with the injustice system and police brutality.
9. In 5.0, when the chorus begins, the rodeo I’m speaking of is an analogy; of the constant discussion of other artists having a similar sound and effort towards creativity. While, I tend to create my lane with the classic effect of a 5.0 mustang.

Mike Melinoe

Mike Melinoe

10. This is an EP, not an album.
11. Originally, the EP had 8 songs. We added Tokyo and was thinking of putting two tracks as one. Instead we gave it, as so.
12. Blue Alley Records executive produced the project.
13. A Night With Hanabi, is a quick listen.
14. A Night With Hanabi, starts off with “Neighborhood Goat”, because I wanted to set the tone for the future.
15. After making “A Night With Hanabi”, meditation began to mean more for my spirit.
16. Videos are coming.
17. This particular project, melodically, was inspired by Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Andre 3000.
18. Some tracks have a RAW effect on the vocals, for a reason.
19. A Night With Hanabi, will open a load of doors. Mainly, because of the melodic content and stories. I opened up more with a direction, artistically and with the visuals to come.
20. We delayed the EP a few times, due to timing and proper execution on production.

Mike Melinoe - A Night with Hanabi

Mike Melinoe – A Night with Hanabi

21. Moises is a genius.
22. Dead Cellphones is a favorite. It talks about relationships and how the female can expose that she’s disinterested by default and misconceptions, throughout the troubles at hand. Which ultimately will make someone leave.
23. Tokyo was the last song turned in.
24. All of the production was switched at least, two or three times before the final versions.
25. A Night With Hanabi, will change, the people involved, life. I thank them all.

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