25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

• July 17, 2017
ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

West Yorkshire rapper ExP has just released his latest album RemarkableUnremarkable. Make sure you download from Bandcamp (HERE). You can read the 25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable below.

1) 90% of the album was recorded sitting down

2) Track 3 “Sex Panther” had a verse cut cos I was just rambling about misogyny in rap a bit too much

3) Track 8 “The Brain” was a beat I originally recorded and filmed WY MC Sandy Minto for a studio promo vid but then decided I wanted to use it instead.

4) …same for Track 9 “We Don’t Do That” but swap Sandy Minto with Eskar!!!

5) I wrote about 8 or 9 verses for Track 14 “We Can Do It Together” before settling on those 4. It nearly went a very different direction indeed…!

6) I wrote Track 6 “Meh” for a laugh in 2011 and did the video with Paul Cockcroft in about half an hour. I had to re-record the whole thing as I couldn’t successfully splice “2017” into the date bit…

7) There are 31 verses on this album

8) There’s a bonus track on the cd and digital (but not vinyl) which is a reprise of Track 7 “Trivia

9) Most of this album was written on a Monday night between 11pm and 3am

10) The house in the artwork originally had solar panels on but after a legal battle with mis-sold panels from a dodgy company I had them removed from my real house AND the artwork house.

11) The artist, Martin Lovegrove, also did the artwork for Tough Crowd’s 7″ “Manners”

12) I drew my original idea for the artwork on MS Paint

13) There’s a version of the artwork where “Unremarkable” is mirrored so as to actually look like it was reflected in water but it didn’t look right

14) I sampled John Travolta for Track 11 “Ode to the Internet”



15) I was going to work with a photographer to recreate the artwork but we didn’t bother.

16) The photograph used in the booklet was just the photographer (Kate Love) getting a few initial shots to test the light. The rest were taken in front of speed camera signs but weren’t required in the end.

17) I got the booklets printed by a different company than the people who did the CD to save cash cos I’m tight

18) This is my second album and my first for 11 years. The first is fucking awful.

19) Chief Wigz was one of the first people to hear this album in full. Followed by Lunar C and Hashfinger.

20) Steve Ling did a great guitar riff on Track 11 “Ode To The Internet” but I had to remove it as it messed with the rhythm of the vocal…

21) The speed camera logo throughout the artwork can be see on the artwork for Flame Griller albums I and II

22) I think the “remarkable” version of me in the artwork looks nowt like me and the “unremarkable” is bob on which says a lot

23) There is a version of the artwork with a pink limo outside the “Cream” club

24) Track 10 “Stick in the Mud” (the next single) was produced at a much slower speed and it was an accident I recorded it as “fast” as it is. Tried to redo it at original speed and it sounded crap.

25) Track 14 has made a few people cry. Watch out!

We hope you enjoyed the 25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable. Please remember to download the album today from Bandcamp. Also watch out for the next single “Stick in the Mud” coming soon!

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