25 Facts on Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given

• August 3, 2017

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not Given 25 Facts

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given 25 Facts

It’s that time again, and Tone Chop and Frost Gamble are the 1st ever artists to give us two sets of 25 facts. Respect is Earned Not Given is the upcoming album, and here are 25 facts about the project. Enjoy.

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1. Chop had the title ‘Respect is Earned Not Given’ in mind for about a year prior. “I feel like you should have to earn your respect on the mic lyrically. Rappers got it too easy these days because of social media and whatnot.”
2. It was always a dream of Chop’s to do a song with Kool G. Rap. “I feel so blessed Frost made it happen. Walk the Walk featuring Kool G. Rap is out now and is catching fire as we speak!”
3. One of Chop’s favorite tracks on the album is ‘Beat Knocking’. “It’s simple and catchy but still dope lyrically and the beat makes me wanna keep writing verses to it.”
4. We both stepped our game up on this album. As much as we love the Veteran EP, this project is just better in all areas.
5. Chop wrote the album intro using ALL of the song titles from the 2016 Veteran EP.
6. “Inspiration” and “It’s Hip Hop” lyrics were actually written to Jay-Z‘s “Momma Loves Me” instrumental, then sent to Frost. He produced a whole new beat for each, gave them the final touches needed, and I think they both came out great.

Tone Chop - Respect is Earned Not Given

Tone Chop – Respect is Earned Not Given

7. DJ Waxamillion – who does the cuts on “Slow Flow” – has been a friend of ours for over 30 years and has been DJing in upstate NY that whole time.
8. If Chop could be anything else in the world, he would be a superhero… to save Hip Hop from the terrible state it’s currently in !
9. Bigga Haitian – featured on World Struggle – is a pioneer and legend of the Haitian reggae scene. Wyclef Jean cites him as an influence, and it was an honor to get him on this album.
10. “Bing Stories” is based on true events. “Bing” is short for Binghamton, NY – our hometown.
11. Frost began working with Tragedy Khadafi in 2016, for his forthcoming compilation project “I Missed My Bus” – which led to his feature on “Here I Go”. Now, Tragedy and Frost are working on a full album together.
12. White Rhino, featured on “Guillotine Chop”, is an up-and-coming Canadian MC who Frost has been mentoring for some time. Look for more collaborations in the future!
13. “Guillotine Chop” is also the 1st time that we have worked with Planet Asia, but not the last!

Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not given

Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not given

14. “See You Again” is also a true story of a beautiful life lost, one that was very personal and difficult for Chop to share.
15. “Get Beat Down” was made to be fight music, listen to it if you need to get pumped up before a challenge!
16. Respect Is Earned Not Given’s release is the first time that our physical CDs will be sold through global distribution. Cop one!
17. The samples used on the album were drawn from a wide variety of genres – soul, funk, r&b, prog rock, jazz and more were all incorporated.
18. Chop is known as “The Bing King”, for being a pioneer and legend in the upstate NY Hip Hop scene for three decades.
19. We have an animated video for “Bing Stories” that will drop in a few weeks – shout to Dion Johnson who did an amazing job with it.
20. The album cover is a digital photo (by Brett Enquist) of a canvas painted by Winnipeg graffiti OG Zed-One.

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not Given

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given

21. Chop & Frost recorded nearly 30 songs in preparation for this album, then selected the best and most cohesive for the final 14. We are very proud of what we turned in!
22. DNA, the world’s most viewed battle rapper, is featured on “In the Streets” – a reflection on how battle rap has changed over the years. DNA has rhymed on a few Tone Chop beats before (yes, Chop makes beats too!)
23. The Veteran EP was Chop & Frost’s first release to achieve international and satellite radio spins.
24. Chop, Frost, ZotheJerk and White Rhino are casually known as “the Nostalgia Clic”, for focusing on the traditional elements of Hip Hop and lyricism.
25. Hip Hop Kings has been a great supporter of Chop & Frost – and we appreciate it very much!!

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