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25 Facts About Lee Scott – Butter Fly

• May 18, 2015 • Comments (0)

Lee Scott - Butter Fly

DOWNLOAD | Butter Fly – Lee Scott


Here are 25 facts about High Focus Records’ Lee Scott – ButterFly album.

1. The first 10 songs on the album were finished early 2014.
2. The last 2 songs were made months later on the same day I made ‘So Cactus So Owl’ which was featured on another album I made called ‘CactusOwlMoonGoat’ produced by Dirty Dike and Molotov.
3. The song ‘Eight O’Clock in The Morning’ is inspired by the short story of the same name written by Ray Nelson,
4. The story was also the inspiration for the movie ‘They Live’ which was the inspiration for my first album ‘Put On The Glasses’.
5. The first 4 bars of ‘Don’t Make Me’ were inspired by a friend of mine from Runcorn.
6. The intro vocals on the intro/title track ‘Butter Fly’ were freestyled on the spot and became the inspiration for the album artwork.
7. The album art was made by Nearski, a very dope English artist based out in Japan.
8. Nearski was also responsible for the artwork to an earlier album I made with Reklews under the Hock Tu Down moniker called ‘Prozium Peddlin’.
9. The name ‘Manatee Rap’ was inspired by the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park because of the randomness of the lyrics due to me freestyling the track together Tony Broke style.
10. It was also originally one big verse. I cut the South Park quotes up later on so people might possibly get the reference, now you will due to me over explaining everything here killing all mystery.
11. The chorus to ‘Manatee Rap’ was just me trying to freestyle some bars together and messing up. I forgot to cut them out when I sent them through to Dike then he pitched them up and turned it into the hook and structured the song around it.
12. Most of the album was recorded in the Blah Mansion in Blackburn.
13. There are no features on the album because fuck features.
14. ‘Everything is Money’ is not about money, it is inspired by the movie swingers in which ‘money’ is used as slang for cool or whatever ie ‘yo, don’t worry man you’re so money right now’. I am saying money isn’t everything, everything is money!
15. ‘Walking The Walk’ is all about a pair of Ellesse trainers I bought on eBay and me walking round in them. That should be obvious as I say that in the track but a lot of people seem to completely miss it.
16. lee wrote a good 60% of Watch TV years ago during the making of an earlier project of mine called ‘Happy Sellout Sh!t’ but I put it to one side as I never really settled on a beat for it until now.
17. The smooth bbuttery electric guitar on ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was played by Chester P’s DJ, JCA.
18. The entire album was produced in a spare room in a pub with a massive hole in the window and mould growing up the collapsing walls.
19. Dike used An MPC1000, a Korg electribe, a Micro Korg, and a record deck to produce the album.
20. When Dike sent Lee the beat to T.V he told me he imagined this exact beat earlier this afternoon and it was meant to be.
21. JCA smoked massive blunts that Dike cant handle, and drank cans of fizzy shit for the entire recording session of his guitar solo feature on “Don’t tell me”
22. Two videos from the project were entirely filmed in the same house. Both were not planned and just kind of happened as a result if drinking.
23. Dirty Dike’s mpc required 2 separate repair jobs while making the album.
24.Dirty Dike and Lee Scott have since become best friends after working on this record
25. Lee Scott has a cat named Jesus and he would often pet him whilst writing lyric raps for the album.

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25 Facts About Constant Deviants – Avant Garde

• March 31, 2015 • Comments (0)

Constant Deviants

This is an exclusive 25 facts article about Constant Deviants album “Avant Garde”. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Please remember to download Constant Deviant’s album “Avant Garde” on the iTunes from the 12th of May 2015.

1. DJ Cutt likes to be alone when he makes beats
2. M.I. recorded 4 different albums in 2014
3. SIX2SIX was originally just a term M.I. used to describe his grind
4. DJ Cutt does everything on the production side – beats, cuts and mixing for all Constant Deviants projects
5. Avant Garde was originally going to be a double CD with 2 totally different sounds on each one
6. M.I. prefers to write to the actual beat he is recording a track to.
7. For Avant Garde, M.I. recorded his own vocals for the entire album
8. The artwork for the album cover was designed by a friend in Switzerland called Teymor Azzam
9. This album will be followed by a new EP and another album close behind it
10. DJ Cutt and M.I. feel as the years have gone by, experience means each new album gets easier to make great
11. The duo don’t like much outside input on their music during the writing and recording process
12. M.I. hasn’t once had writer’s block since 1996 !
13. Constant Deviants future plans include creating and developing new sounds that reshape hip hop
14. For Avant Garde, DJ Cutt spent a lot of his time sourcing unusual samples to use in the beats
15. Making sure the album was mixed a certain way and had a special and specific sound actually took more time than the creative and recording process
16. Constant Deviants recorded their first demo on a 4 track live with one traxck for vocals and one for cuts. It meant if there was a mistake they had to start all over again.
17. By comparison, their second demo was recorded in a multi million dollar studio where DJ Cutt worked in NYC.
18. Their first record deal was with Vestry Records who were actually also based in the same building where DJ worked.
19. The group have never given up the publishing rights to any of their music
20. In 1996, Constant Deviants’ entourage bumrushed the radio station at Columbia University and attempted to give Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito their demo. They were told to send it in two weeks later, and when they did, a couple of their tracks were played. It felt like the dream had come true and to this day people know the name Constant Deviants because their music was played on this legendary show!
21. Throughout all the years, the duo have rarely had many features on their albums, but prefer to keep it consistent predominantly as a dupo format.
22. Constant Deviants are also part of a larger crew that goes by the name of Global Platoon
23. One Speaker Supreme is an original member of Constant Deviants, and regarded by M.I. as the one who taught him how to Emcee.
24. DJ Cutt still has his original Technique 1200s
25. M.I.C. was M.I.’S original name (Mic’s Illest Controller) shortened to M.I. which became Mr Impossible over the years. He still uses both names

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Brothers Day Movie Review

• March 7, 2015 • Comments (0)

Brothers Day Film

Review by @SebbStrife

Brothers’ Day is a gritty urban crime drama set on the streets of Manchester from director Angel Delgado.

The film opens on a pensive monologue from one of its two fraternal protagonists, Chris Jackson, thanking his late brother for all he’d done for him in life before cutting to Chris [Tom Collins] internally duelling over pulling the trigger on a presumed initiation hit. The soundtrack sets the tone early in this flick, possibly with an aspect of foreboding if you listen close enough. It’s a story of street code, power struggles, personal daemons & ultimately redemption of a kind as Chris has copes in the underworld of crime and has to learn fast and for himself that some decisions aren’t as easy as they first seem.

The Jacksons are notorious gangsters with Chris’ brother Ryan [Lewis Fletcher] at the helm since their other sibling was killed, presumably in gang related violence. Chris’ story is truly one of woe as his mother too is dead and he has been all but abandoned by his only living family and sent to live in care. Chris is full of teenage angst and rebellion with Collins giving sterling effort into looking like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Both the character and director have chosen a path often travelled in such a story of troubled youth but that’s not to say Delgado hasn’t put his own stamp on this one, even embedding a hint of a Shakespearean tragedy.

The story has a slow but atmospheric build allowing us to be introduced to the cast of characters, some adding a little comedy in the form of the Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum-esque Dominic [Andre Burton-March] and Stainless [Stephen Mitchell] but it kicks off when a deal goes south and revelations of distension in the ranks affords for mutinous elements plotting to pit brother against brother until we arrive at the beginning as the film comes full circle back to that tense opening scene with Chris wielding the hand cannon.

As independent British films go, Brothers’ Day is a strong performer and sure to keep you hooked up to its satisfying conclusion with its earthy realism. Delgado captures the myriad of emotions & conflict of life in and around the criminal underworld in a way that feels genuine like it might come from experience. Accompanied by a fittingly moody soundtrack – my personal favourite lyric being “Breaking hearts like Shawn Michaels” – Brothers’ Day is an engaging watch that makes you think.

See this if you liked Bullet Boy/Ill Manors.


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25 Facts About Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

• January 8, 2015 • Comments (1)

Onoe Caponoe

PRE-ORDER (iTunes) | Voices from Planet Cattele – Onoe Caponoe

PURCHASE | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele CD 

EXCLUSIVE VINYL | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

PREVIOUS | Onoe Caponoe – Space Bitches (Video)

The latest addition to High Focus Records, Onoe Caponoe, delivers his 25 facts about the upcoming album “Voices From Planet Cattele”. As Hip-Hop Kings previously reported, the whole album has been produced by UK Hip-Hop legend Chemo, and is available to pre-order now (links above). Enjoy!

1.The project was started somewhere in between December 2012 and January 2013.
2. The Lap steel slide guitar used in the track ‘Space Jungles of Cattele’ was previously owned for many years by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.
3. The voice on the intro of the album is actually DJ BB.
4. The song ‘Disappearing Jakob’ was a curse and week later I was skateboarding down my road, fucked up on a stone or some shit and fell off n smashed my phone.
5. ‘Space Jungles Of Catelle’ was recorded in my bedroom last minute and it juuuussstttt made it onto the project.
6. ‘Space Bitches’ was written in late 2011.
7. I recorded ‘Space Bitches’ to a random song I wrote it to then Chemo constructed his beat to the accapella.
8. Jehst is actually the Lord of darkness and wrote one of the cleverest blasphemic rap verses ever, casually in under 10 minutes then levitated.
9. I drew all the art work for the bloodclart project ya simi.
10. This project is a turning point in my career and while working on it I have also been pushing and maturing my own sound and working on a number of projects and ideas for future releases.
11. I accidentally took loads of acid after a show then spent the next 3 months spazzing out n nearly didn’t finish the project lol.
12. One of my friends, this dude named Mycro was in the studio with a few of us when we are recording the song ‘Goth Bitches’. I askd him to go in the booth and do some shit for the outro of the song. He did it one take and that’s what we used.
13. I had these samples I had cut out of a film and wanted Chemo to put on a beat so we could put it at the beginning of the song ‘Peace to tha Gods’. He made the beat in front of me straight away in somewhere around 5 minutes.
14. We shot the Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ somewhere farrrrrrrr in Kent.
15. I didn’t realise there were forests like that in Kent, we were driving through these forests with Classic FM on playing the most amazing random music I had never heard before in this place that looked like fucking Canada it was a trip.

Onoe Caponoe - Voices From Planet Cattele

16. The Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ took 3 fullllllllllll days to shoot.
17. Space bitches is actually a continuation of a song i have with Drae Da Skimask called ‘Funky Caterpillar’ on a LP I did in 2012 called ‘Willows Midnight Gallery’.
18. The track called ‘Under The Bridge’ is a true story.
19. I wrote the song ‘Peace To Tha Godz’ cuz I was mad pissed off 1 day about feeling trapped in the city and being surrounded by a lot of stupid mentalities hovering around everywhere.
20. The whole process of the Album was super relaxed and fun as a motherfucker.
21. I defiantly want to work with chemo again on some different crazy shit on a different scale.
22. Goth chicks are hot.
23. Space bitches are not…hahaha nah they are 2.
24. Chemo is a wizard.
25. It was all recorded with good vibes and if u dig it u a cool ass motherfucker, if not beta get to dipping cuz if u don’t trip u aint hip to the game n won’t understand a thang. peeaaaccceeeeeeeeeeee

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25 Facts About Joe Snow – Sense Outer Madness

• November 22, 2014 • Comments (2)

Joe Snow - Sense Outer Madness

PRE-ORDER | Joe Snow – Sense Outer Madness

PREVIOUS | Joe Snow Freerstyle and Interview w/Hip-Hop Kings (2011)

West Yorkshire Hip-Hop artist and Defenders of Style member Joe Snow gives Hip-Hop Kings his 25 facts about the upcoming album “Sense Outer Madness”. Joe Snow’s Sense Outer Madness will be available from the 2nd of December from the download link above.

1. JOE SNOW are actually my initials. After mi mother never fully got over the freedom of the 60’s she named me after every possible father – Joe, Oliver, Elliot, Stephen, Neville, Owen and good old Winston who use to pop round every other Sunday to buy nock off baccy with his 3 legged dog Clyde.

2. Some of the verses from the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ where nearly released 5 years ago on what was going to be my debut solo album. Thank god they weren’t cos the amount of horse tranquilizers I was consuming at that point made me think the title ‘Life In Poetry’ was a good name.

3. Defenders Of Style have a handful of DJ’s on call cos our Original DJ Sirplus keeps running off with the circus.

4. Defenders have a lot of the good Support slots in Leeds, from Master Ace to Immortal Technique and on the 21st of Dec we’ll be supporting Method Man and Redman alongside the Tha Office. Whilst I like to pretend its because of talent its probably more cos I give a cracking foot massage and the promoter T.Green has some proper horrid toes.

5. I once went traveling for a few months. Whilst I was away one of mi house mates brought a random lass back from town. Too drunk to perform he passed out so the lass belled some next random geeza to come round to my yard. My other house mate heard people in my room and knowing I was away he went in to find two random people fucking in my bed. They didn’t tell me till me this till 2 years later.
That has fuck all to do with music like, but still……..

6.The track ‘Thats Life’ from the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ features the singer Cleve Freckleton. Cleve has been making music for decades and is also the father to one of the U.Ks best battle rappers.

7. On the subject of singers, the other singer on the album is Maddie Barber aka Baddy Marber aka EM BIZZLE, She’s referred to in the industry as what is know as a garage sensation.

8. I did a show with one of the U.K’s biggest producer/rappers and he told us Busta Rhymes is actually a homosexual, not sure if I’m avin that en tho.

9. The name for the DS album ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ means ‘Sweet New Style’ in Italian and was the name of a literary movement in the 13th century, To this date no one in Defenders as been known to pronounce it correctly.

10. I have a pal that used to be able to blow smoke out his ear, True Story!!

11. Almost every track recorded for ‘Tha Office vs DS’ mixtape was wrote, written and recorded in Alan Macks house just off Town Street cho. It was easily the most fun I’ve had writing an album. We’d turn up mid day and start drinking hard liquor whilst working on the beat and writing the bars at the same time. For live shows I had to learn every one of my bars again cos I was that pissed when it was recorded it was like someone else had wrote em.

12. The sofa from the video ‘Fish In A Barrel’ was left at the top of the Cow and Calf rocks after filming, it is now used by a homeless dude that claims he is the inventor of the Spork (A spoon shaped fork with a jagged edge for cutting)

13. Sonar Cousin who produced a lot of the ‘Sense Outer Madness’ album got his name off his uncle Sonar who was a B-Boying champion out in South Africa, he was originally going to be called Sonar’s Nephew but Sonar Cousin had more of a ring to it.

14. If you put Lego and Matter in a room together and say a 4 syllable sentence they will then carry on rhyming multis to each other till you feel like killing yoursen. This was proved to be true back in 1963 when a poor monk asked matter to buy him a “Packet of crisps.”

15. Defenders Of Style when abbreviated is D.S NOT D.O.S!!!!!

16. DJ Sirplus once needed a piss on in the middle of a show, so in front of a couple hundred people he whipped his wanger out and pissed in a pint glass. No one noticed!

17. 419 is a code for DS that is so technical I don’t even fully understand it mi sen.

18. I have more hair on my toes than i do on my face.

19. ‘Heroine’ From the album ‘Sense Outer Madness’ is a track comparing the emotions of a relationship to that of a Drug Addiction. Its based on my experiences in a few different relationships all muddled into one, however the Jackie Chan line is specific to one ex where I had to climb out the window and down a drain pipe. she then silently ran up on us and unleashing a Muay Thai fly kick, I was more impressed than mad.

20. After years of getting far too high I don’t actually smoke weed anymore. I still wanted to make a track for my listeners to sit down and get blazed to tho that’s why Mr Nice is on the album. (I had to put this fact in cos mi pal Lang gives us shit about it all’t time)

21. I have a mate that once got so goosed he shat in a bin!

22. In high school Defenders Of Style was originally Sick Syllables (we were only young) when we clocked the logo was SS and decided to change it to DS pretty quickly.

23. Louis Le Prince was the first guy to film some sh*t and he filmed it in Roundhay Park! Also Erasmus Darwin (darwins grandad) clocked onto evolution way before his kids lil nipper and he got all his ideas off a guy called David Hartley who like Alan Mack lived just off Town Street in Armley. LEEDS LEEDS LEEDS!!!

24. Lego is Shit at FIFA

25. The next DS album is gunna be out sometime in 2015 on its guna easy be our best work to date but till then go get yoursen a copy of Sense Outer Madness from the same site!

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25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka – Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet

• November 3, 2014 • Comments (0)

Buggs Tha Rocka

PREVIOUS | Buggs Tha Rocka – Bad Habits

Here is the brand new HHK exclusive with 25 Facts About Buggs Tha Rocka – Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet. The album will be released on the 10th of December 2014 and the iTunes pre-order link will be available soon.

1. For the “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” project I originally did over 40 tracks for it
2. I started the new project after taking a trip to Amsterdam last summer 2013
3. I had to search for Piakahn for a few months to get him to put a verse on “Angel of Death”. Very hard to find the OG !
4. I literally named this project “Scattered Thoughts….” because I had so many different ideas, thoughts and emotions that went into this project
5. The Jake One produced track “Thirsty” was originally a MOOD record that Donte personally gave me for my project after I recorded my verse
6. The artwork on the project has 3 different versions. Whether I ever put them all out is as yet still undetermined.
7. Aida Chakra who is featured on a few records on “Scattered Thoughts….” is a Galaxxy Enterprise member
8. This project was initially gonna be a visual album. No audio, just all visuals made up of video releases
9. I had such a hard time cutting records because of emotional attachment and the long sabbatical from hip hop that I almost put out a double disc mixtape
10. The original title of “Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet” was “Mutant Level II: Rise of the Phoenix”
11. This project had two initial release dates before the official December 10th date
12. The first song recorded for the project was “My$tery” produced by Sal Dali
13. Mac Miller was supposes to be on “Phantom of the Opera ” but we couldn’t make it happen because of my time restrictions to finish the project
14. Talib Kweli was supposes to be on “Religiously ” and “Royalty interlude” but again we couldn’t because of scheduling
15. Donte from MOOD and Mac Miller’s DJ Clockwork were basically the unofficial executive producers for this album
16. In the process of recording songs for the project I linked up with Monopoli Management who helped back and support the project
17. My favorite song of the project would be either “Rapture” or “Against Me”
18. “Until the End” is the first official collaboration between MOOD & me
19. Kanye West’s “Graduation” LP and Talib Kweli x MOOD’s “Doom” LP were big inspirations for this album
20. This is the most comfortable I ever been with a project in full
21. Hi- Tek gave a lot of advice to me which helped shape my project
22. “Electric Eel in a Pool of Catfish” got its title from a quote in a local cafe I go to in Cincinnati called SITWELLS
23. 3 of the tracks were recorded in Amsterdam, the rest at home in Cincinnati where I feel most comfortable song writing
24. In a few records you hear my saying “FREE see Hussell” who is my cousin. He has just recently been released from jail after 2 in a half years in time to witness this project’s release!
25. I plan to set up a tour in Europe as well as the States for this particular project, and feel it will be one of the best new hip hop releases of 2015 even tho it will release a bit before the new year on December 10th

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25 Facts About Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

• October 23, 2014 • Comments (2)

Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

PRE-ORDER | Chemically Imbalanced – Chris Webby

XXL Freshman Chris Webby gives Hip-Hop Kings an exclusive 25 facts about his album “Chemically Imbalanced” which fans from the UK can pre-order from the iTunes link listed above.

-I spent every penny of my recording budget that Eone gave me on creating this project, and then some. I bought no chains, cars, or anything of the sort. We even went over budget a bit to be honest. I truly put my everything into Chemically Imbalanced.. physically, emotionally, and most definitely financially.

-The hook to Let’s Do It Again is an homage to the Jay-Z’s lyrics in “Do It Again.”

-There was originally a bridge after the second verse on the song Set It Off that utilized the melody to the Strafe song with the same title. Unfortunately, due to clearance issues I had to take it out completely. Shout to Michelle Trumpler for singing on that while we were in the studio too tho. Dope engineer, singer, and person in general.

-Me and my in house engineer Juice spent an estimated 35-40 hours working on the 3 interludes on the album. They were like constructing audio movies.. the attention to detail we put in was crazy, but I love how they turned out in the end. Totally worth it.

-My homie Kenny Urban did the beatboxing for all 3 of the interludes in one take each. We may have nudged a couple sections the tiniest bit to keep the tempo 100% perfect, but he didn’t layer any of those crazy sound effects or drum noises. Kid is a beast with the beatbox!

-I had a song called Brim Low on my fourth mix tape back in 2010, which was over the instrumental of the song Blind To You by Collie Buddz. That song was produced by Supa Dups. Then, about 4 years later, I ended up getting in the studio with Supa Dups myself and made a completely new song called Brim Low as a little nod to my past.

-I watched Scott Storch make the beat for the title track, Chemically Imbalanced, when we were together in the studio in Miami. We stayed up working on it until about 11 AM. Probably the coolest studio night I’ve experienced thus far. Scott is insane on the keys, and it was dope as hell watching a genius at work.

-The homie who laid the final mix on all of the tracks is Jeff Edwards, who lives down in ATL. Because we couldn’t be in the same room to go over things, I spent more time on the phone with that dude in the 2-3 months leading up to the release than probably anyone in my life. It was a long, tedious process, but he killed it. That’s the homie for life.

-Day In The Life was originally recorded to a different beat produced by my dude Will Power of SupaHotBeats. When Will sent it back to me after making some changes, it was a totally different song in the best way possible.

-There was an incredible Charlie Chaplin quote at the beginning of the song Stand Up where he spoke about the human races’ lack of compassion to nature and each other, but we had to remove it due to copyright issues.

-My engineer Juice became the character BarsTaLoan, a recurring voice in all three of the interludes, one drunken night in the studio. We were all wasted on cheap wine and he just got in the booth and took on this persona. We laughed all fuckin night. Now we all call him BarsTaLoan too, haha.

-My dad, Dave Webster, played the badass guitar solos in both RAD and Ohh Noo. He also laid some background guitar on the breakdown in Nice 2 Be Back and on the last hook of Stand Up.

-Originally, RyattFienix’s vocals were far more tucked into the audio mix on Day In The Life, but i thought she killed it so I had my engineer bring her voice way more to the forefront in the mix, and gave her the feature credit on the song. She’s the shit, good peoples.

-That’s actually me singing at the end of Brim Low. We were about to wrap the song when my engineer Juice accidentally looped the outro portion of the beat. I was border line blacked out from drinking boxed wine, and I told him to keep it looped while I went into the booth and belted out all those vocals at the end in almost a Janis Joplin-esqe style. I’m definitely going to add that stylistic approach to my music making tool belt going forward.

-I didn’t pay for any features on the album. All of the guest verses all came to be in an organic fashion.

-Grafh was in the studio with me when the song Dopamine was first conceived. I wrote the hook and we laid our verses that night, and then it was months before that song was reproached and sent out to everyone else.

-Jon connor both wrote and recorded his verse to World On Fire when he came through to kick it with me in the studio while he was out east. It took him less than two hours. I can’t remember exactly how long.. that night had to have been about 2 years ago by this point… but it was fast as hell given the complexity of the verse. That man is a beast.

-Sap showed me the beat for So Eazy years ago and said he had sent it to Eminem and was waiting to hear back, but would send it to me if it wasn’t selected. Then he lost the beat, and I pestered him about it for about a year with no luck of him finding it. When he came up to work with me in CT that next year, I told him to reconstruct it right then and there because I had loved the original so much. 48 hours later, So Eazy was more or less done.

-Turnt Up was originally released on 4/20/2013 with a music video me and Dizzy Wright shot in Cali, but was taken down from Youtube due to a sample issue. I liked the song too much to let it slip into obscurity, so I had someone replay the sample and made slight changes to give it the feel of a brand new song.

-It’s hard to say, but I think my favorite song on the project is Stand Up. I feel like it’s important to use the voice I now have to spread awareness and try to make the world a better place in whatever way possible.

-The voice of my manager in the third interlude is actually my manager Dana. The label executive was played by another member of the team, Chris Fury.

-Skrizzly Adams was my main in house engineer until recently when his own solo music career started to take off. He both produced and sang on World On Fire, along with a good handful of my old songs like And The Beat Goes On, Until I Die, and Crashing Down. Great kid, and super talented.

-Opening my email and hearing Tech N9ne’s verse on Ohh Noo for the first time was single handedly one of the coolest moments of my career.

-Me and my homie Lunch Box wrote a few of the hooks featured on the album at Circle House studio in Miami while taking bogie breaks and drinking coffee flavored Monster energy drinks.

-All 3 of the interludes were based on my life. The first couple take place at a house party and on a blunt ride, which were the two most common places for me to break into a freestyle when I was young and on the come-up, many times with my homies beatboxing for me. The final one is in a label office, showing how I learned how to put my years of practice into effect when it really counted. Rapping on the spot and impressing people with freestyles or a hot 16 I had up my sleeve was always my go-to move when I was growing up, and I felt it was important to include that vibe on my debut album.

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25 Facts About Dead Residents – Dead Thy Neighbour

• October 7, 2014 • Comments (0)

Dead Residents - Dead Thy Neighour

DOWNLOAD | Dead Residents – Dead Thy Neighbour

In our popular “25 Facts” series, we have the pleasure of presenting Dead Residents’ “25 Facts About Dead Thy Neighbour” which is the latest project from the duo. Dead Residents (Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson) give us 25 facts about their Dead Thy Neighbour project (see below) which you won’t find anywhere else. Also please support by downloading the album from the links listed above.

1). Junior Disprol’s 7” ‘Fight Club’ and the Fleapit track ‘Mangle to This’ both make reference to ‘Dead Residents’ in the lyrics.
2). Dead Residents was originally Junior Disprol and Mr Matrix. They formed in Bristol in the late 90’s. One track was demo’d ‘Hollow earth Theory’.
3). The second incarnation of Dead Residents was a collection of Bristol freestyle cypher tape sessions Disprol was part of in 2000 -01.
4). Junior Disprol and Chud Jackson were originally in a crew called C75 that they formed together while at school.
5). Dead Thy Neighbour features Fab5Freddy, Donald Sinden, Smiley Culture, Arfon Haines Davies, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Prime Rhyme Masters, Frisky Dingo, and the ‘T’ Scheme Rockers.
6). Dead Residents once had a track greenlit for an Irvine Welsh production which eventually got shelved (the film that is, the track is called *‘Erasertooth’). *Bonus track on their Triple Crown LP download available on their Band Camp page)
7). Track 12 on Dead Thy Neighbour was made on an organ liberated from a local school by Retch of The Bukyak Brothers.
8). Rubbish Song was originally titled ‘Portrait of an Artist through the Contents of His Bin’.
9). Kaleidoscope is based on a true story.
10). Dead Residents are banned from airplay in North and South Korea.
11). Jun Dis and Chud have a big following in Japan as ‘Vanilli Gorilli’ (‘Dead Residents’ in Japanese), having been headline support for a K7 and Bel, Biv, Devoe reunion tour across Japan in 2005.
12). Dead Thy Neighbour should’ve been out ages ago.
13). Dead Thy Neighbour is a useful tool for establishing a series of boundaries between yourself and your neighbours.
14). ‘DTN’ was overseen by Professor X.
15). One of the tracks that didn’t make the final cut of ‘DTN’ was called ‘Fuck Orrf’ which was a track about ‘charity muggers’.
16). Dead Residents isn’t a cult, it’s a registered organisation and it resents the accusation.
17). Dead Thy Neighbour is the perfect accompaniment to a soft candlelit dinner for you and a hostage.
18). Dead Thy Neighbour has got much flava.
19). Dead Residents slept on the floor of a strange room in an odd building after a gig in Hamburg a few years ago. The next day they discovered it was a friend of the promoters’ nans’ room at the residential building she lived (she wasn’t there at the time btw). Hence why they were asked beforehand if they could be quiet overnight…
20). If you don’t like Dead Thy Neighbour you got the vapours.
21). Junior Disprol did music for a Sega Saturn game once.
22). Dead Residents are concerned collectively that they may end up referring to themselves as the Dead Residents in the third person after completing these questions.
23). While typing this up I was watching a Kate Bush documentary on BBC 4.
24). Acid 2, a cracked and corrupted version of Cool Edit Pro, tape decks, a Stylophone, plug ins, various toy keyboards, a stolen organ, coconuts, empty beer bottle, zip scratch and a stranglers thumb were all incorporated into the recording of Dead Thy Neighbour.
25). Dead Residents are currently working on a Junior Disprol solo LP.

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The Doctors Orders Present – DJ Jazzy Jeff and a Rare Warm Up Set

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The Doctors Orders Present DJ Jazzy Jeff


The very popular DJ Jazzy Jeff is back in London on Saturday the 24th October thanks to an ever-present Doctors Orders, who are also giving one lucky an artist a rare opportunity. An upcoming DJ will have the chance to warm up for DJ Jazzy Jeff DJ Mr Thing, DJ MK, Spin Doctor and more, and the winner will be picked by the man himself. Participants must record a Hip-Hop mix between 20-45 minutes long and upload to Mixcloud. Full details can be found on the link above. You can view the official flyer for The Doctors Orders Present – DJ Jazzy Jeff here.

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Soulmate Review

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Previous | Omar Review

By Joe Langham

Soulmate is the feature length debut from Axelle Carolyn. Presented by Neil Marshall, director of the brilliant cult film ‘Dog Soldiers’, Soulmate tells the story of Audrey who has retreated to a fairly isolated Welsh cottage after suffering a personal tragedy. The cottage has a history and a mysterious locked box room from which strange noises come at night. As Audrey seeks to overcome her own grief, she begins to unlock the mysteries enclosed within the cottage and subsequently unravel the grief that shrouds it. The film stars Anna Walton as Audrey and Tom Wisdom as Douglas.

Soulmate is a slow burning and atmospheric film with rich and interesting characters. It has the feel of various films and genres including the chilling classic ‘The Shining’, ‘The Woman in Black’ and classic Gothic horror with a lacing of romance.

At times some of the performances do not do the script justice and can be fairly bland and matter of fact; however films of this type are not generally renowned for their Oscar worthy acting. Anna Walton as Audrey is rather peaks and troughs, but the stand out performance is Tom Wisdom as Douglas. Douglas is a tortured soul and Wisdom plays him brilliantly with an honest and powerful performance.

However, the story is the focal point in Soulmate. Carolyn’s film is wholly story driven with some rich and interesting characters. They are a welcome change from those in similar films, which generally have about as much character as a puddle.

The film is also visually beautiful and the Brecon setting is lovely to look at. Carolyn manages to capture an eerie stillness in the natural setting. The films atmosphere is heightened even more by both the voyeuristic shots which litter the film and the chilling sound of the violin, a haunting sound at the best of times but even more so in the isolated setting.

It does, however, feel as though there is something missing, like a punch has been pulled, and that is because there is. The BBFC deemed the original opening scene too much for this eerie film and thus have dulled the impact of the film. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that rings true here as Audrey’s back-story is only mentioned in conversation during the film and does not have the projected impact that it would had the full edit been passed. It’s a bit like starting a book on chapter two, but only because the reader before you thought chapter one was not suitable and decided to tear it out. For your own benefit of course.

Soulmate is by no means an amazing film but neither is it a bad one. Its bad points do not detract from its good points and overall it is an enjoyable watch. It offers a refreshing take on worn out haunted house/supernatural movies and is a welcome change from the other lame and repetitive films in similar veins. Axelle Carolyn, unsurprising considering her previous written work, also shows promising writing and directing prowess and her future projects are something to look forward too.

Soulmate is out now in the UK on DVD and VoD, available to buy both in store and online, RRP £17.99. Currently available at Soda Pictures and Amazon for much less than the retail price.

Included on the DVD are a director’s commentary along with FrightFest interviews with Anna Walton, Axelle Carolyn and Neil Marshall. There are also two short films: The Last Post and The Halloween Kid. The Halloween Kid is a spooky story about a kid called Henry, a bit of an outcast on every day of the year apart from one: Halloween. It has the feel of something from Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids. The Last Post is a ghost story about unfulfilled and lingering love, a similar field to the main feature.

Check out the trailer for Soulmate below

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