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25 Facts About Invy Da Truth – V.I.C.E

• July 29, 2014 • Comments (0)

25 Facts About Invy Da Truth - V.I.C.E

DOWNLOAD | Invy Da Truth – V.I.C.E

PREVIOUS | Invy Da Truth – Loyalty

Here is the latest Hip-Hop Kings exclusive, this time with Invy Da Truth and his recently released debut album “V.I.C.E”. Invy Da Truth gives us 25 facts about the album that you won’t see anywhere else.

1. V.I.C.E is an acronym for Vast Intoxicating Chemicals Everyday
2. Oldest song is from 2011.
3. Is the second album title selection
4. Has one featured verse (Jamall Bufford)
5. Is executive produced by Chanes
6. Featured 7 Michigan based producers
7. None of the album was made sober
8. I did all my own hooks
9. Five senses was recorded in Arizona produced by Chanes (MI)
10. Big Dawg was record in Michigan produced by Jmatt (AZ).
11. 12 steps used to be 2 songs
12. Drinking alone video has no stunt drinking. All real
13. Big dawg video was shot on the south side of Chicago
14. The producer of Corner Store and lifestyle shot the video for highlight reel
15. Chanes produced a little less than 50 percent of the album
16. Control verses are true stories
17. Binge watching “eastbound and down” with Chanes influenced Kenny Powers
18. The artwork was inspired from the bathroom stall at St. Andrews hall in Detroit
19. Invy’s favorite VICE is lust.
20. Leon speakers sponsored the album
21. First listening of album was done in the sound test room at leon speakers
22. The album is dedicated to my unborn twins
23. I never met 2 producers on the album (Jmatt and Stephan Black 123)
24. The album was recorded with the same mic as Voltron
25. It is a must download!

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Full Cast Revealed for N.W.A Movie – Straight Outta Compton

• June 18, 2014 • Comments (0)

N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton

Arguably one of the most prolific and groundbreaking groups in Hip-Hop history, N.W.A, are being honoured with a brand new movie titled N.W.A – Straight Outta Compton. The title references their debut album released in 1988, and the full cast for the movie has now been revealed. Ice Cube will be played by his son O’Shea Jackson Jr. Dr. Dre will be played by Corey Hawkins and the late Easy-E will be played by Jason Mitchell. The movie will be produced by Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and Easy-E’s widow Tomica Woods-Wright alongside Matt Alvarez. The movie is directed by F. Gary Gray (who worked with Ice Cube on Friday). Look out for more promotion as we lead up to the release date of the N.W.A Movie – Straight Outta Compton.

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Method Man – Tical O: The Prequel (Ten Year Anniversary)

• June 12, 2014 • Comments (0)

Method Man

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The release of Tical O: The Prequel is one that doesn’t sit very well within Method Man’s discography. He’s the first to admit it, quoted “On the third LP, it was suggested to bring in Harve Pierre and P Diddy. Who am I to argue? Puff knows how to sell some records. But that wasn’t the direction to go in, and I know that now.” The statement is probably a relief to most Wu-Tang and Method Man fans who clearly agree with his retrospective views.

In 2004 we saw Tical O: The Prequel hit shelves which ultimately reached number two on the Billboard 200 chart and reached a certified “Gold” status for it’s sales. Nobody faults Method Man for the release but the bitter disappointment was shared, as fans were expecting a better, more polished “Tical 2000: Judgement Day” which boasted an incredible 28 tracks (including skits) and had production mostly by RZA and Wu-Tang Clan members. That rule was only broken for Prince Paul, Havoc (Mobb Deep) and Erick Sermon so nobody complained about that decision either.

Two years later we quickly had a new album titled 4:21: The Day After, which went back to basics (production from RZA, Havoc, Erick Sermon and Scott Storch among others) and guest appearances from Fat Joe, Styles P, Redman and other Wu-Tang affiliates. For true fans you’ll remember the bonus U.K track “O.D”, but although the album didn’t reach the same commercial success (number 8 on the Billboard 200), it was a much preferred album for Method Man fans.

We’re more likely to see Method Man in a movie or a guest feature in 2014, but rumours of an upcoming album (Crystal Meth) this year continue to surface, and of course his work on the one-copy Wu-Tang Clan album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” give fans continual hope of more excellent music from one of the most lyrically and technically astute MC’s in our generation. Look out for Method Man and Redman performing in Croatia at the 2014 Fresh Island Festival in July.

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25 Facts About Skillit – Dirty Laundry Vol.2

• June 12, 2014 • Comments (2)


In continuation of our popular feature “25 Facts”, UK rapper and WWE fan Skillit gives us his “25 Facts About Skillit – Dirty Laundry Vol.2″. Listen to more Skillit on his official SoundCloud Page

1. Dirty laundry vol 2 is the last project from the trilogy that is dirty laundry vol 1(EP) & Skillit bang (LP)
2.That is my waist & crotch on the front cover :)
3. The model on the back cover would not sleep with me
4. 6 tracks of this EP were taking off my new album which will be released this year
5. I recorded this EP in a studio in clapham common
6. The track with Skeptik & loudmouth titled golden anthem was recorded in Skeptik’s studio in hackney east London
7. The title of the track kool aid is inspired by the beat titled kool aid by snakehips there is no reference to kool aid in this song
8. My personal favourite track off this EP is Glorificent
9. I am wearing Pringle boxers on the front cover
10. Pyrobarz, k-nite13 & myself recored the track heroes at 3am in the morning
11. Track 4 here & gone is not about anyone in particular just a concept I believe loud verse might be personal
12.while mixing & mastering this EP I wore aLiverpool top beacuse I believed we will win the league I was wrong
13. At the end of here. & gone there is a hidden track produced by ohbliv
14.the track without you produced by k-nite13 and features my little bro Henry is about our mother who battled with breast cancer she’s fine now
15.the artwork was done by Devinda dgrafiks on twitter he also did the artwork for dirty laundry vol 1 watching the raid while I’m giving you my 25 facts
17. Str8face engineered and mixed this EP
18. My good friend Krimzon from secondary school came through for the vocal choirs for without you
19. There will be no more pics of my self in underwear after this release
20.the last Skeptik swears 11 times on the golden anthem
21. Rick Steiner & Jushin thunder liger are both referenced in my verse on golden anthem there are two wrestlers I loved as a child
22. My diet while making this EP was snacks & chocolate milk
23. The producer beats by Jackie who produced Glorificent I met at size shoe store last year takes me a while to be creative and be happy with my songs
25.dirty laundry vol 2 is a nice hip hop EP that lasts 20 mins and it’s out on the 16th available on ITunes


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Fifa 15 – Official E3 Gameplay Trailer

• June 10, 2014 • Comments (0)

Fifa 2015

PREVIOUS | Drake vs Tim Cahill- Fifa 2014

Football fans around the world were treated to a brand new gameplay trailer for Fifa 15 last night, and with every reason to be excited about it too. Released through the official EA Games YouTube page, the two-minute trailer boasts new moves from the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and more. With glimpses of new skill moves and celebrations, once again EA Games are set to break new records this year when Fifa 15 becomes available to fans. The game will be released on the 23rd September in North America and the 25th September in Europe, on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. You can watch the Fifa 15 – Official E3 Gameplay Trailer below.

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X-Men Days of Future Past Review

• June 6, 2014 • Comments (0)

By Dave Bosworth (@boz_worth)

Previous // Gambit cast in next X-Men // Big Picture: X-Men Days of Future Past

It’s been a long while since I’ve been on the edge of my seat in anticipation at the release of a new movie. This hasn’t actually happened since the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s  Dark Knight Trilogy; The Dark Knight Rises. X-Men Days of Future Past had me on edge, primarily because of X-Men First Class(2011). First Class jumped straight to the front of the X-Men Universe queue ahead of the original X-Men(2000). It did this by creating a story arc beyond what we had spent the last 10 years watching(and by the end, hating) through the introduction of a new cast(McAvoy, Fassbender, Hoult and Lawrence) and director(Matthew Vaughn). With the solid performances provided by this new band of X-Men, some people myself included, forgot about the car crash that was X-Men The Last Stand(2006). Believing that maybe there was a way they could revive the tired, worn out “Beast” and breathe new life into this portion of the, bigger, Marvel Universe. I really do applaud Matthew Vaughn for this, he really did restore faith among the visor-wearing, cutlery-between-knuckles donning public. But how was Vaughn’s 2011 Brit-busting prequel going to be built on? What could Fox build atop the foundations?

A Time Travelling Extravaganza, that’s how!

Using The Last Stand as a basic springboard we jump into a fresh(ish) conflict of mutant/humans relations and how it is a PR nightmare. Essentially, they should come with a Warning label like Gizmo(Gremlins) did: “DO NOT HOUSE OR FEED THE MUTANTS” as we see prisons of mutants. and humans alike, being ushered down galleys and walkways. Some scarred, all helpless.

With the reprisal of fan favourites like Ice-Man, Colossus and the more recent Kitty Pryde getting pushed straight into action, it grips you from the beginning. A brief introduction to the Sentinels making them your new worst nightmare and a depleted X-Men faction sets the dark, ominous tone this movie looks to keep you holding on to.

X-Men Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has learnt from previous lessons in audience understanding and creates a spectacle that traverses 2 timelines centralised around the same subset of characters and manages to make it great to watch! The time travelling timey-wimey mess could easily have died worse than Oberyn in Game Thrones, but he bridged the gap nicely(although don’t expect an explanation to why).

Hats off to Singer also for taking the decision to set the story arc of the movie around the stronger, younger cast. James McAvoy(Filth) particularly delivers a stellar performance of a broken, dejected Charles Xavier. It is a shame that Peter Dinklage(Game of Thrones) isn’t in the forefront more as bitter inventor Bolivar Trask. As he is capable of remarkable storytelling, as seen in hit series Game of Thrones. The lack of strong acting presence and a reluctance to provide a back story to the future war take a little away from the caliber of the movie but not much.

The ending, however, well that is going to be another discussion entirely…..

X-Men Days of Future Past gets a solid 4 out of 5 from me.

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25 Facts About Sage Francis – Copper Gone

• June 5, 2014 • Comments (0)

Sage Francis – Copper Gone

PRE-ORDER | Copper Gone – Sage Francis

PREVIOUS | Sage Francis – Copper Gone Artwork and Track Listing

Following in true tradition for our “25 Facts” series, here is Strange Famous Records’ Sage Francis giving fans 25 Facts about the upcoming album “Copper Gone”.

1. The title for “Copper Gone”, though based on graffiti that’s painted on abandoned buildings in my area, came to me in a dream. In my dream my Grandmother asked me how “Copper Gone” was coming along. I liked the way it sounded when she said it.

2. “Make Em Purr” was written and recorded in on the same night I received the beat. I thought the album was finished before I received that music and it immediately became clear that the album would be incomplete without it.

3. I own two cats. The mom and son. The momma cat is the last thing my dad ever gave to me. He found her on the street but he couldn’t keep her so he asked if I would take her in. Turns out she was pregnant. I ended up keeping the runt but we had to give the rest of the litter away. These two cats have been my life force for the past few years and I wish they were cool with traveling because it really sucks to be away from them.

4. “Grace” is a song that contains lyrics and concepts I’ve collected over the past 10 years. The subject is a conglomerate of many people I’ve known and taken shit from in the past decade. I repeat “This is not a love ballad” a few times throughout the song. That phrasing is in reference to the intro of “Shakiyla” by the Poor Righteous Teachers. Wise Intelligent of PRT says “THIS…is not a love ballad” at the beginning of the song and I’ve always wanted to sample it. A few years ago I asked him if I could sample it and he gave me permission, but once I recorded the song I decided it sounded better being delivered in an understated kind of way.

5. The video for “Grace” was inspired by a Japanese film called “Survive Style 5+.” In the music video there’s a part where a woman straddles me and then slaps/chokes/scratches/punches me. We did about 20 takes. Acting is fun.

6. I basically freestyled the chorus to “Pressure Cooker.” I knew where the words were supposed to be and in which cadence, but I had no idea what I wanted to say. Eventually I found out the phrase “I’ve been busy…doing stuff” to be one of the unintentionally funny things I’ve ever said. And I didn’t even know it was funny until I saw every single one of my friends laugh at that part.

7. A couple of the beats I use on this album were discovered from remix contests we’ve held at Strange Famous Records over the past several years. In fact, a lot of the beat producers on this album were originally discovered through SFR remix contests. Although they’re tedious as all hell, I’ve found remix contests to be a great way of discovering production talent.

8. The entire album was recorded in my house in a studio held together by duct tape and strings. There’s no way of explaining how impossible it was for all of this to get recorded in the time frame that it needed to get done on the equipment that I had at my disposal. But I got it done, goddammit.

9. My original plan was to record this album at the end of 2013. However, I ended up touring Australia in December and then I returned home with pneumonia. Most of the album was recorded with a chest infection which was a painful and difficult process. I had to re-record the vocals many times because of this, but I only had one month to do everything which means I haven’t slept much since February.

10. Reanimator and Alias are the only two producers on this album who also made contributions to my first album, “Personal Journals.” They’re both married, they both have one daughter, they both have office jobs, they both like to cook, they’re both incredibly nice, and they both make me wonder where I went wrong in life. Haha. No, they rule and I’m just realizing right now how similar their lives are.

11. I’ve never had an emcee feature on any of my official albums. The first studio album I recorded was in 1998, so I’ve gone 16 years without having Busta Rhymes feature on any chorus.

12. B. Dolan and Prolyphic are both Rhode Island emcees who are on Strange Famous Records and their vocals are sampled on Copper Gone. It may appear to be self-serving to sample people on my own label, but the only hip-hop I tend to listen these days are SFR songs. When I hear lyrics, a lot of lines stick in my head and I can’t get them out. And then sometimes they work perfectly in the chorus of a song.

13. “Say Uncle” originally had entirely different lyrics. I couldn’t figure out how to be cryptic enough to the point where I wouldn’t be putting someone else on blast, so I decided I’d rather have the song be mainly about me. That way I wouldn’t have to answer questions about the person for the rest of my life. Also, in the second verse, I give a head nod to Eyedea by referencing “Shadows have Shadows” and “Oliver Heart.” When those lyrics came out of the pen I thought it was adequately subtle yet obvious at the same time in a way that he might appreciate. Miss him.

14. “Once Upon a Blood Moon” is about a woman I was with for 6 years. A bulk of that song probably sounds like playful symbolism or use of metaphor, but the lyrics reference literal situations. Some shit you just can’t make up. It took me an incredibly long time to record that song due to my inability to actually say a lot of the lines. I had to separate myself quite a bit from the material in order to deliver it. Now when I play it live it feels like I’m telling someone else’s story which makes things a whole lot easier. That’s the power of putting your life onto page sometimes. I’m not sure if that qualifies as healing or simply numbing oneself, but I’ll take it.

15. When I listen to music for leisure I tend to just listen to piano or ambient stuff. It’s usually material with very simply lyrics or no lyrics at all. Stuff that makes me calm. Something to fall asleep to.

16. The album illustrations were done by Inkymole, the same person who held the “When A Girl Writes Off the World” art gallery show for me in London back in 2006. She also did the illustrations for my Human the Death Dance album.

17. “The Place She Feared Most” was originally titled “Space.” However, since I already had a song called “Grace,” I decided to change the name of the song because I didn’t want to have two songs on the same album with titles that rhymed.

18. The part from “The Place She Feared Most” that made me laugh after writing it is the section where I explain what a phonebook is. I referenced a phonebook and then I realized that some people might not even know what the hell a phonebook is. For the record, it’s basically “a black book for fat fucks who can’t cook.” Which begs the question to the younger generation…”what the fuck is a black book?”

19. My mother was a life guard for a majority of my childhood so she got me swimming at a very young age. The title for “Dead Man’s Float” is based on an actual style of swimming that people are taught to do to conserve energy if they are ever in trouble while in a vast body of water. I wasn’t sure if this was an actual term until I just Googled it right now. Turns out it’s not something I incorrectly remember from my early days (*Phew*).

20. The title for “Over Under” and the inspiration behind it was based on a girl who told me (among many things) to “get over myself.” I’m willing to bet that she has no idea how over myself I actually am.

21. Irena Girlbot did the art design and layout for “Copper Gone.” She laser engraved Inkymole’s “Copper Gone” illustrations into a plexiglass plate and then made a copper relief out of that plate. The album cover is a photo of that copper relief. We then used the plexiglass cliche to do monoprint posters in the kitchen of my home. We’re still trying to perfect that process before making them available to the public. I’ve been working with her on various albums, shirts and website designs since 2004. However, as she lives in Croatia, I only met her briefly while touring through Europe. We’re now touring the world together with her as my VJ. She projects videos that correlate with each song onto the stage. Trying to figure out how to keep her on US soil has proven to be insanely difficult and costly thanks to arbitrary US immigration laws, so I might just have to spend more time in Europe moving forward.

22. Originally I wanted to connect every song in a way where the end of one song would be the beginning of the next song. On some of the songs you’ll notice that the last line of one song rhymes with the first line of the next song. This became a bit messy when I needed to switch the arrangement for the sake of pacing, but I’d like to execute that shit properly one day. And it’ll probably be a in way no one notices so I’m not sure why I obsess over little things like that. Haha. It’s just for me.

23. A song called “Brick by Brick” (prod. by Buddy Peace) was recorded for the album, but we eventually had to leave it off because of a weird clicking sound in the drums that were sampled. It’s a really fun story-style song, but I think it will probably work best on another album or mixtape if I can ever figure out how to recreate it without the weird clicky sound in the drums.

24. Recently a fan from Sweden complained about the song title for “MAINT REQD.” He didn’t understand why I would spell the song in all caps and with weird abbreviations. The song title came from the warning signal on my car’s dashboard that says “MAINT REQD.” It never goes away and every time I drive the car I see it. “MAINT REQD”….that’s how it’s spelled and that’s how I say it in my head.

25. The adlib at the end of “ID Thieves” is 100% authentic and off-the-cuff. Once I was done delivering the verse the extra words just came out of my mouth as I was walking away from the mic. I’m guessing this how ugly my accent always sounds when I’m talking to myself.

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Dipset Member Camron No-Show in London – Rumour of Robbery

• June 3, 2014 • Comments (0)

Camron Robbed in London

Rumours have surfaced tonight following Dipset member Camron’s no show on stage at gig at Kentish Town Forum. Camron has flown over to the U.K for his first show in the capital in ten years, and fans who traveled from all around the U.K were left disappointed when at 10:30pm, it was announced he would not be performing. Fans at the show have rushed the stage in protest and various rumours surrounding the reasons are being circulated on Twitter. Camron was seen sharing a photo with Tim Westwood on Instagram (above) prior to tonight’s show. When we have some more facts we’ll update you as soon as possible. However, we have a fan video taken from @RealLostBoy Instagram page of fans rushing the stage below.

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Fresh Island Hip-Hop Festival 2014 Lineup

• June 1, 2014 • Comments (1)

Fresh Island Hip-Hop Festival

TICKETS | Fresh Island Hip-Hop Festival

As we approach the summer of 2014, music lovers across the world are gearing up to book their flights and accommodation for the festival(s) of their choice. With a lot to choose from, one festival this year particularly stands out in Croatia called the “Fresh Island Hip-Hop Festival”. Taking a look at the lineup it’s easy to see why, fans will be treated with live performances from Rick Ross, DMX, Pusha T and Redman and Method Man among many others. The “New Yorker Main Stage” will be credited this year as one of the most exciting stages containing performances from the aforementioned acts. You can book tickets on the link above, and you can also watch the video for the Fresh Island Hip-Hop Festival 2014 Trailer below.


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25 Facts About Kid Vishis – Timing is Everything

• May 30, 2014 • Comments (0)

Kid Vishis Timing is Everything

PREVIOUS | 25 Facts about Edward Scissortongue – Theremin E.P

Following the success of our “25 Facts” series, we’re delighted to share our second in the series from an American artist, this time from Kid Vishis for his upcoming album “Timing is Everything”. Kid Vishis gives fans 25 facts about the album (kind of) which fans won’t find out about in interviews or online. You can check the previous 25 facts articles on the links above, and look out for plenty of more promotion from Kid Vishis as we lead up to the release of Timing is Everything, which will be available to download from the 22nd July through Seven 13 Entertainment.

1. This album is the beginning of many to come *hint hint* Another album this year
2. Kid Vishis is a big boxing and MMA fan
3. This album is the start of my momentum and the growth of Kid Vishis as a Mc
4. Kid Vishis writes All of Royces lyrics lol!
5. The artwork for T.I.E was done by a genius named Bambo Slice
6. My favorite producer in the rap game gave me two beats for this project (Mr Porter)
7. Chase Moore did like half the album because he is a machine and kept sending heat so I kept killin em
8. I don’t have a best friend, I only hang with my brothers. Mad associates tho lol.
9. The character “Billy Hoyle” from the movie “White Men Cant Jump” is really Toy B from Seven13 Music
10. My brother Royce da 5’9″ is my only feature for the album
11. I think Monster energy should sponsor me
12. My favorite rappers to spar with besides my brother is Horseshoe Gang
13. Nick Zervos from Toronto sent over a few beats but I never got past the first and my intro was born
14. The producer Nemisis is not a person, he is a machine that is programmed to make beats
15. Jon Jones is my favorite MMA fighter and Floyd Mayweather is my favorite boxer even tho Tony B hates on him
16. The only other vocal besides Royce on my album is my wife Lulu Dahl doing background vocals
17. I was liquor free the whole album, I only drank Monster energy drink
18. I thought I would make it to the NBA before I ever picked up a pen
19. I believe Tony B is the young Albert Einstein of our generation
20. I will not be dropping a mixtape, I will be droppin a mix-album, all originals
21. I went to the studio with my brother about two months ago, I saw Eminem and he shook my hand and I have not been able to stop writing since. Smh. I think the big homey gave me power
22. Message to the Mcs ” All you sons of bitches is sons of Vishis”
23. I was and still am to this day addicted to the carrot cake from the restaurant J Alexander
24. If you press play on the first track of my album, you wont skip a track unless youre a chump that is..
25. Without the producers on this album, Royce and Tony B, oh yeah and Eminem’s handshake lol, my powers might not have been heightened to the levels that they are today

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