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J57 – Sample Free Remix EP

• May 26, 2015 • Comments (0)

j57 sample free remix ep

DOWNLOAD | J57 – Sample Free Remix EP

PREVIOUS | Young Planet ft Koncept and J57 – Climb to Power Remix

Brown Bag AllStars rapper/producer J57 returns to Hip-Hop Kings with this new project titled “Sample Free Remix EP”. J57 has had a busy past year, and the Sample Free Remix EP features official remixes for the likes of Pharoahe Monch, Cage, Murs, Torae, Fashawn and Akie Bermiss. J57 has also promised brand new music with every single artist on this project, along with the highly anticipated Fuel E.P with Koncept dropping later this year. You can view the download link and artwork to J57 – Sample Free Remix E.P here.

1. What’s Love (J57 Sample-Free Remix) ft. Torae, Pharoahe Monch, Akie Bermiss
2. The Void (J57 Sample-Free Remix) ft. Cage
3. Whatever It Takes (J57 Sample-Free Remix) ft. DJ JS-1, Murs, Fashawn, Akie Bermiss
4. Matters (J57 Sample-Free Remix) ft. Choosey, Fashawn & Ishe


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Constant Deviants – End All Be All

• May 25, 2015 • Comments (0)

Constant Deviants – Avant Garde

DOWNLOAD | Constant Deviants – End All Be All

EXCLUSIVE | 25 Facts About Constant Deviants – Avant Garde

To celebrate the release of Constant Deviants new album “Avant Garde” we have a new track from the duo titled “End All Be All”. The fourth studio album Avant Garde was made available from the 12th of May 2015 and is available to download from the bandcamp link listed above. During the promotion of the album we’ve seen Constant Deviants release the singles “Thinkin” featuring Rome, and “The Right Moment” as well. Constant Deviants gave Hip-Hop Kings readers an exclusive “25 Facts About Constant Deviants – Avant Garde” which you can also read on the link listed above. You can listen to Constant Deviants – End All Be All on the audio player below.


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The Great and The Magnificent – Animal

• May 23, 2015 • Comments (0)

The Great and The Magnificent - Animal

DOWNLOAD | Animal – EP – The Great & The Magnificent

As a duo, making their debut on Hip-Hop KIngs is “The Great and The Magnificent” with the video to their single “Animal”. I say as a duo, because one member of the group (Baron Von Alias) was featured back in 2011, and his partner in rhyme “The Magnificent MistaBreeze” is introduced to Hip-Hop Kings fans for the first time. Animal has been directed and edited by Steesh, K Richardson, A Breeze and P Burness and production credits go to Sheesh. Animal is taken from The Great and The Magnificennt’s “Animal E.P” whichc also includes a clean/dirty, instrumental version, along with a bonus track titled “Kill or Be Killed”. Fans can download the Animal EP from the iTunes link above, and watch the new video for The Great and The Magnificent – Animal on the YouTube player below.

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Ande Bishop – Ocean$ (Extended Play)

• May 22, 2015 • Comments (0)

Ande Bishop – Ocean$ (Extended Play)

DOWNLOAD | Ocean$ – Ande Bishop

After much anticipation, fans are now free to download Ande Bishop’s album “Ocean$ – Extended Play” from the iTunes link listed above. Ande Bishop has released a series of singles and videos pre-album launch, and also gave Hip-Hop Kings an exclusive 25 Facts About Ande Bishop – Ocean$ (Extended Play) article. Please support Ande Bishop by downloading the new album from the iTunes link above, and check the related links for the singles and videos released before the album launch. You can view the official artwork, track listing and download link to Ande Bishop – Ocean$ (Extended Play) here.

1. O.G. Jaylon
2. Long Week
3. MoneyorFriendz
4. How It Feels
5. OldJayZVideos
6. MoneyorFriendzTwo
7. Roll Credits


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MegaRan ft SkyBlew – OutRun The Sun

• May 21, 2015 • Comments (0)

MegaRan and SkyBlew - Outrun the Sun

PREVIOUS | Random (MegaRan) ft MC Esoteric and Nico The Beast – Dustman 2.0

Making their return to Hip-Hop Kings are MegaRan and SkyBlew with the collaborative track “OutRun The Sun”. Produced by K-Murdock and scratches by DJ Ragz, OutRun The Sun pays tribute to the classic game “Outrun”. Rather than discussing cars, MegaRan and SkyBlew use this opportunity to speak politically and share their thoughts on the injustice across the country. MegaRan has also announced he will be returning to the UK in June and you can view the full list of tour dates below. You can listen to MegaRan ft SkyBlew – OutRun The Sun on the audio player below.

June 10, Surya, London
June 11 Birmingham
June 12 Dublin, Ireland
June 13 Shrewsbury

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Melanin9 (M9) – Martian Dust

• May 20, 2015 • Comments (0)

Melanin9 (M9) - Martian Dust

Triple Darkness member Melanin9 (M9) has released the single “Martian Dust”. Produced by Eets, Martian Dust was uploaded to M9’s official soundcloud page. There’s no official word on a new M9 solo project but fans of TD are expecting a new group album this year (Darker than Black coming September 2015) after a series of statements and posts from the likes of Cyrus Malachi and Braydz. You can listen to Melanin9 (M9) – Martian Dust on the soundcloud player below.

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Invy Da Truth – WCW

• May 19, 2015 • Comments (0)

Invy Da Truth - WCW

PREVIOUS | 25 Facts About Invy Da Truth – V.I.C.E

This is the new single from rapper Invy Da Truth titled “WCW”. Taken as the lead single from his upcoming mixtape “TraPPed”, Invy Da Truth teams up with producer JMatt who has producer credits. The song is a metaphor replacing women with weed (two of Invy’s favourite things). Look out for more promotional material ahead of the release of TraPPEd and you can listen to Invy Da Truth – WCW on the soundcloud player below.


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25 Facts About Lee Scott – Butter Fly

• May 18, 2015 • Comments (0)

Lee Scott - Butter Fly

DOWNLOAD | Butter Fly – Lee Scott


Here are 25 facts about High Focus Records’ Lee Scott – ButterFly album.

1. The first 10 songs on the album were finished early 2014.
2. The last 2 songs were made months later on the same day I made ‘So Cactus So Owl’ which was featured on another album I made called ‘CactusOwlMoonGoat’ produced by Dirty Dike and Molotov.
3. The song ‘Eight O’Clock in The Morning’ is inspired by the short story of the same name written by Ray Nelson,
4. The story was also the inspiration for the movie ‘They Live’ which was the inspiration for my first album ‘Put On The Glasses’.
5. The first 4 bars of ‘Don’t Make Me’ were inspired by a friend of mine from Runcorn.
6. The intro vocals on the intro/title track ‘Butter Fly’ were freestyled on the spot and became the inspiration for the album artwork.
7. The album art was made by Nearski, a very dope English artist based out in Japan.
8. Nearski was also responsible for the artwork to an earlier album I made with Reklews under the Hock Tu Down moniker called ‘Prozium Peddlin’.
9. The name ‘Manatee Rap’ was inspired by the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park because of the randomness of the lyrics due to me freestyling the track together Tony Broke style.
10. It was also originally one big verse. I cut the South Park quotes up later on so people might possibly get the reference, now you will due to me over explaining everything here killing all mystery.
11. The chorus to ‘Manatee Rap’ was just me trying to freestyle some bars together and messing up. I forgot to cut them out when I sent them through to Dike then he pitched them up and turned it into the hook and structured the song around it.
12. Most of the album was recorded in the Blah Mansion in Blackburn.
13. There are no features on the album because fuck features.
14. ‘Everything is Money’ is not about money, it is inspired by the movie swingers in which ‘money’ is used as slang for cool or whatever ie ‘yo, don’t worry man you’re so money right now’. I am saying money isn’t everything, everything is money!
15. ‘Walking The Walk’ is all about a pair of Ellesse trainers I bought on eBay and me walking round in them. That should be obvious as I say that in the track but a lot of people seem to completely miss it.
16. lee wrote a good 60% of Watch TV years ago during the making of an earlier project of mine called ‘Happy Sellout Sh!t’ but I put it to one side as I never really settled on a beat for it until now.
17. The smooth bbuttery electric guitar on ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was played by Chester P’s DJ, JCA.
18. The entire album was produced in a spare room in a pub with a massive hole in the window and mould growing up the collapsing walls.
19. Dike used An MPC1000, a Korg electribe, a Micro Korg, and a record deck to produce the album.
20. When Dike sent Lee the beat to T.V he told me he imagined this exact beat earlier this afternoon and it was meant to be.
21. JCA smoked massive blunts that Dike cant handle, and drank cans of fizzy shit for the entire recording session of his guitar solo feature on “Don’t tell me”
22. Two videos from the project were entirely filmed in the same house. Both were not planned and just kind of happened as a result if drinking.
23. Dirty Dike’s mpc required 2 separate repair jobs while making the album.
24.Dirty Dike and Lee Scott have since become best friends after working on this record
25. Lee Scott has a cat named Jesus and he would often pet him whilst writing lyric raps for the album.

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Sonnyjim and Micall Parknsun – Live @ The Bonanza

• May 17, 2015 • Comments (0)

Sonnyjim and Micall Parknsun - Live @ The Bonanza

DOWNLOAD | Live @ The Bonanza – EP – Sonnyjim

PREVIOUS | Sonnyjim – Royal Flush

UK hip-Hop fans are in for a treat with a brand new collaborative EP between Sonnyjim and Micall Parknsun titled “Live @ The Bonanza”. Entirely produced by Micall Parknsun and mixed by Chemo and Jehst, the four track E.P can be downloaded from Sonnyjim’s bandcamp page and the iTunes links which are listed above. If that wasn’t enough, guest appearances come from Joker Starr and Jyager and we have a video for the title track which you can watch on the YouTube player below.

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WhiteOwl ft SergeBoogie, Stress and WannSklobi – Koufax

• May 16, 2015 • Comments (0)


DOWNLOAD | WhiteOwl – Higher Intelligence 

Making their debut on Hip-Hop Kings is WhiteOwl, SergeBoogie, Stress and WannSklobi with their collaborative effort “Koufax”. Uploaded to WhiteOwl’s official soundcloud page, the single has cuts by FredOnes and producer credits go to WannSklobi. We aren’t sure at the moment if the MC’s featured will be working on future projects together but make sure you follow them on their respective Twitter accounts for updated information. You can listen to WhiteOwl ft SergeBoogie, Stress and WannSklobi – Koufax on the soundcloud player below.

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