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Knightstalker Knighttime Album Re-Release

• January 10, 2017
Knightstalker Knighttime Album

Knightstalker Knighttime Album

Due to label issues, the Knightstalker Knighttime Album hasn’t been available digitally in over 4 years. Today we’ve got the permission to share the re-release on Knightstalker’s bandcamp page.

We blogged the Knightstalker “Kinfluences” single on Hip-Hop Kings, and now the full 17 track album is available to download from bandcamp. As a treat to fans there are 4 bonus tracks on the re-release. Guest appearances include the likes of Reef The Lost Cauze (Army of the Pharoahs) and Armageddon (Terror Squad) among others. Production comes from Nefew (you’ll know the name as the duo have been featured on Hip-Hop Kings previously), and a range of european producers as well. I’ve posted the official artwork, download link, and track listing for Knightstalker’s Knighttime album here.

1. Knighttime
2. Paid To Lose (feat. Nefew & Souleez)
3. End Of The Tunnel
4. Tigerclaw (feat. Kinetic aka Beretta 9)
5. Late Knight Show
6. Lost Children (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze)
7. Opening Move (Remix) (feat. Armageddon)
8. I’m The Opposition
9. If I Were You
10. False Accusations
11. Born 2 Style
12. The Seriousness (feat. Rasco)
13. Lost Children (Remix) (feat. Reef The Lost Cauze, Antihelden, Liquit Walker & Hammer & Zirkel)
Bonus Tracks:
14. Freedom
15. Kinfluences (feat. KC Da Rookee & Kinzmania [Pure G.O.D. Manifested & P.O.T.])
16. Countdown (Remix)
17. The Great Beyond (Remix) (feat. Apaulo Treed)

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Afroman Happy to be Alive New Album

• May 27, 2016
Afroman Happy to be Alive

Afroman Happy to be Alive

We all know and love Afroman from the infamous single “Because I Got High” that dropped what feels like an eternity ago (it was actually 2000). We’ve now received the news that Afroman Happy to be Alive is the brand new album from Afroman which is available now.

It’s been a while since Afroman has been in the spotlight, there was an unfortunate incident which saw a video go viral of Afroman punching a female fan on stage. Since then Afroman apologised and continued working on creating brand new music. Afroman Happy to be Alive is the latest offering, that is available to download on iTunes and Cleopatra. The 14 track album features no guest appearances (all Afroman!) and we have posted the official artwork, track listing and download links here. We also had the pleasure of hosting an exclusive Afroman track “Selling Yayo” which does not feature on the album. Make sure you check that out by listening on the YouTube player below.

1. Keep On Hustling
2. Happy To Be Alive
3. Smokin’ Hay
4. High On The Highway
5. Taking Over
6. Whatever
7. Beat Of Life
8. Weed Life
9. Humpin’
10. Because I Got High
11. Palmdale
12. She Won’t Let Me Fuck
13. Crazy Rap
14. Christmas Time

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Sofa King and Big Toast SYKTA

• May 27, 2016
Sofa King and Big Toast SYKTA

Sofa King and Big Toast SYKTA

This is the new project from Sofa King and Big Toast titled “SYKTA”. Sofa King and Big Toast SYKTA (Save Yourself Kill Them All) is available to purchase for just £4.00 from Revorg and is the latest offering from the rapper/producer duo.

The seven track EP features collaborations with the likes of Jack Diggs, Strange Neighbour (Foxtons), Ogre Drool (Babies) and Greg Blackman, Gee Bag and Skrabl on (Mind Wars). There’s also a 35% discount if you head across to the Revorg Records bandcamp page, if you download the 9 releases which include EP’s and albums from the likes of Mysdiggi, Cappo, DJ Downstroke and more from Big Toast and Sofa King.

I have posted the official artwork and track listing for Sofa King and Big Toast SYKTA here, please make sure you download and support. You can also follow Sofa King (@Sofa_King_LDN) and Big Toast (@BigToastTPS) on Twitter for their latest music updates.

1. Intro
2. Science Bitch
3. Live Beige
4. Foxtons (ft Jack Diggs & Strange Neighbour)
5. Babies (ft Ogre Drool)
6. Mind Wars (ft Greg Blackman, Gee Bag & Skrabl)
7. Save Yourself Kill Them All

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25 Facts About Lee Scott – Butter Fly

• May 18, 2015 • Comments (1)

Lee Scott - Butter Fly

DOWNLOAD | Butter Fly – Lee Scott


Here are 25 facts about High Focus Records’ Lee Scott – ButterFly album.

1. The first 10 songs on the album were finished early 2014.
2. The last 2 songs were made months later on the same day I made ‘So Cactus So Owl’ which was featured on another album I made called ‘CactusOwlMoonGoat’ produced by Dirty Dike and Molotov.
3. The song ‘Eight O’Clock in The Morning’ is inspired by the short story of the same name written by Ray Nelson,
4. The story was also the inspiration for the movie ‘They Live’ which was the inspiration for my first album ‘Put On The Glasses’.
5. The first 4 bars of ‘Don’t Make Me’ were inspired by a friend of mine from Runcorn.
6. The intro vocals on the intro/title track ‘Butter Fly’ were freestyled on the spot and became the inspiration for the album artwork.
7. The album art was made by Nearski, a very dope English artist based out in Japan.
8. Nearski was also responsible for the artwork to an earlier album I made with Reklews under the Hock Tu Down moniker called ‘Prozium Peddlin’.
9. The name ‘Manatee Rap’ was inspired by the Cartoon Wars episodes of South Park because of the randomness of the lyrics due to me freestyling the track together Tony Broke style.
10. It was also originally one big verse. I cut the South Park quotes up later on so people might possibly get the reference, now you will due to me over explaining everything here killing all mystery.
11. The chorus to ‘Manatee Rap’ was just me trying to freestyle some bars together and messing up. I forgot to cut them out when I sent them through to Dike then he pitched them up and turned it into the hook and structured the song around it.
12. Most of the album was recorded in the Blah Mansion in Blackburn.
13. There are no features on the album because fuck features.
14. ‘Everything is Money’ is not about money, it is inspired by the movie swingers in which ‘money’ is used as slang for cool or whatever ie ‘yo, don’t worry man you’re so money right now’. I am saying money isn’t everything, everything is money!
15. ‘Walking The Walk’ is all about a pair of Ellesse trainers I bought on eBay and me walking round in them. That should be obvious as I say that in the track but a lot of people seem to completely miss it.
16. lee wrote a good 60% of Watch TV years ago during the making of an earlier project of mine called ‘Happy Sellout Sh!t’ but I put it to one side as I never really settled on a beat for it until now.
17. The smooth bbuttery electric guitar on ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was played by Chester P’s DJ, JCA.
18. The entire album was produced in a spare room in a pub with a massive hole in the window and mould growing up the collapsing walls.
19. Dike used An MPC1000, a Korg electribe, a Micro Korg, and a record deck to produce the album.
20. When Dike sent Lee the beat to T.V he told me he imagined this exact beat earlier this afternoon and it was meant to be.
21. JCA smoked massive blunts that Dike cant handle, and drank cans of fizzy shit for the entire recording session of his guitar solo feature on “Don’t tell me”
22. Two videos from the project were entirely filmed in the same house. Both were not planned and just kind of happened as a result if drinking.
23. Dirty Dike’s mpc required 2 separate repair jobs while making the album.
24.Dirty Dike and Lee Scott have since become best friends after working on this record
25. Lee Scott has a cat named Jesus and he would often pet him whilst writing lyric raps for the album.

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Hilltop Hoods – Walking Under Stars

• August 11, 2014 • Comments (2)

walking under stars

Written by Adam Darbyshire

The Hoods are back with yet another explosive album, a perfect second part to their previous album ‘Drinking From The Sun’.

A few of their tracks have a more poppy vibe than their back catalogue but this isn’t something to shy away from, it works perfectly with the feel of the album and personally I think it shows the growth of this hip hop trio as they have moved through almost a decade of music now, with their first studio album ‘Hard Road’ released way back in 2006, that’s not giving any discredit to previous work they have released beforehand.

Half the album has some funky bass beats, which has led the track to build in quite an upbeat manner leaving a good chorus; either from the Hoods voices or from feature artists such as Maverick Sabre, showing the Hoods aren’t just keeping things local this time, travelling all the way across the world to record with the UK artist. You can see the second single release, and one of my favourite tracks, ‘Won’t Let You Down’ in the Youtube player below. In fact I liked this song so much that it was the second dance at my wedding recently and the first one to get everyone involved in, seeing the older generations trying to understand why they are hearing a rapper at a wedding reception, why these rappers sounds Australian, and why they still love the track is still up there in wedding memories for me.

My personal favourite is ‘Cosby Sweater’ which has a great buzz about the track with some quick lines from both Pressure and Suffa and a strong chorus courtesy of  Dan Sultan which can keep the general fans loving the track instead of just those that appreciate a good rhyming verse. Another funky beat that’s worth noting is the beat behind ‘Rumble, Young Man Rumble’ which has a mix of speedy vocals to accompany the faintly distorted guitar chords that snap in and out of the record.

Hilltop have also taken this album as an opportunity to send out clear messages to both the fans, and more specific people, for example there is a song called ‘Through The Dark’ which holds a lovely piano melody and a slow paced drum beat, to which Pressure pours his soul in a very moving message to his son who has been in and out of hospital from a very young age. It is a truly perfect piece of music and sets an image very clearly in your head that I imagine everyone who hears it will take a second afterwards to contemplate everything mentioned in the song. It really does convey real life, which is something the Hoods wanted to show in this album in particular.

My favourite sample used on the album would have to be the space invaders sound which can be heard faintly at the end of the song ‘Walking Under Stars’, its gems like this that add to  songs and show how the Hoods go the extra mile for the perfect record.

If for whatever reason you aren’t aware of the Hilltop Hoods yet they are definitely worth checking out and fully provide something for everyone, this album would be a good place to start for any new fan and a definite need for any hip hop fan to have in their catalogue.

Also keep your eyes peeled here at  HHK for the interview we managed to get with Hilltop when they were in London earlier this year.

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Omar Review

• June 28, 2014 • Comments (46)




Previous | Pantani Review

By Joe Langham

Omar is directed by HanyAbu-Assad, whose previous directorial credits include films such as Paradise Now and The Courier. It is a brutal story of love and betrayal doubling as a steadily paced thriller, set in Palestine. We see the film open with Omar scaling a giant wall which the purpose of, we discover, is to visit the object of his affection. At first this seems merely metaphorical; a titanic obstacle to overcome in order to win her heart, but its political relevance becomes more prevalent as the film progresses. The wall, which oppresses and imprisons the Palestinians within its boundaries, is seen vividly looming over the characters in many shots, a big reminder to the audience of the cause of many of Omar’s and his friends’ problems and thus the course of action that they take. A series of events lead to his life coming crashing down around him and makes the wall between him and Nadia seem the least of his problems.

Omar is a mere bread maker by day but a freedom fighter at night, who is portrayed by Adam Bakri. He wishes for Palestinian freedom from Israeli oppression along with his friends and fellow freedom fighters. Amjad is Omar’s friend and is played by Samer Bisharat. The trio of main characters is completed by Tarek played by Iyad Hoorani.

Bakri brilliantly plays the interesting and conflicted Omar. The believability of his performance makes it seem like he is acting out personal experiences rather than imagined ones from the script. This may be true however as many of the cast and also the director come from backgrounds that are not too dissimilar to those portrayed in the film. Bakri convincingly and consistently offers an array of emotions throughout the film from joy to anger to poignancy. It is hard to not become involved both intellectually and emotionally when such a powerful story is played out so well. His ability to cover such a spectrum in his performance shows just what a talented and promising actor he is and I look forward to seeing future work from him.

Amjad is a good friend of Omar and a rather quirky character overall. Whilst being a bit slow, I believe he is also described as such in the film, this does not detract from his performance. Often characters that are intended to be humorous have their performances lost in the comedy therefore making it hard to appreciate the more serious side to them; however Samer Bisharat finds a great balance between the two. His Marlon Brando expressions and strange stories offer some humorous relief to a serious and gripping story.

Finally, Leem Lubany plays Nadia who is Omar’s love interest. Nadia is another great character although she is one of the weaker ones overall. When compared to Bakri however, this is no insult. At times she seems rather naive for such a smart girl and it is hard to know whether to feel sorry for her or annoyed at her. Omar and Nadia have a heart-warming, almost childlike romance that is hard not to smile it. At times it seems as if they actually are infatuated with each other which speaks volumes of their performance. Omar’s dedication to Nadia is shown through the fact he regularly risks his life to visit her, and shows that the things you care most about in life are worth fighting for.

Despite the cast having no major acting experience, they offer performances that would be worthily attributed to any award-winning and established actor or actress. This is shown by the fact that the film was nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category and scooped several other wins including the Special Jury Prize at Cannes. The brilliant Adam Bakri was also nominated for a best actor award. Abu-Assad states his reason for picking people with little to no film experience was to try and get an air of realism and he well and truly succeeded.

Omar is a deep and thought provoking film that is to be admired. Acting and storyline take precedence over spectacle and result in an intriguing and hard hitting film.

Omar is out now in selected cinemas, distributed by Soda Pictures in the UK.

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Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist Review

• May 26, 2014 • Comments (0)

Previous | The Patrol Review

By Joe Langham | @J0eLang92

This year marks 10 years since one of the most talented cyclists of recent times, Marco Pantani, tragically passed away. However, he managed to complete some amazing achievements in his short life that have ensured his name is carved into sporting history books for many years to come.

Many cycling fans will have noticed this year’s Giro d’Italia is a little different, what with an especially gruelling climb that has been specially selected for the route this year as well as some symbolic summit finishes. Those who know of Pantani will know that these types of climbs were his forte and so will understand the significance of these locations, which are: Monte Carpegna, Oropa and Montecampione. Monte Carpegna was one of Pantani’s favourite training climb with the latter marking the locations of his two most famous victories.

In 1998 Marco Pantani, the most flamboyant and popular cyclist of his era, won both the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. This Herculean feat of physical and mental endurance has never since been repeated. During a time when doping scandals threatened to destroy a sport adored by many, Pantani offered hope to millions and was seen as a saviour. However, this heroism was short lived as merely six years later; the young Pantani was found dead in a cheap Italian hotel, apparently from acute cocaine poisoning, at the young age of 34.

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist is a unique and compelling story of one man taking on the mountains, an athlete’s battle against addiction, set against the dramatic and beautiful background of the Alps during the Tour de France.

Pantani’s life is retold both personally and professionally predominantly through his mother and Sir Bradley Wiggins. Other contributors include fellow cyclists and competitors such as Greg LeMond and Piotr Ugrumov. The stories told by these people will put you on an emotional rollercoaster, with tales to make you laugh, cry, be amazed and shocked and everything in-between.

These recollections of his life are illustrated with some beautiful scenery which offers a romanticised vision of what life on the road must be like for the athletes during long distance races such as the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia. Some of the landscape shots are utterly stunning, leaving you fighting back the urge to get on your bike and visit some of the locations in which the film was shot.

Pantanti offers a great insight into the life of a legend, from his childhood up until his last months on earth and will intrigue not just cycling fans and enthusiasts but those not interested in the sport too.

Pantani: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist is directed by Emmy-nominated film-maker James Erskine, whose work includes One Night in Turin (2010), From the Ashes (2011) as well as numerous episodes of hit TV dramas including Torchwood, Robin Hood and Waterloo Road. 

PANTANI: The Accidental Death of a Cyclist is out now, released in the UK by Soda Pictures. A New Black Films production in association with 4 Rights and Media Squared Films.

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Atmosphere – Southsiders

• May 11, 2014 • Comments (1)


written by Adam Darbyshire

DOWNLOAD | Southsiders (Deluxe Version) – Atmosphere

When I heard of another album coming out of Rhymesayers Entertainment I was very keen to see which artist it was from, seeing as they have so many good, yet lesser known, artists on their label. Upon finding out it was Atmosphere bringing out a new tape I couldn’t wait to give it a listen and drop this review.

Atmosphere has been a group I’ve listened to for a good decade now and this album, although showing progress (mainly in the sound quality of the newer albums), it is still the same sound as it was back then. Don’t get me wrong with that, I am extremely happy that another album has come out where the artist has stuck to their roots and continued on the path they have calved out for themselves all those years before.

The instrumentals on this album are something that is also quite incredible, for example Camera Thief (viewable in the Youtube player below) has a mad sound, something like a guitar that has been ran through a synth and then further produced to come up with that sound, a stroke of genius on their part for sure.

I do hope a tour comes from this album and that these guys get more popular outside of America, because they do truly deserve this recognition.

If you like hip hop with abstract yet thought out rhymes , original yet chilled beats, and tracks that you can listen to over and over realising possible meanings you didn’t realise were there before you definitely need to give these guys a listen.

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The Patrol Review

• May 6, 2014 • Comments (0)

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by Joe Langham | @JoeLang92

Written and directed by ex-Army officer Tom Petch, The Patrol takes a piercing look at the conflict in Afghanistan through the eyes of a British Army patrol.

If you are looking for an action-packed and glamorised war film full of explosions, heroism and valiancy then you will not find that in The Patrol. What you will get is an honest portrayal of the war in Afghanistan that leaves you wondering whether there is any point in the war in the first place.

The Patrol has the feel of a documentary and that is not really surprising since the film was created from real accounts of British Army experiences in Afghanistan. The Patrol seems as though the in-film patrol are being followed by a cameraman. This naturalistic feel is most likely down to Petch’s painstaking research that went into the films creation. He researched everything from the tactics used in the specific war, the weaponry and other equipment and even the language used by the soldiers there.

The film is highly political, taking an anti Afghan war standpoint, and particularly puts forward the question of the role of the British soldiers out there. The army patrol is left isolated and out of the loop throughout the film, without support from the US Army. They are left fighting blindly whilst coming under periodical attack from an unseen enemy and even ‘friendly’ troops.

The combination of a short supply of poor equipment and a lack of purpose cause morale to plummet and tempers to fray as the film progresses and the frustrations of the patrol are brilliantly evoked throughout.

The film has a small but talented cast which includes Nav Sidhu (Edge of Heaven) as Smudge, Daniel Fraser (Lab Rats, Scar Tissue) as Lieutenant Jonathan Bradshaw and Nicholas Beveney (Funland) as Sergeant ‘Sol’ Campbell to name but a few. The cast have varied acting experience, yet this is not evident and each character puts in a performance as good as one another. They succeed at playing believable characters with refined performances.

The Patrol is a personal portrayal of war coming from someone who knows it best: a soldier. Tom Petch’s feature film debut is a brave but brilliant one. The films 80 minute run time is more than enough to get its message across and will stick in your mind for much longer.

The Patrol is out now on DVD, RRP £17.99, or currently a £9 bargain online at Amazon.

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Brick Mansions Official Trailer

• February 14, 2014 • Comments (0)

Brick Mansions

Brick Mansions Facebook | Brick Mansions Twitter

The HHK team are excited for the release of Brick Mansions, which features the late Paul walker and Wu-Tang Clan member RZA. Based in Detroit, Brick Mansions is a block which has physically been contained by the police due to the violence and crime. Damien Collier (Paul Walker) teams up with Lino (David Belle) to infiltrate the area. Tremaine (RZA) kidnaps Lino’s girlfriend and it all gets messy from there. You can watch the Brick Mansions Official Trailer below.

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