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The Four Owls ft DJ Premier – Think Twice

• January 21, 2015 • Comments (0)

The Four Owls and DJ Premier - Think Twice

PRE-ORDER | Natural Order – The Four Owls

PREVIOUS | The Four Owls – Silent Flight

A collaboration of ground breaking proportions has resulted in a brand new video from The Four Owls and DJ Premier for their track “Think Twice”. The Four Owls are arguably the most relevant and followed UK Hip-Hop group of our generation, and their work with Premo has solidified their name as UK pioneers. The Four Owls are preparing to release their upcoming album “Natural Order” and are about to embark on a UK tour (full list below). You can watch The Four Owls ft DJ Premier – Think Twice on the YouTube player below.

February 3 – Thekla, Bristol – Tickets:
February 4 – Rescue Rooms, Nottingham – Tickets:
February 5 – Concorde 2, Brighton – Tickets:
February 6 – The Deaf Institute, Manchester – Tickets:
February 7 – The Faversham, Leeds – Tickets:

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The Four Owls – Silent Flight

• January 13, 2015 • Comments (0)

The Four Owls - Silent Flight

DOWNLOAD | The Four Owls – Silent Flight 

Taken from their forthcoming album “Natural Order”, The Four Owls have released a track for fans titled “Silent Flight”. The likes of Leaf Dog, Verb T, BVA and Fliptrix combine and give fans further reasoning to be excited for the release of the album. The Four Owls will be touring the UK in February to support the release of the album, with the list of dates and cities below. The Four Owls will be joined by Edward Scissortongue, Onoe Caponoe, Ocean Wisdom, DJ Madnice and DJ BB with local support. You can download The Four Owls – Silent Flight from the link listed above and listen to The Four Owls – Silent Flight on the audio player below.

03.02.15 – Bristol (Thekla)
04.02.15 – Nottingham (Rescue Rooms)
05.02.15 – Brighton (Concorde 2)
06.02.15 – Manchester (IXIV Nine Four)
07.02.15 – Leeds (The Faversham)

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25 Facts About Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

• January 8, 2015 • Comments (0)

Onoe Caponoe

PRE-ORDER (iTunes) | Voices from Planet Cattele – Onoe Caponoe

PURCHASE | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele CD 

EXCLUSIVE VINYL | Onoe Caponoe – Voices From Planet Cattele

PREVIOUS | Onoe Caponoe – Space Bitches (Video)

The latest addition to High Focus Records, Onoe Caponoe, delivers his 25 facts about the upcoming album “Voices From Planet Cattele”. As Hip-Hop Kings previously reported, the whole album has been produced by UK Hip-Hop legend Chemo, and is available to pre-order now (links above). Enjoy!

1.The project was started somewhere in between December 2012 and January 2013.
2. The Lap steel slide guitar used in the track ‘Space Jungles of Cattele’ was previously owned for many years by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.
3. The voice on the intro of the album is actually DJ BB.
4. The song ‘Disappearing Jakob’ was a curse and week later I was skateboarding down my road, fucked up on a stone or some shit and fell off n smashed my phone.
5. ‘Space Jungles Of Catelle’ was recorded in my bedroom last minute and it juuuussstttt made it onto the project.
6. ‘Space Bitches’ was written in late 2011.
7. I recorded ‘Space Bitches’ to a random song I wrote it to then Chemo constructed his beat to the accapella.
8. Jehst is actually the Lord of darkness and wrote one of the cleverest blasphemic rap verses ever, casually in under 10 minutes then levitated.
9. I drew all the art work for the bloodclart project ya simi.
10. This project is a turning point in my career and while working on it I have also been pushing and maturing my own sound and working on a number of projects and ideas for future releases.
11. I accidentally took loads of acid after a show then spent the next 3 months spazzing out n nearly didn’t finish the project lol.
12. One of my friends, this dude named Mycro was in the studio with a few of us when we are recording the song ‘Goth Bitches’. I askd him to go in the booth and do some shit for the outro of the song. He did it one take and that’s what we used.
13. I had these samples I had cut out of a film and wanted Chemo to put on a beat so we could put it at the beginning of the song ‘Peace to tha Gods’. He made the beat in front of me straight away in somewhere around 5 minutes.
14. We shot the Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ somewhere farrrrrrrr in Kent.
15. I didn’t realise there were forests like that in Kent, we were driving through these forests with Classic FM on playing the most amazing random music I had never heard before in this place that looked like fucking Canada it was a trip.

Onoe Caponoe - Voices From Planet Cattele

16. The Video for ‘Horse In The Hill (Quadrant)’ took 3 fullllllllllll days to shoot.
17. Space bitches is actually a continuation of a song i have with Drae Da Skimask called ‘Funky Caterpillar’ on a LP I did in 2012 called ‘Willows Midnight Gallery’.
18. The track called ‘Under The Bridge’ is a true story.
19. I wrote the song ‘Peace To Tha Godz’ cuz I was mad pissed off 1 day about feeling trapped in the city and being surrounded by a lot of stupid mentalities hovering around everywhere.
20. The whole process of the Album was super relaxed and fun as a motherfucker.
21. I defiantly want to work with chemo again on some different crazy shit on a different scale.
22. Goth chicks are hot.
23. Space bitches are not…hahaha nah they are 2.
24. Chemo is a wizard.
25. It was all recorded with good vibes and if u dig it u a cool ass motherfucker, if not beta get to dipping cuz if u don’t trip u aint hip to the game n won’t understand a thang. peeaaaccceeeeeeeeeeee

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Onoe Caponoe – Space Bitches

• December 27, 2014 • Comments (1)

Onoe Caponoe - Voices From Planet Catelle

DOWNLOAD | Space Bitches – Single – Onoe Caponoe

Making his debut on Hip-Hop Kings, and on the High Focus Records label is UK based rapper Onoe Caponoe with the video for his single “Space Bitches”. High Focus recently announced that Onoe Caponoe was the latest addition to their roster, and Space Bitches is the first offering to fans. Space Bitches is taken from the upcoming album “Voices From Planet Catelle” which has been entirely produced by Chemo, and also featured UK Hip-Hop legend Jehst. Fans can download “Voices From Planet Catelle” on the 28th of January 2015, and also download Space Bitches from the iTunes link listed above now. You can watch Onoe Caponoe – Space Bitches on the YouTube player below.


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Four Owls Announce New Album Natural Order Along with UK Tour

• December 13, 2014 • Comments (0)

The Four Owls - Natural Order

PREVIOUS | Fliptrix – Polyhymnia

DOWNLOAD | Nature’s Greatest Mystery – The Four Owls

RELATED | Jam Baxter – …So We Ate Them Whole

Arguably the most talented and appreciated UK Hip-Hop crew “The Four Owls” have announced they’ll be dropping a brand new album early 2015 titled “Natural Order.” The likes of Leaf Dog, Fliptrix, Verb T and BVA have once again joined forces and will follow-up the album release with a five-city UK tour which includes Bristol, Nottingham, Brighton, Manchester and Leeds, from the 3rd to the 7th of February. The Four Owls have also announced (confirmed by HHK) that DJ Premier will be featuring on the new album, and I would encourage you to look out for more surprises ahead of the album drop. You can view the official tour flyer for The Four OWls – Natural Order tour here.

DJ Premier Twitter

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J57 – Heisenberg Blue

• December 12, 2014 • Comments (0)

J57 - Heisenberg Blue

PREVIOUS | F.Virtue ft J57 and Rasheed Chappell – Elite Status Remix

As we prepare for the upcoming free E.P from J57 titled “0057: FlaskLIFE” we have the second official single from the project titled “Heisenberg Blue”. As Breaking Bad fans may realise, the title is inspired by the popular TV series and J57 is quoted saying “I really felt it embodied all the emotions throughout the series and figured it was only right to name it something assosiated with it”. We’ll be posting more promotion ahead of the release of 0057: FlaskLIFE and feel free to check out the previous J57 works in the Hip-Hop Kings archives. You can view the official artwork and listen to J57 – Heisenberg Blue on the soundcloud player below.


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Manage (Caxton Press) Previews the Hard Water E.P

• December 3, 2014 • Comments (0)

Manage - Hard Water E.P

PRE-ORDER | Hard Water – EP – Manage

PREVIOUS | Manage ft Skirmish – Hold You Down

One member of the UK group Caxton Press (Manage) has revealed a preview of his upcoming E.P “Hard Water” where fans can listen on soundcloud. Also available to pre-order (iTunes link above), Manage will be releasing the E.P on the 14th of December 2014 via Fatback Records and collaborations include fellow Caxton Press MC Amy True. Please support by pre-ordering from the link listed above and you can listen to the Hard Water E.P preview below.

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25 Facts About Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

• October 23, 2014 • Comments (2)

Chris Webby – Chemically Imbalanced

PRE-ORDER | Chemically Imbalanced – Chris Webby

XXL Freshman Chris Webby gives Hip-Hop Kings an exclusive 25 facts about his album “Chemically Imbalanced” which fans from the UK can pre-order from the iTunes link listed above.

-I spent every penny of my recording budget that Eone gave me on creating this project, and then some. I bought no chains, cars, or anything of the sort. We even went over budget a bit to be honest. I truly put my everything into Chemically Imbalanced.. physically, emotionally, and most definitely financially.

-The hook to Let’s Do It Again is an homage to the Jay-Z’s lyrics in “Do It Again.”

-There was originally a bridge after the second verse on the song Set It Off that utilized the melody to the Strafe song with the same title. Unfortunately, due to clearance issues I had to take it out completely. Shout to Michelle Trumpler for singing on that while we were in the studio too tho. Dope engineer, singer, and person in general.

-Me and my in house engineer Juice spent an estimated 35-40 hours working on the 3 interludes on the album. They were like constructing audio movies.. the attention to detail we put in was crazy, but I love how they turned out in the end. Totally worth it.

-My homie Kenny Urban did the beatboxing for all 3 of the interludes in one take each. We may have nudged a couple sections the tiniest bit to keep the tempo 100% perfect, but he didn’t layer any of those crazy sound effects or drum noises. Kid is a beast with the beatbox!

-I had a song called Brim Low on my fourth mix tape back in 2010, which was over the instrumental of the song Blind To You by Collie Buddz. That song was produced by Supa Dups. Then, about 4 years later, I ended up getting in the studio with Supa Dups myself and made a completely new song called Brim Low as a little nod to my past.

-I watched Scott Storch make the beat for the title track, Chemically Imbalanced, when we were together in the studio in Miami. We stayed up working on it until about 11 AM. Probably the coolest studio night I’ve experienced thus far. Scott is insane on the keys, and it was dope as hell watching a genius at work.

-The homie who laid the final mix on all of the tracks is Jeff Edwards, who lives down in ATL. Because we couldn’t be in the same room to go over things, I spent more time on the phone with that dude in the 2-3 months leading up to the release than probably anyone in my life. It was a long, tedious process, but he killed it. That’s the homie for life.

-Day In The Life was originally recorded to a different beat produced by my dude Will Power of SupaHotBeats. When Will sent it back to me after making some changes, it was a totally different song in the best way possible.

-There was an incredible Charlie Chaplin quote at the beginning of the song Stand Up where he spoke about the human races’ lack of compassion to nature and each other, but we had to remove it due to copyright issues.

-My engineer Juice became the character BarsTaLoan, a recurring voice in all three of the interludes, one drunken night in the studio. We were all wasted on cheap wine and he just got in the booth and took on this persona. We laughed all fuckin night. Now we all call him BarsTaLoan too, haha.

-My dad, Dave Webster, played the badass guitar solos in both RAD and Ohh Noo. He also laid some background guitar on the breakdown in Nice 2 Be Back and on the last hook of Stand Up.

-Originally, RyattFienix’s vocals were far more tucked into the audio mix on Day In The Life, but i thought she killed it so I had my engineer bring her voice way more to the forefront in the mix, and gave her the feature credit on the song. She’s the shit, good peoples.

-That’s actually me singing at the end of Brim Low. We were about to wrap the song when my engineer Juice accidentally looped the outro portion of the beat. I was border line blacked out from drinking boxed wine, and I told him to keep it looped while I went into the booth and belted out all those vocals at the end in almost a Janis Joplin-esqe style. I’m definitely going to add that stylistic approach to my music making tool belt going forward.

-I didn’t pay for any features on the album. All of the guest verses all came to be in an organic fashion.

-Grafh was in the studio with me when the song Dopamine was first conceived. I wrote the hook and we laid our verses that night, and then it was months before that song was reproached and sent out to everyone else.

-Jon connor both wrote and recorded his verse to World On Fire when he came through to kick it with me in the studio while he was out east. It took him less than two hours. I can’t remember exactly how long.. that night had to have been about 2 years ago by this point… but it was fast as hell given the complexity of the verse. That man is a beast.

-Sap showed me the beat for So Eazy years ago and said he had sent it to Eminem and was waiting to hear back, but would send it to me if it wasn’t selected. Then he lost the beat, and I pestered him about it for about a year with no luck of him finding it. When he came up to work with me in CT that next year, I told him to reconstruct it right then and there because I had loved the original so much. 48 hours later, So Eazy was more or less done.

-Turnt Up was originally released on 4/20/2013 with a music video me and Dizzy Wright shot in Cali, but was taken down from Youtube due to a sample issue. I liked the song too much to let it slip into obscurity, so I had someone replay the sample and made slight changes to give it the feel of a brand new song.

-It’s hard to say, but I think my favorite song on the project is Stand Up. I feel like it’s important to use the voice I now have to spread awareness and try to make the world a better place in whatever way possible.

-The voice of my manager in the third interlude is actually my manager Dana. The label executive was played by another member of the team, Chris Fury.

-Skrizzly Adams was my main in house engineer until recently when his own solo music career started to take off. He both produced and sang on World On Fire, along with a good handful of my old songs like And The Beat Goes On, Until I Die, and Crashing Down. Great kid, and super talented.

-Opening my email and hearing Tech N9ne’s verse on Ohh Noo for the first time was single handedly one of the coolest moments of my career.

-Me and my homie Lunch Box wrote a few of the hooks featured on the album at Circle House studio in Miami while taking bogie breaks and drinking coffee flavored Monster energy drinks.

-All 3 of the interludes were based on my life. The first couple take place at a house party and on a blunt ride, which were the two most common places for me to break into a freestyle when I was young and on the come-up, many times with my homies beatboxing for me. The final one is in a label office, showing how I learned how to put my years of practice into effect when it really counted. Rapping on the spot and impressing people with freestyles or a hot 16 I had up my sleeve was always my go-to move when I was growing up, and I felt it was important to include that vibe on my debut album.

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Hilltop Hoods – Walking Under Stars

• August 11, 2014 • Comments (2)

walking under stars

Written by Adam Darbyshire

The Hoods are back with yet another explosive album, a perfect second part to their previous album ‘Drinking From The Sun’.

A few of their tracks have a more poppy vibe than their back catalogue but this isn’t something to shy away from, it works perfectly with the feel of the album and personally I think it shows the growth of this hip hop trio as they have moved through almost a decade of music now, with their first studio album ‘Hard Road’ released way back in 2006, that’s not giving any discredit to previous work they have released beforehand.

Half the album has some funky bass beats, which has led the track to build in quite an upbeat manner leaving a good chorus; either from the Hoods voices or from feature artists such as Maverick Sabre, showing the Hoods aren’t just keeping things local this time, travelling all the way across the world to record with the UK artist. You can see the second single release, and one of my favourite tracks, ‘Won’t Let You Down’ in the Youtube player below. In fact I liked this song so much that it was the second dance at my wedding recently and the first one to get everyone involved in, seeing the older generations trying to understand why they are hearing a rapper at a wedding reception, why these rappers sounds Australian, and why they still love the track is still up there in wedding memories for me.

My personal favourite is ‘Cosby Sweater’ which has a great buzz about the track with some quick lines from both Pressure and Suffa and a strong chorus courtesy of  Dan Sultan which can keep the general fans loving the track instead of just those that appreciate a good rhyming verse. Another funky beat that’s worth noting is the beat behind ‘Rumble, Young Man Rumble’ which has a mix of speedy vocals to accompany the faintly distorted guitar chords that snap in and out of the record.

Hilltop have also taken this album as an opportunity to send out clear messages to both the fans, and more specific people, for example there is a song called ‘Through The Dark’ which holds a lovely piano melody and a slow paced drum beat, to which Pressure pours his soul in a very moving message to his son who has been in and out of hospital from a very young age. It is a truly perfect piece of music and sets an image very clearly in your head that I imagine everyone who hears it will take a second afterwards to contemplate everything mentioned in the song. It really does convey real life, which is something the Hoods wanted to show in this album in particular.

My favourite sample used on the album would have to be the space invaders sound which can be heard faintly at the end of the song ‘Walking Under Stars’, its gems like this that add to  songs and show how the Hoods go the extra mile for the perfect record.

If for whatever reason you aren’t aware of the Hilltop Hoods yet they are definitely worth checking out and fully provide something for everyone, this album would be a good place to start for any new fan and a definite need for any hip hop fan to have in their catalogue.

Also keep your eyes peeled here at  HHK for the interview we managed to get with Hilltop when they were in London earlier this year.

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WWE 2k15 – Career and Story Mode Revealed

• August 4, 2014 • Comments (0)

WWE 2K15

In an exclusive feature with IGN, we’ve been given some information regarding the new WWE 2K15 game. There’s the inevitable 30 Years of Wrestlemania campaign mode which is a very introspective story than recent editions. 2K haven’t announced which rivalries will be featured but we’re sure to see appearances from the likes of The Undertaker, Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels, The Rock and many more. MyCareer will give fans the ability to have your own character go through various historical events which will emulate the NBA 2K14 career mode. Look out for plenty of more updates from WWE 2K15 in the very near future.

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