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The NorthaZe – Acme Creek

• April 14, 2015 • Comments (0)

The NorthaZe Hifi Club

FACEBOOK | The NorthaZe @ The Hifi Club – Leeds

DOWNLOAD | The NorthaZe – Outset

Brand new video from The NorthaZe for their single “Acme Creek” has once again exceeded expectations both audibly and visually. With credits going to Oliver Brian Productions, The NorthaZe release another track following the release of “Outset” which can still be downloaded from the link listed above. The NorthaZe have also confirmed their first gig of 2015, which will be at The Hifi Club supporting People Under the Stairs. The official flyer for the event and the Facebook event link can be seen above. You can watch the new video for The NorthaZe – Acme Creek on the YouTube player below.


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Cold Fusion – The Elixir

• April 12, 2015 • Comments (0)

Cold Fusion - The Elixir

DOWNLOAD | Cold Fusion – The Elixir

This is the brand new album from Cold Fusion (Ray Vendetta and Cyrus Malachi) titled “The Elixir”. Production credits go to HellzEcho (7th Dan and RingZ oV satuN) and Hip-Hop Kings readers will be familiar with all four names as part of the Triple Darnkess crew. The album is available to download now from the bandcamp listed above for just £7.99, and the 14 track album also contains features from Evil Ed, Iron Braydz and Tesla’s Ghost among others. Cyrus Malachi has also announced that fans can look out for a new Triple Darnkess album “Darker Than Black” available in September 2015. You can view the official artwork and download link for Cold Fusion- The Elixir here.

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Eskar – Zip It Shut

• April 12, 2015 • Comments (0)

Eskar - Zip It Shut

DOWNLOAD | Eskar – Zip It Shut

West Yorkshire based Hip-Hop artist Eskar presents his album “Zip It Shut” which fans can download from the bandcamp link above. Eskar released a series of promotional tracks prior to the album release, including 3310 which featured Defenders of Style and DJ esSDee. The 17-track album features other guest appearances and production, notably an inclusion from the highly talented Irn Mnky on the single “Opposition Remix”. You can view the official artwork for Eskar – Zip It Shut above, and watch the video for 3310 below.


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Ande Bishop – MoneyOrFriendz

• April 4, 2015 • Comments (1)

ande bishop

Producer-turned-rapper Ande Bishop has started 2015 in excellent fashion with the release of his new video “MoneyOrFriendz”. The Alabama-based musician received a massive response to the previously released “50 Centences” and also “$77.43″ and MoneyOrFriendz is the follow-up to his previous releases. Ande Bishop also announced that the recording process is complete for his upcoming E.P “Ocean$ – Extended Play” which will be available to fans from the 19th of May 2015. You can watch the brand new video from Ande Bishop – MoneyOrFriendz on the YouTube player below.


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Kritikal Powers – Envy

• April 4, 2015 • Comments (0)

Kritikal Powers

Making his debut on Hip-Hop Kings is York-based rapper Kritikal Powers with the video for his single “Envy”. The single has been announced as the first from the forthcoming E.P “Liberation” which will be available to download later this year. Fans can pre-order the single Envy from the 8th of April, and will be released on all digital formats on the 22nd of April. Credits go to Aspire Movement in association with Inspired Youth & MediaTerraNea for the visuals, which were shot in Greece. You can watch Kritikal Powers – Envy on the YouTube player below.


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THTC Announces Lineup For Fundraiser Event

• April 3, 2015 • Comments (0)

THTC Fundraising Event



If you’ve ever needed an excuse to get to a UKHH event and support, this is it. Many of Hip-Hop Kings’ readers will be familiar with THTC (The Hemp Trading Company) who have been involved in the British music scene for years (they founded in 1991). A recent devastating fire destroyed ten years worth of their t-shirt screens and THTC have announced the lineup for a fundraiser event to recover some of the damages.

The evebt will be held at Brixton Electric on Friday 1st May, and will feature artists involved in the Hip-Hop, Reggae, Drum and Bass and Jungle scene. Familiar names include Orifice Vulgatron (Foreign Beggars), DJ Skitz and ASM (A State of Mind) among others. UK Hip-Hop legend Mysdiggi (aka Mystro) will be hosting the event along with Bass6 from The Beatbox Collective. Fans will also be treated to a live performance from THTC B-Boys and B-Girls. Lastly, the event will be filmed and streamed live by TheTrailerTV.

200 early bird tickets will be available from £10.00 and in true THTC fashion, a percentage of profits will go to charity. Fans can purchase tickets from the links listed above, along with the official Facebook Event Page.


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25 Facts About Constant Deviants – Avant Garde

• March 31, 2015 • Comments (0)

Constant Deviants

This is an exclusive 25 facts article about Constant Deviants album “Avant Garde”. You won’t find this information anywhere else. Please remember to download Constant Deviant’s album “Avant Garde” on the iTunes from the 12th of May 2015.

1. DJ Cutt likes to be alone when he makes beats
2. M.I. recorded 4 different albums in 2014
3. SIX2SIX was originally just a term M.I. used to describe his grind
4. DJ Cutt does everything on the production side – beats, cuts and mixing for all Constant Deviants projects
5. Avant Garde was originally going to be a double CD with 2 totally different sounds on each one
6. M.I. prefers to write to the actual beat he is recording a track to.
7. For Avant Garde, M.I. recorded his own vocals for the entire album
8. The artwork for the album cover was designed by a friend in Switzerland called Teymor Azzam
9. This album will be followed by a new EP and another album close behind it
10. DJ Cutt and M.I. feel as the years have gone by, experience means each new album gets easier to make great
11. The duo don’t like much outside input on their music during the writing and recording process
12. M.I. hasn’t once had writer’s block since 1996 !
13. Constant Deviants future plans include creating and developing new sounds that reshape hip hop
14. For Avant Garde, DJ Cutt spent a lot of his time sourcing unusual samples to use in the beats
15. Making sure the album was mixed a certain way and had a special and specific sound actually took more time than the creative and recording process
16. Constant Deviants recorded their first demo on a 4 track live with one traxck for vocals and one for cuts. It meant if there was a mistake they had to start all over again.
17. By comparison, their second demo was recorded in a multi million dollar studio where DJ Cutt worked in NYC.
18. Their first record deal was with Vestry Records who were actually also based in the same building where DJ worked.
19. The group have never given up the publishing rights to any of their music
20. In 1996, Constant Deviants’ entourage bumrushed the radio station at Columbia University and attempted to give Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito their demo. They were told to send it in two weeks later, and when they did, a couple of their tracks were played. It felt like the dream had come true and to this day people know the name Constant Deviants because their music was played on this legendary show!
21. Throughout all the years, the duo have rarely had many features on their albums, but prefer to keep it consistent predominantly as a dupo format.
22. Constant Deviants are also part of a larger crew that goes by the name of Global Platoon
23. One Speaker Supreme is an original member of Constant Deviants, and regarded by M.I. as the one who taught him how to Emcee.
24. DJ Cutt still has his original Technique 1200s
25. M.I.C. was M.I.’S original name (Mic’s Illest Controller) shortened to M.I. which became Mr Impossible over the years. He still uses both names

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Action Bronson Announces Mr Wonderful UK Tour

• March 30, 2015 • Comments (0)

Action Bronson - Mr Wonderful

DOWNLOAD | Mr. Wonderful – Action Bronson

TICKETS | Action Bronson – Mr Wonderful UK Tour

Following the release of his latest album “Mr Wonderful”, Action Bronson has announced a new UK tour which will see him return to this side of the pond in September 2015. The five major cities for the tour are London, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol, and Action Bronson is poised to play music from his new album Mr Wonderful along with some older classics as well. Fans can download Action Bronson’s Mr Wonderful from the iTunes link listed above, and fans can get ready to purchase tickets from Friday 3rd April from the ticket link above as well. You can watch Action Bronson ft Chance the Rapper – Baby Blue on the YouTube player below.

Sunday 13th September – Roadhouse (London)
Tuesday 15th September – o2 ABC Glasgow)
Wednesday 16th September – The Ritz (Manchester)
Friday 18th September – The Institute (Birmingham)
Saturday 19th September – o2 Academy 1 (Bristol)


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Rewd Adams – Hunger Pains 2 Mixtape Launch Party

• March 18, 2015 • Comments (0)

Rewd Adams - Hunger Pains 2 Mixtape


UK Hip-Hop artist Rewd Adams will be celebrating the release of his upcoming mixtape “Hunger Pains 2″ with a mixtape launch party at Art Fix. Blatantly Blunt in conjunction with Chop Shop will also feature performances from Parallax, Kayo Ken (Kings of the City), Kid Bookie, DJ 210 and DJ Philly, and the event will be FREE on Friday 27th March. You can view the event flyer above, the official Facebook event page on the link above, and watch our throwback interviews with Rewd Adams and Kayo Ken below.

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Choosey – Matters (J57 Remix)

• March 18, 2015 • Comments (0)

Choosey - Left Field

DOWNLOAD | Choosey – Left Field

As he embarks on SXSW with his partner in rhyme Koncept, J57 hit me up with the new single from Choosey titled “Matters”. J57 has done a remix to the track, which is featured on Choosey’s debut release “Left Field” which is available as a free download from the link listed above. Other MC’s featured include Fashawn and Ishe who lend their vocals for the remix. You can listen to Choosey – Matters (J57 Remix) on the soundcloud player below.

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