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eLZhi Announces New Album G.L.O.W Through Kickstarter Project

• November 6, 2013 • Comments (1)


KICKSTARTER | Back eLZhi’s Upcoming Album “G.L.O.W”

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Following the release of the critically-acclaimed dedication CD “ELmatic”, eLZhi has finally announced the details for his next solo album “G.L.O.W”. The album however will be funded through Kickstarter, a project where fans can invest a varied amount of money to claim different rewards for backing the project. In the promotional video (below) eLZhi confirms he’s turned down album deals as he’s not prepared to scarfice the integrity and creative control of his music – something eLZhi fans will be delighted to hear. Fans can receive anything from the artwork early ($1) to paying $10,000+ for exclusive album shoutout’s and special parties thrown by eLZhi. You can view the kickstarter project above, however you can view the eLZhi – G.L.O.W promotional video below.

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Jack Flash – RapperTag #30

• November 6, 2013 • Comments (0)

DOWNLOAD | Jack Flash and Wizard – Progression

Previous | Minas – Rappertag #29

One of my favourite UK rappers, Huddersfield-based Jack Flash is the latest UK Hip-Hop artist to grace the RapperTag platform at #30. Tagged in by Minas, Jack Flash once again displays why he’s considered one of the best conceptual, and lyrical artists within the UK Hip-Hop scene. With a beautiful piano backing, Jack Flash completes his three-minute performance in style and tags in WY legend Chief Wigz. You can watch Jack Flash – RapperTag #30 on the YouTube player below.

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Darkim be Allah – Deserted Blocks

• November 5, 2013 • Comments (1)

DOWNLOAD | Live at the Lab: Part 2

Making his debut with HHKMag is Fame Labs artist “Darkim be Allah” with the single “Deserted Blocks”. The video is for the single which is featured on Fame Labs – Live at the Lab: Take 2 E.P which is now available to download from the link listed above. Deserted Blocks features Master K-Bar and Ill Flows. Look out for more music from the Fame Labs crew in the very near future along with an exclusive Darkim be Allah interview with HHKMag, however in the meantime you can watch Darkim be Allah – Deserted Blocks on the YouTube player below.

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Louis Logic – A Day Late And a Dollar Short

• November 5, 2013 • Comments (0)

Louis Logic

Previous | 2010 HHK Interview with Louis Logic Part 1 and Part 2


Following a seven-year “absence” from the limelight, creative artist Louis Logic returns with a brand new single titled “A Day Late And a Dollar Short” along with the news of an upcoming album. Louis Logic will be releasing “Look on the Blight Side” via label Fake Four. The release date is the 12th November 2013 and the lead single A Day Late And a Dollar Short has been produced by Louis Logic himself, and the reception from the album party at Glasslands was nothing but excellent. The likes of J57, F Virtue and J-Zone were all in attendance and publicly praised the album and evening on Twitter. You can pre-order Louis Logic – Look on the Blight Side from the link above, however you can listen to Louis Logic – A Date Late And a Dollar Short on the audio player below.

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Just P – Twisted

• November 5, 2013 • Comments (0)

Previous | Just P – My Bars on His Beats

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Here is the latest video from UK Hip-Hop artist and Black Budget owner “Just P” for his Haloween-themed single “twisted”. The video sees Just P battle with demons which turns into a graphic, blood-soaked mess and is a perfect fit for the time of year. Twisted will be featured on Just P’s forthcoming mixtape “Try and Stop Me” which features production from German producer Politiks. You can watch Just P – Twisted on the YouTube player below.

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J Matrix – Patience

• November 5, 2013 • Comments (0)

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A member of the EandDaniels collective J Matrix presents the video for his single “Patience” exclusively through the EandDaniels YouTube Channel. Credits go to AMS who directed the video, and J Matrix is quickly receiving official co-signs from the likes of Tony D and of course his peers within the EandDaniels crew as one of the best UK MC’s in the country. You can watch the J Matrix – Patience video on the YouTube player below.

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Hip-Hop Horrors

• November 4, 2013 • Comments (0)

Written by David Bosworth

Previous | Who Will Be The New Batman?

Now is the time for the relative masses to don attire that they consider scary, but sexy enough that they’ll pull but not get humped to death by an unsightly zombie. Yes townsfolk, it’s Halloween. Or as we at HHK HQ like to refer to it ‘HHKalloween’…yes, terrible I know. To cover this years fright fest we thought we’d delight and fright(en) you with a shortlist of the superior and the sinister Hip Hop Horrors (Hurray!).

1. Seed of Chucky(2004) with Redman



2. Bones(2001) with Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg

3. Halloween: Resurrection(2002) with Busta Rhymes


Busta Rhymes

4. Leprechaun in the Hood(2000) with Ice-T


Ice T

5. Tales from the Hood(1995)


Tales From The Hood

Remember folks, if you get laid on Halloween, wear a mask and have protection, like a machete or something! What else should be included in the Hip-Hop Horror’s list? Tweet us @HHKMag 

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Vinnie Paz – Carry On Tradition

• October 29, 2013 • Comments (0)

Vinnie Paz - Carry on Tradition

Download | Vinnie Paz – Vinnie Paz – Carry on Tradition

Previous | Vinnie Paz – Is Happiness Just a Word?

Written by Adam Darbyshire

As has become a custom in my calendar Vinnie Paz has graced us with his presence as we enter the winter period, although this year in a different form than his usually tour with either Jedi Mind Tricks, Ill Bill, Demigodz or Army Of The Pharaohs, in 2013 he has treated the world to a solo mixtape ‘Carry On Tradition’ which dropped last night.

As always this mixtape is packed with the gritty beats and rhymes we are used to, it does not disappoint. Alongside the defined style of beats the Heavy Metal King has adopted as his own there is a cold tale to half the songs on this tape which not only hook you from a musical perspective but for the story they tell.

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True Tiger and Big Narstie – Baracuda

• October 29, 2013 • Comments (1)

True Tiger and Big Narstie - Hello, Hi

Pre-Order | True Tiger and Big Narstie – Hello, Hi E.P

Previous | Big Narstie Answers Most Fucked Up Uncle Pain Question

PLAY | True Tiger and Big Narstie – Baracuda

U.K Grime artist Big Narstie has teamed up with True Tiger for a collaborative single titled “Baracuda”. Logan Sama has premiered the track which is now available from True Tiger’s soundcloud page (link above). Fans of True Tiger and Big Narstie will be delighted to hear the two forces have teamed up for a joint E.P called “Hello, Hi” which will be available to download from 3rd November 2013. Look out for a HHK exclusive Big Narstie video dropping at 3pm today, and you can also pre-order True Tiger and Big Narstie’s “Hello, Hi” E.P from the link above. In the meantime you can listen to True Tiger and Big Narstie – Baracuda on the soundcloud player below.

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Papoose – Rap God

• October 29, 2013 • Comments (0)

DOWNLOAD | Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe EX)

Previous | Papoose – Control (Kendrick Lamar Response)

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Following the release of Eminem’s “Rap God”, New York based Papoose has released his own version of the track over the original instrumental. Papoose previously responded to Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Control” and has also received mixed reviews since Rap God leaked less than 24 hours ago. Papoose has announced that Rap God will be available on his mixtape “Hoodie Season” Make sure you check out Eminem’s Rap God and pre-order MMLP2 from the links listed above, however you can listen to Papoose – Rap God on the YouTube player below.

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