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25 Facts on Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given

• August 3, 2017

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not Given 25 Facts

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given 25 Facts

It’s that time again, and Tone Chop and Frost Gamble are the 1st ever artists to give us two sets of 25 facts. Respect is Earned Not Given is the upcoming album, and here are 25 facts about the project. Enjoy.

PRE-ORDER | Respect is Earned Not Given

1. Chop had the title ‘Respect is Earned Not Given’ in mind for about a year prior. “I feel like you should have to earn your respect on the mic lyrically. Rappers got it too easy these days because of social media and whatnot.”
2. It was always a dream of Chop’s to do a song with Kool G. Rap. “I feel so blessed Frost made it happen. Walk the Walk featuring Kool G. Rap is out now and is catching fire as we speak!”
3. One of Chop’s favorite tracks on the album is ‘Beat Knocking’. “It’s simple and catchy but still dope lyrically and the beat makes me wanna keep writing verses to it.”
4. We both stepped our game up on this album. As much as we love the Veteran EP, this project is just better in all areas.
5. Chop wrote the album intro using ALL of the song titles from the 2016 Veteran EP.
6. “Inspiration” and “It’s Hip Hop” lyrics were actually written to Jay-Z‘s “Momma Loves Me” instrumental, then sent to Frost. He produced a whole new beat for each, gave them the final touches needed, and I think they both came out great.

Tone Chop - Respect is Earned Not Given

Tone Chop – Respect is Earned Not Given

7. DJ Waxamillion – who does the cuts on “Slow Flow” – has been a friend of ours for over 30 years and has been DJing in upstate NY that whole time.
8. If Chop could be anything else in the world, he would be a superhero… to save Hip Hop from the terrible state it’s currently in !
9. Bigga Haitian – featured on World Struggle – is a pioneer and legend of the Haitian reggae scene. Wyclef Jean cites him as an influence, and it was an honor to get him on this album.
10. “Bing Stories” is based on true events. “Bing” is short for Binghamton, NY – our hometown.
11. Frost began working with Tragedy Khadafi in 2016, for his forthcoming compilation project “I Missed My Bus” – which led to his feature on “Here I Go”. Now, Tragedy and Frost are working on a full album together.
12. White Rhino, featured on “Guillotine Chop”, is an up-and-coming Canadian MC who Frost has been mentoring for some time. Look for more collaborations in the future!
13. “Guillotine Chop” is also the 1st time that we have worked with Planet Asia, but not the last!

Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not given

Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not given

14. “See You Again” is also a true story of a beautiful life lost, one that was very personal and difficult for Chop to share.
15. “Get Beat Down” was made to be fight music, listen to it if you need to get pumped up before a challenge!
16. Respect Is Earned Not Given’s release is the first time that our physical CDs will be sold through global distribution. Cop one!
17. The samples used on the album were drawn from a wide variety of genres – soul, funk, r&b, prog rock, jazz and more were all incorporated.
18. Chop is known as “The Bing King”, for being a pioneer and legend in the upstate NY Hip Hop scene for three decades.
19. We have an animated video for “Bing Stories” that will drop in a few weeks – shout to Dion Johnson who did an amazing job with it.
20. The album cover is a digital photo (by Brett Enquist) of a canvas painted by Winnipeg graffiti OG Zed-One.

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble - Respect is Earned Not Given

Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Respect is Earned Not Given

21. Chop & Frost recorded nearly 30 songs in preparation for this album, then selected the best and most cohesive for the final 14. We are very proud of what we turned in!
22. DNA, the world’s most viewed battle rapper, is featured on “In the Streets” – a reflection on how battle rap has changed over the years. DNA has rhymed on a few Tone Chop beats before (yes, Chop makes beats too!)
23. The Veteran EP was Chop & Frost’s first release to achieve international and satellite radio spins.
24. Chop, Frost, ZotheJerk and White Rhino are casually known as “the Nostalgia Clic”, for focusing on the traditional elements of Hip Hop and lyricism.
25. Hip Hop Kings has been a great supporter of Chop & Frost – and we appreciate it very much!!

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25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

• July 17, 2017
ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

ExP RemarkableUnremarkable

West Yorkshire rapper ExP has just released his latest album RemarkableUnremarkable. Make sure you download from Bandcamp (HERE). You can read the 25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable below.

1) 90% of the album was recorded sitting down

2) Track 3 “Sex Panther” had a verse cut cos I was just rambling about misogyny in rap a bit too much

3) Track 8 “The Brain” was a beat I originally recorded and filmed WY MC Sandy Minto for a studio promo vid but then decided I wanted to use it instead.

4) …same for Track 9 “We Don’t Do That” but swap Sandy Minto with Eskar!!!

5) I wrote about 8 or 9 verses for Track 14 “We Can Do It Together” before settling on those 4. It nearly went a very different direction indeed…!

6) I wrote Track 6 “Meh” for a laugh in 2011 and did the video with Paul Cockcroft in about half an hour. I had to re-record the whole thing as I couldn’t successfully splice “2017” into the date bit…

7) There are 31 verses on this album

8) There’s a bonus track on the cd and digital (but not vinyl) which is a reprise of Track 7 “Trivia

9) Most of this album was written on a Monday night between 11pm and 3am

10) The house in the artwork originally had solar panels on but after a legal battle with mis-sold panels from a dodgy company I had them removed from my real house AND the artwork house.

11) The artist, Martin Lovegrove, also did the artwork for Tough Crowd’s 7″ “Manners”

12) I drew my original idea for the artwork on MS Paint

13) There’s a version of the artwork where “Unremarkable” is mirrored so as to actually look like it was reflected in water but it didn’t look right

14) I sampled John Travolta for Track 11 “Ode to the Internet”



15) I was going to work with a photographer to recreate the artwork but we didn’t bother.

16) The photograph used in the booklet was just the photographer (Kate Love) getting a few initial shots to test the light. The rest were taken in front of speed camera signs but weren’t required in the end.

17) I got the booklets printed by a different company than the people who did the CD to save cash cos I’m tight

18) This is my second album and my first for 11 years. The first is fucking awful.

19) Chief Wigz was one of the first people to hear this album in full. Followed by Lunar C and Hashfinger.

20) Steve Ling did a great guitar riff on Track 11 “Ode To The Internet” but I had to remove it as it messed with the rhythm of the vocal…

21) The speed camera logo throughout the artwork can be see on the artwork for Flame Griller albums I and II

22) I think the “remarkable” version of me in the artwork looks nowt like me and the “unremarkable” is bob on which says a lot

23) There is a version of the artwork with a pink limo outside the “Cream” club

24) Track 10 “Stick in the Mud” (the next single) was produced at a much slower speed and it was an accident I recorded it as “fast” as it is. Tried to redo it at original speed and it sounded crap.

25) Track 14 has made a few people cry. Watch out!

We hope you enjoyed the 25 Facts on ExP RemarkableUnremarkable. Please remember to download the album today from Bandcamp. Also watch out for the next single “Stick in the Mud” coming soon!

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JR x PH7 – 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

• June 23, 2017
JR x PH7 - 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

JR x PH7 – 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

We’ve got a brand new exclusive for you. JR x PH7 have released their latest album “Coral Cadavers”. We linked up and present 25 facts on Coral Cadavers.

We hope you enjoy the 25 facts on Coral Cadavers. Make sure you download the album HERE >> http://apple.co/2t3rXxv

The first track we ever recorded with St. Joe Louis in 2010 was called “New High” and was released as a 7inch single on Personal Records from Vienna, Austria. The sequel “New High” pt2 is on Coral Cadavers.

The still unreleased remix to “New High” pt. II features Michael Christmas.

Two of the features on CC we have actually worked with before. Roc Marciano and Phonte were also on our The Good Life album.

All cuts on the record are done by Cutz Penza. He has been down with us for a minute, but neither Pete nor I have actually ever met him in person.

All artwork is done by Sebo Sellout who has been doing our graphic design since our debut album in 2009. For CC we were heavily inspired by classic Swiss design.

Sebo Sellout is also our go to guy for hard to find samples as he has one of the deepest, qualitative exceptional record collections I have seen.

We have done 4 music videos for the album. All shot together with our homie Ingo Leffin within a 5 day trip to New Jersey last year. On the set of DuckDuck Goose we actually accidentally trashed a camera.

Tommie Chase of St. Joe Louis is also drummer in a two piece band called “The Hard Year”.

JR x PH7 - 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

JR x PH7 – 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

Elete of St. Joe Louis is actually an actor/model and has been living in LA for more than 2 years.

Our favorite track on CC is the psychedelic track “Feels Right”.

On that track the Danish composer team Kaae&Batz played live synths who also happen to be the score composers for the Netflix Original Series “Bordertown”.

Other live instrumentation on the album comes from Marvin Beranek.

The sample of the album’s title track actually comes from the label StereoRoyal for which JR works as part of his day job.

Koolade, who remixed “Driven” feat. Roc Marciano also produced one of JR’s all-time favorite hiphop songs in Masta Ace “Beautiful”.

From the first day we started working on CC til its release it almost took 3 years. Good things take time.

We recorded a total of 18 tracks for the album, 15 made the cut.

The other three will see the light of day after the album release along with other bonus material.

JR x PH7 - 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

JR x PH7 – 25 Facts on Coral Cadavers

According to Michael Cardigan, Coral Cadavers is a “neo-noir psychological thriller about a woman’s descent into moral ambiguities against the backdrop of Los Angeles.”

PH7 is an electrical engineer

JR used to be a professional basketball player

Tommie Chase still thinks he can take me (JR) on the basketball court.

The album is released on Dutch imprint Below System Records who we have been working with already for “Noir” and “The South Sac Mack” with Chuuwee.

A Coral Cadavers European tour for the second half of 2017 is in the making.

The vinyl for Coral Cadavers is limited to only 300 copies.

There exist three different master versions of the album. 2 of them will never see the light of day though.

Coral Cadavers is JR&PH7’s fifth full length album release, features 15 songs which makes the total number of songs now in JR&PH7’s discography now 150.

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Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running Album Breakdown

• May 13, 2017
Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Runnings Album Breakdown

Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running Album Breakdown

You’re in for a treat. In our popular 25 facts series we get some unique and exclusive facts on the rappers themselves. Both Eskar and Irn Mnky have agreed to give us a track-by-track breakdown on the recent album Silent Running. Here is the Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running album breakdown.

DOWNLOAD | Eskar and Irn Mnky – Silent Running

Track 01 Remember

Irn Mnky : Built around a section from “Easy as Pie” by the Purify Brothers and Ben Moore. Han’s secret island welcoming from Enter The Dragon opens the album.

Eskar : Remember when Hip Hop was fun and all about the love? When you could say whatever you wanted, without being judged or ridiculed? When cats didn’t have to front like the biggest baddest gangster with a truck load of weaponry to make something of themselves? Me too, they were the day’s. For me, this track embodies Hip Hop’s feeling of youth.

Track 02 Privileged Life

Irn Mnky : Began as an acoustic jam over a raw beat and slowly transformed into this version. A killer hook delivered by Krankit finished the job.

Eskar : Without doubt the deepest and most personal track I have made. I was scared to put this track out into such a judgemental world. It’s worked out in my favour, like therapy.

Track 03  Rock The Auditorium

Irn Mnky : Built around a vocal snippet from “Droppin em” by LL Cool J from the “Walking with a Panther” album. Guitars added last. Great heavy raw sounding track.

Eskar : People keep telling me that I shouldn’t rap so fast, so I decided to speed it up. Some of my best flows conceived  are  on this gem.

Track 04 Jpeg

Irn Mnky : Sax and trumpet samples from a record given to me by Mega Mouth (with a great cover). Shirley on the hook.

Eskar: Keep that 3rd eye open, thats all I’m saying…

Track 05 Missing Peace’s

Irn Mnky : A small section of “Smiling Faces” by The Undisputed Truth. Lowered, looped and filtered on the S2000. See if you can spot it.

Eskar : There is a big difference between arrogance and self believe. A statement on those who deliberately ignore those who go all in for small returns.

 Track 06 Wasabi

Irn Mnky : Oriental samples meet Kes. We liked the clash of broad Yorkshire and the oriental soundscape.

Eskar : I love the intricacy of using one long rhyming scheme throughout this whole song. Serious flows, punchlines and metaphors – it’s clever s**t.

Track 07 Maverick

Irn Mnky : Created from sections of “Whatcha see is whatcha get” by The Dramatics. The track was called “Dramatik” until we changed the name.

Eskar: I have never had a crew, a hype man, or anyone who really stands by me though my musical process. That’s the way it should be… I do it on my own! This is one of those tunes that screams “yeah, I got this”.

Track 08 Outsider

Irn Mnky : Yep it’s Randy Newman. Eskar had the lyrics done and this was made to fit them. There is a special version of it on the vinyl release.

Eskar : After all the controversy with Brexit and the Donald Trump election, I had to make some kind of statement. Migrants are human too, no less worthy to any society than you or me!

Track 09 Malevolent

Irn Mnky : The melody may sound familiar – it’s a 70’s version of “I can sing a Rainbow” – twisted up to sound dark.

Eskar : I have always been attracted to the darker things in life, I think that comes out in this one… I enjoyed watching videos about satanic rituals and exorcisms to get the influence for writing Malevolent. It was in a devilish video where I found the sample for the hook.

Track 10 Sonata

Irn Mnky : The first track we demo’d for Silent Running and the last to be finished. Russian DJ Mr And-7 provided the cuts. Sub bass direct from the S3000XL I recall.

Eskar : An artist who I thought I was cool with was chatting some s**t about me. As a way to vent I implied that the dude looks a certain way. After a few weeks I decided I was not going to release the track with that bar on, I did respect the dude to some extent. Soon after I heard that his crew had been snooping into my files at the studio and heard the bar. Here it is in it’s original form – enjoy!

Track 11 Counting Sheep

Irn Mnky : War – What is it good for?

Eskar : Wake up sheeple!

Track 12 Dreamin

Irn Mnky : I first heard the soul singer “Swamp Dogg” a couple of years ago via a random charity shop find – he’s amazing. Check him out.  The track is built from parts of this gem…

Eskar : Li[f[e is just a li[]e if your not giving an [f]

Track 13 LOL

Irn Mnky : Track built around guitar sounds taken from a few tracks by the same solo artist – I best leave this one at that.

Eskar : Lets all say that we’re laughing even though we’re not… If there is one thing that I hate, it’s this generation built on false online identities. LOL.

Track 14 Lost

Irn Mnky : The cousin of “Privileged Life”. Krankit delivered again after Eskar and myself created a demo vocal (that will never be heard).

Eskar : It must be no surprise that I am one emotional being when it comes to relationships. I originally wanted to sing the hook on this but can’t sing for s**t. Krankit saved the day!

Track 15 Wait

Irn Mnky : I was watching the Columbo episode “Lady in Waiting” and heard the mad strings in the soundtrack. Made the beat shortly after and we recorded it the next day.

Eskar : I heard this beat and got all tingly inside. I could not WAIT to get this one down so it was written and recorded in the time it takes Irn Mnky to tie his shoelace. Bare in mind he’s a velcro kinda guy and can’t tie shoelaces too good…

Track 16 FluteJam

Irn Mnky :  20 MC’s, 1 DJ and over 15 minutes long. A serious amount of work that went into it, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry when I think about it. All the different vibes each person brought to the track made it 100% worthwhile.

Eskar : An official world record breaking track with some of the best rappers in the country, nuff said.

Track 17 Osiris

Irn Mnky : We met up with Marc7 while Jurassic 5 were in Manchester on the last tour. esSDee had a studio reserved and we recorded it all before the gig. The original mix is on the “Soylent Green” album we made last year.

Eskar : A dream come true, not many 21 year old rappers from Huddersfield could say they did a classic single with a true Hip Hop icon they grew up listening too.

We hope you enjoyed the Eskar and Irn Mnky Silent Running album breakdown.

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ZotheJerk and Frost Gamble – Black Beach 25 Facts

• March 29, 2017
Black Beach 25 Facts

Black Beach 25 Facts

In our latest 25 facts series, we are honoured to share the thoughts of ZotheJerk and Frost Gamble. This is the Black Beach 25 Facts Hip-Hop Kings exclusive.

PRE-ORDER | ZotheJerk and Frost Gamble – Black Beach

1. The album recording process began at Mr. Porter’s old studio in Detroit – where Eminem’s “Infinite” was first written.

2. The track “Keep Me Safe” was originally intended for Frost Gamble’s “Jackpot EP” with Canadian producer/musician S.One.

3. Frost used a mix of vintage and modern equipment to craft the beats, from the Akai S900 of the 1980s to modern software and plugins from Reaper and Waves.

4. The intro “Welcome to Black Beach” samples an old minstrel show routine, and ironically touches on many of the topics on the album – such as mis-leadership, corruption, systemic racism and fear.

5. Zo and Frost first “met” by speaking on a radio podcast – Zo was the host, and Frost being interviewed, having just dropped his Handpicked album (in 2014).

Frost Gamble - Black Beach 25 Facts

Frost Gamble – Black Beach 25 Facts

6. Zo and Frost have released two commercial singles previously – Family First (2015) and Honey (2016). Black Beach is the duo’s first full album together.

7. Zo met Boldy James almost 13 years ago ironically at a studio on 8 mile in Detroit.

8. During the filming of 8 Mile, Zo was able to connect with Big Proof – R.I.P. – and was asked to work on a mixtape called “a Bunch of Black Folks”.

9. Black Beach was recorded in 3 States: Michigan, Kansas, and Ohio

10. KEM is an acronym for “Kill Everything Moving”

11. Zo and Frost are so similar in lifestyles they call each other twin.

12. It takes Zo 15 minutes to write full songs, concept, verses, and chorus.

Zothejerk - Black Beach 25 Facts

Zothejerk – Black Beach 25 Facts

13. 70% of Black Beach was changed in the last 3 weeks before the album was turned in.

14. Zo freestyled Etch-a-Sketch in one take.

15. Most of the verses on “Black Beach” were recorded in one take.

16. Keep Me Safe features Frost’s son and Zo’s sons.

17. While recording “Black Beach” Zo became a Cisco Certified CCNA.

18. Zo uses a K2, UA Neve, and Apollo MK Twin Quad in his vocal chain.

19. The soundbites on Loyal Victims are never before heard or seen interviews with Von Derrit Myers’ grandmother. These were shot by Zo in Ferguson at the 1 year anniversary of Von Derrit Myers’ death.

ZotheJerk - Black Beach 25 Facts

ZotheJerk – Black Beach 25 Facts

20. Zo earned the nickname Jerk in Detroit due to his straight forward no nonsense attitude and terrible lack of tact!

21. Black Beach was written and recorded as Zo transitioned from Kansas to Ohio, sometimes being recorded in hotels.

22. Zo wrote most of “Black Beach” while working as a Network Engineer.

23. Zo and Frost have only been in the studio together physically in Detroit.

24. Zo took Frost to his block Montrose in Detroit so Frost could experience the beauty of Detroit and fuel their creativity while recording Black Beach.

25. Zo & Frost recorded two albums worth of material preparing for this release – picking only their favorite tracks for the final project.

We hope you enjoyed the Black Beach 25 Facts piece. The official video for Smoke Screen is on the YouTube player below.

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Fliptrix – Patterns of Escapism 25 Facts

• November 15, 2016

In our popular 25 facts series, Fliptrix – Patterns of Escapism is the latest feature. Check out the 25 facts from the High Focus general below.

The album was originally going to be called ‘Circadian Rhythms’ until I came up with the name ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ and ran with that instead. (Download here!)

The large majority of the album was recorded by myself in my home studio.

The title track ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ was originally recorded to another beat but I decided to remix it and when I found the beat that we used, the second I heard it, I knew it was the one.

I actually started making the album before I made ‘Polyhymnia’ got sidetracked with that project and came back to this one afterwards, however taking the time with this one really helped me to get all the perfect beats and make a really cohesive album that I’m very proud of.

The ultimate don Chemo mixed and mastered the album all the way from Bangkok.

Ocean Wisdom first rapped me the verse for our collaboration track ‘Burn It’ when myself, him and Molotov were getting high in park in Athens Greece before we had to catch a plane home. The first time I heard the bar I knew it was gonna be a heavy track.

My long time old school homie RunOne played the piano you can hear in the chorus of the track ‘Diamond Tone’.

Often when I was recording in my yard my cats would attack my leg as the headphone cable was flying around whilst I was rapping and they thought it was a fun game. It resulted in me getting scratches on my leg and fucking up takes but it was pretty jokes all the same.


4 of the tracks were recorded in Chemo’s studio in London before he moved to Bangkok.

Street artist Matt Manson from Bristol designed the patterns you can see on the front of the album cover and Mark Shields put the whole product and package together and did the typography etc.

If you stare at the cover long enough you feel like its resonating and start to trip out.

Old school Hip Hop legend Blade pressed up the CD’s for the project. (Purchase the CD here!)

The CD version of the album contains a 12 page booklet with all of my lyrics from the album so you can rap along on a hype.

The double disc vinyls are going to be different colours with 3 different coloured specks running through them creating a mad effected called ‘Splatter Vinyl’ which means every record will be different and have an original pattern on it. There will only ever be 500 made in this style so get one while you can! (Purchase the vinyl here!)

I sent the beat and my vocal to King Kashmere for the track ‘Smoke Lingers Always’ and 3 days later his killer 32 bar was recorded in my inbox. I was overly gassed when I got it as Kashmere is one of my all time favourite rappers dead or alive and I went out and got waved on a hype that night.

AboveGround filmed the videos for the lead 3 singles ‘The Chronic, The Poltergeist & Patterns Of Escapism’, he is a serious problem, anyone taking photos or making videos needs to keep an eye on this man, he is the future.

I fully location scouted, storyboarded and directed the videos for ‘The Chronic’ & ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ with the concept of ‘The Poltergeist’ being a joint collaboration between myself and AboveGround.


Whilst shooting the video for ‘The Chronic’ multiple people stopped in the street including traffic and a woman screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw me dressed as Michael Jackson smashing a watermelon in the street and smashing it in to my face. It was a fun day.

I am very proud of this album and feel that Illinformed is without a doubt one of the sickest Boom Bap Hip Hop producers this country has ever produced.

‘Patterns Of Escapism’ is my 6th full length studio album, plus I have another project ‘Out The Box’ available on CD/digital and 2 albums with my crew The Four Owls totalling 9 full length albums I have put out not to mention a crazy amount of feature verses. I also feel like I’m only getting started with this rap shit so watch out!

Graffiti OG ‘Vodka’ painted the piece in ‘The Chronic’ video and also location scouted the scary looking abandoned cement works factory you see in ‘The Poltergeist’ video.

Graffiti OG and long time homie ‘Pow’ painted the ‘Escapism’ piece you see in the ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ video at Stockwell skate park, I specifically chose that location as I spent a lot of time there as a kid growing up.

The Weatherspoon’s pub in the ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ video is Denmark Hill and I spent many years going there with friends growing up, everyone probably got barred from there a good few times over the years and multiple jokes and madnesses happened so it meant a lot to shoot in there/outside there.

The first time I ever performed the title track ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ was at the last High Focus night in Brighton @ Concorde2 before I dropped the video, as soon as I heard the beat drop I knew it was going to be a track that will be in my set list for years to come.

If you cop my album you will enjoy it, I have infinite love for all my supporters, creative heads and High Focus fans world wide! (Order on Bandcamp here!)

‘Patterns Of Escapism’ is the third single and title track from Fliptrix’s upcoming 6th studio album entirely produced by Illinformed. The ‘Patterns Of Escapism’ LP features guest appearances from The Four Owls, Ocean Wisdom, King Kashmere, Verb T, Dabbla, Life MC, DJ Sammy B-Side & Jazz T. The highly anticipated album will be released on High Focus Records on the 25th of November 2016 on CD, limited edition vinyl & digital and is available to pre order now!

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Tone Chop and Frost Gamble – Veteran EP 25 Facts

• October 29, 2016
Tone Chop and Frost Game - Veteran EP 25 Facts

Tone Chop and Frost Game – Veteran EP 25 Facts

Here is the latest in our ongoing exclusive series “25 facts”. We have 25 facts from Tone Chop and Frost Gamble for their Veteran EP.

1. The concept for the “Veteran” EP was based around growing into adulthood, fatherhood, etc. – while experiencing the changes in Hip Hop music over the last 20 years.

2. Honesty is also a main theme in Veteran! We don’t glamorize negativity or materialism.

3. The name “Tone Chop” actually comes from an old Kung Fu classic called “Assassins”. One of the characters was named “Tong Chop” and he was very skilled in martial arts – just as Tone is very skilled at emceeing.

4. The “Gamble” in Frost’s name comes from being a pro poker player for 3 years. He used to travel the tournament circuit and make beats on a laptop in hotel rooms every night.

5. Chop writes his rhymes in pieces and puts them together like a puzzle – there might be one rhyme written across five different pages!

6. Sadly, Chop’s mother and father each passed away at a young age, from cancer – just 3 months apart.

7. When Chop met Frost, he was a rapper and had just started making beats. All he had was a drum machine and a four track.

8. Frost learned how to make beats and use the MPC by watching his neighbor DJ Spinna and others create beats for us to rhyme on.

9. Chop’s favorite rapper of all time is Lord Finesse – because of his crazy punchline style.

10. 5 rappers that Chop feels are very under-rated: Ransom, Fred Da Godson, Conway, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden.

11. Tone Chop and Frost Gamble are both big fans of battle rap, from URL to KOTD. Frost often acts as a judge at local battle events.

12. We don’t really mess with keyboard beats. To us, sampling = Hip Hop

13. The bassline in “Step Up” was sampled from a 1996 cassette recording of a Tone Chop freestyle performance at Frost’s birthday party.

14. Tone Chop and Frost Gamble both enjoy fatherhood, and often use it as a theme in their music. Chop is a father to two boys – Anthony (age 8) and Vincent (age 5).

15. Frost has a 7 year old son, Thaddeus – named after one of his heroes, the 1800’s era abolitionist and US congressman Thaddeus Stevens.

16. Frost’s favorite producers of all time include Marley Marl, Just Blaze, the Beatnuts, Diamond D, Da Beatminerz and Preemo.

17. Chop’s very first Hip Hop tape was “Criminal Minded” by Boogie Down Productions. His all-time favorite is “Funky Technician” by Lord Finesse and DJ Mike Smooth.

18. Frost learned how to loop drumbreaks with pause tapes and tape splices – manually creating tape loops that could run on a reel-to-reel.

19. Chop is a big fan of graffiti art; he takes pictures anytime he sees something fresh!

20. Chop is also in a group called “Binghamton’s Most Wanted” which consists of Big Drew, Kizzle, Awful P, Weegee, T-Y, Trek, Flow and DJ Waxamillion. Both Awful P and DJ Waxamillion appear on the new EP.

21. Frost frequently collaborates with ZotheJerk (Detroit), White Rhino (Canada) & producer S.One who also appears on the EP.

22. Chop’s top favorite producers besides Frost are The Alchemist, DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Stu Bangas, Jake One and Marley Marl. He has used some of their beats for freestyles on previous mixtapes in the Chopper City series.

23. Frost moved from NY to Minneapolis, then onto Kentucky, Kansas City, Vegas, LA and Arizona before settling in Canada.

24. “Veteran” was completed by emailing audio files back and forth – we were never in the studio together even once.

25. Tone Chop and Frost Gamble can appreciate any style of Hip Hop – so long as the mic controller has skills. But our favorite will always be gritty NY style street rap.

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Chillman Abstract Patterns 25 Facts

• July 12, 2016
chillman abstract patterns 25 facts

chillman abstract patterns 25 facts

Chillman Abstract Patterns 25 Facts is the latest in the Hip-Hop Kings 25 facts series. Also contributions by High Focus and Four Owls member Verb T

1. Abstract Patterns was recorded at the legendary Kilimanjaro studios
2. The colours on the cover represent the Eritrean flag
3. Funk Dialect is essentially a Verbal Highz cypher + The man, the Ked that is Joe Publik
4. It was definitely inspired by someone’s nan
5. The first verse off “Royal with Cheese” was written whilst waiting for my chicken pitta meal at Herefords Go Peri and is the best chicken shop in town, the owner Tanveer loves me because I sort him the good weed
6. “Defeat Stress” was one of the last tracks written
7. Entra P who has the last feature verse on the album actually taught me English
8. I have a huge collection of the prank calls that were featured on “Funky Drifting” on my hard drive
9. I think “Hi Lo” was the first track written that made the album
10. The Defeat Stress EP features a remix off Leaf Dog as well as his brother Illinformed
11. The videos for “You are You” and “Defeat Stress” were shot in London and “Say” in Cardiff
12. The album was done over about 2 years
13. Weston’s is a lovely 8.2 % cider that you should probably try
14. I will definitely be working on another with Verbs in the future
15. Running out of facts so Verbs will take over

chillman abstract patterns 25 facts

chillman abstract patterns 25 facts

16. Album artwork was done by Sam Marsh who also did my ‘Medicated Dreams’ cover
17. I met Chillman at an open mic competition, Chillman missed his performance time, he was getting stoned in his mates car
18. I made most of the beats on the album specifically for this project, a couple of the beats were ones I had in the stash
19. It’s the first full album to drop on “In The Balance Records”
20. At the end of “Hilo” when we were recording, Lukas from Aboveground walked into the room and said “general selecta!” in range of the mic and everyone laughed, you can kind of hear right at the end of the song
21. We wrote and demo’d the album before recording it properly, the main bulk of the tunes were done over two days in April 2015
22. The song and the video for “You are You” were recorded in the same day, part of the video was filmed on a wet roof where I kept falling over and everyone laughed at me, luckily I didn’t fall off the roof
23. Leaf Dog was the fastest of all the features to get his verse recorded and sent back.
24. Chillman’s second album will be produced by me and a 2nd secret weapon beat maker who will amaze the world
25. The best life advice I ever received is … be as nice as you can without compromising your dignity and definitely try your best not to be a dick

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Hey Zeus.I – I Aint Apart of This EP (25 Facts)

• July 5, 2016
Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

As part of our popular 25 facts series, we have Hey Zeus.I – I Aint Apart of This EP which is now part of the legacy. Hey Zeus.I releases I Aint Apart of This and gives Hip-Hop Kings readers 25 facts about the E.P.

Hey Zeus.I I Aint Apart of This EP (25 Facts)

Contradiction has been 6 years in the making. Anyone who listened to MixxNutts radio show on rinse.fm when i was hosting Alex Nutt’s show should be very familiar with the 1st verse

The first verse on Contradiction is an ode to the american comedian George Carlin and is a reference to his opening piece “I’m a modern man” in one of his stand up routines.

The Beat for Contradiction was meant for someone else but he slept and i stay woke

‘I a’int apart of this’ was a piece originally written to be performed in an abandoned church

The hook “I a’int apart of this I a’int involved…” is also inspired by George Carlin but this time his views on voting.

For ‘I aint involved’, I wrote the hook, sent the acappella to Blue (Daisy), he built around that, then sent me back a tune arranged waiting for verses. I recorded on shitty Mac Mic. Never re-recorded against Blues judgement cause i really like the shitty sound. Tickles my inner punk 😉

Nothing came from lucid trip thoughts contemplating what nothing is or is not

There is a version of ‘nothing’ with 24 bars from Blue Daisy somewhere in the archives over a next beat

Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

Bioniq who did the artwork has also designed me a couple of tattoos which i have on the back of my right arm. its in a style of blaxploitation movie posters but of futuristic matriarchs!!

Nick Blatantly Blunt used to be a rapper and around 10 years back he recorded at my old studio in Tottenham Hale and its pure coincidence Par Excellance got him in to do the promo

I first met Blue daisy at a remix contest where we had to flip Katy Perry “i kissed a girl”acappella. i won he still cant admit defeat!!!

i have mostly been smoking Lemon, on rare occasions when available – grapefruit sour diesel, O.G Kush and girl scout cookies.

through the course of this project i have lived in north, west and east London. touching south soon….

Contradiction was recorded at zip lock studios which is ran by Bad Fx who i have known since 4 years old.

Original cover sketch featured a pig head, which i didn’t get so Bioniq flipped it into a lion head

Bioniq also designed the previous project artwork for Obba Supa

I’m not sure if its deep thinking or procrastination but i like to take at least a week to write a verse or song. that includes a couple days contemplation of what I’m trying to say and the subject I’m approaching.

Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP

My favourite line on the project is “I’m a in denial Nihilist dreaming that i got hope”

While following Alex Nutt about, hosting at a rinse.fm bash when Pay as you go was reuniting for a one off speacial, as a host warming up an empty room i stole the mic and it turn out to be (veteran grime MC) Major Aces, he wasn’t happy. I still use it to this day. nudge nudge wink wink…..

“how far can you run into a forest? answer – half way. the other half your running out. this my favourite little riddle I like to tease brains with. Take it as a gift to you to amaze your friends with as i have……

I have no direct internet connection or own a smartphone, tablet etc. making me quite a frustration to get hold of.

Been working on a project with Snow Ghost producer Throwing Snow and also some new material with my group Obba Supa

I don’t smoke or drink and like to be 100% sober when recording verses. Chants, hooks or chorus’s is another story though, same with writing.

This is the first project I have recorded wearing shoes.

Many time I’d go to the Gas Chamber to record and end up just talking about any and everything

We hope you enjoyed reading Hey Zeus.I Contradiction EP (25 Facts) – please make sure you share the article and let us know your thoughts on Twitter (@HHKMag)

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Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts

• June 8, 2016
Rob Kelly Kel Jefe - 25 Facts

Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts

Our mate Rob Kelly has provided 25 exclusive facts about the upcoming album Kel Jefe. Rob Kelly Kel Jefe is now available to pre-order from iTunes with the single “Eff Mitch Green” available now. Enjoy our Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts and follow him on Twitter (@RobHKelly) for new music.

PREVIOUS | Rob Kelly Kel Jefe Artwork and TrackListing

The album is title ‘Kel Jefe’ because Rob Kelly is from Wexford in Ireland, locals often refer to it as ‘Wexico’ Kel Jefe is a character, part of the Jack The Ripper persona. The Character Jack The Ripper was born out of not wanting to chase radio air play and just make straight up raw hip-hop music.

‘Eff Mitch Green’ was originally called ‘Smash’ as a loose title, it was changed to ‘Eff Mitch Green’ as an ode to the late great Sean Price who due to appear on that record after Rob had already recorded a verse for Sean’s album. Mitch Green the boxer had a famous fight with Mike Tyson outside of Dapper Dan’s in Harlem and Mike Tyson was aka Mic Tyson. It features Rim from Sean Price’s protege group ‘Da Villinz’.

The artwork, by talented Leeds based illustrator Peter O’Toole, is inspired by EPMD’s ‘Business Never Personal’ and Ice-T’s ‘Power’.

J57 who exec produced and A&R’d the project,first submitted beats to Rob when he worked in Fat Beats, his meteoric rise has prompted Rob to nickname him Big Baby Ronson, because he believes J57 will eventually end up wearing 3 piece suits and A&R ing Rita Ora’s 70’s disco throwback album.

The entire album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Terawrizt who also appears on ‘Russian Mafia’ with Jonnie Darkko. The three have a project together in the works.

‘Dessie’s got the shooter in the Van’ was written from the perspective of Tommy from the movie ‘Snatch’ if he lived in Wexico. The character ‘Dessie’ will re-appear in future projects.

The hook from ”Air Max and Cash” came from the time Tabatha Cash wore a pair of air max when being interviewed by Jean Paul Gautier on a TV show called ‘Eurotrash’ in 1997.

‘Death By Gold Chain Rap’ replaced a song called ‘Disco’ that didn’t make the album. The album had already been completed until Rob heard the beat and wrote it on spot.

‘Morphene’ was the first track rob laid for the album after signing the contract and it set the tone for the entire project.

Rob Kelly Kel Jefe - 25 Facts

Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts

The four albums that were on steady rotation while ‘Kel Jefe’ was recorded were ‘Monkey Barz’ by Sean Price ‘Muddy Waters’ by Redman ‘Operation Doomsday’ by MF Doom and ‘Don Dada’ by Supercat.

‘Morphene’ references characters from ‘Marked for Death’ and ‘Carlito’s Way’ – 2 of Rob’s favourite movies. It also references the BMW chase scene from the former.

Rob originally sang the hook on ‘too good’ ala Erick Sermon but the engineer cut the vocals out in the mix.

‘Jefelogue’ the final track on the album is the 6th record J57 and Rob have worked on together. He also produced ‘shook crews runnin’ featuring Reef The lost Cauze, ‘Badman’ ‘These Days’ featuring Timeless Truth. ‘Air Max Killer’ off the collaboration EP between Rob & S.A.S and ‘Sam Kinnison’s Revenge’ with Soul Khan and Juan Deuce.

Almost all of the tracks on the album were written on spot in studio.

One of the first rap songs Rob ever heard was ‘children’s story’ by slick rick. To this day Rob tries to reference or name check the ruler as many times as possible, there are two references to Uncle Ricky on this album.

Irish author Roddy Doyle who had his Barrytown Trilogy of books adapted into a series of movies in the 90’s. He regularly references and even names songs after characters from the films.

Joey ‘The Lips Fagan’, Sharon Curley, Georgie Burgess have all previously been mentioned in Rob’s work. ‘Kel Jefe’ is no different and contains a reference to ‘Jimmy Rabbitte’ and ‘Imelda Quirke’ from ‘the commitments’ which was directed by Alan Parker in 1991.

‘Kel Jefe’ is another Rob Kelly character or alias, when Rob creates these characters, he gives them theme tunes which is what the title track is.

‘Eff Mitch Green’ is the third collaboration between Rob & Rim from Da Villinz, they first worked together on ‘Jimmy Jump’ from the ‘Black Irish Rogue’ album, they again linked on ‘the wicked’ from Rob’s collaborative project with S.A.S ‘No Blacks No Dogs No Irish’ Their first effort was featured in ‘The Source’ Magazine.

The production on the album comes from London’s ‘Tony Mahoney, California’s Tranzformer, Mook from an Irish group called Sons Phonetic and none other than the ubiquitous J57.

Rob Kelly Kel Jefe - 25 Facts

Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts

Rob makes reference to the Jay-Z owned Cognac Dusse on the album and although Dusse is not yet available in Ireland, Rob drank it in NYC while attending his good friend Memphis Bleek’s wedding in 2014. The two met on the Jay-Z water for life tour in 2006 and became friends, Bleek has regularly visited Ireland and invited Rob to the side stage when Jay Z performed in Ireland and the two had a record that was on Westwood’s ‘hot 6 at 6’ called ‘Game Over’. Bleek who was Sean Price’s cousin also invited Rob to guest on a track with P called ‘RNS’ which prompted Sean to find out who Rob was and they worked on more music together which Rob lists as his greatest achievement to date.

‘Eff Mitch Green’ contains an LL cool J reference because Rob bought ‘Mama Said Knock You Out’ with his confirmation money at 12 years old.

On Black Mass Rob flips a Public Enemy line from 1989’s ‘Fight the Power’ from ‘it takes a nation of millions’ which was heavily used in Spike Lee’s ‘Do The Right thing’ that album and movie heavily influenced Rob’s journey into hip-hop culture.

The video for ‘Black Mass’ is the first Rob Kelly video ever filmed entirely in Rob’s home town of Wexford. It was directed by local director James Bell.

There is a heavy wu-tang influence on the title track, a reference to ODB & method man the later of which worked with exec producer j57 on his Tommy Boy album last year.

Rob is heavily influenced by the chopper read books and movie and tried to write some of the tracks from this album from the perspective of the lovable rogue.

Enjoy our Rob Kelly Kel Jefe – 25 Facts

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