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Thalente Biyela

• January 9, 2014 • Comments (0)


written by: Adam Darbyshire

credit: Seedandspark

You may have seen #Thalente hopping around twitter recently and this is yet another video which proves the internet can be used for good things.

Thalente (meaning talent in Zulu) is a South African skater from Duban who has been living on the streets since he was 11 and until a few days ago was only known by a small few who had taken an interest in the African skate scene. Thalente has stirred that much of an interest in the skateboarding world from his relaxed style and quite extensive bag of tricks, and his quite tragic back story has only aided peoples interest in the young talent. Take a second to watch the video below and see for yourself the potential this kid has, I think he is definitely someone to watch, or remember the name of in the next few years in the skateboarding scene. 

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